The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 36.4: Phone Calls And Academic Honesty

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One of the disjointed theories of the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial was his status as a wannabe cop who was constantly calling 911 to report suspicious activities.  Numbers flew fast and thick.  According to some, Zimmerman was calling the Sanford police virtually every half hour.  And of course, he always called to report young black men, and even a 7 year-old black child!  Obviously, Zimmerman must be a drooling, crazed racist.

Fortunately for our system of justice, this theory was just one of many the prosecutors threw against the wall in the vain hope that something would stick and so confuse matters as to allow a conviction unsupported by any evidence.

A recent article by Michelle Meyer at The Faculty Loungeprovides the best–and likely most complete–evidence I’ve seen regarding Zimmerman’s phone calls to the Sanford Police.  I don’t imagine that they will, once and for…

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