Egyptian Update – The Case Builds To Prosecute Morsi…

Interesting information about developments in Egypt. Note: there is something going on in Libya as well. The action in Benghazi is against the Libyan version of Muslim Brotherhood in recent weaks. The people are fed up with the political assassinations etc. So more to come in that direction. Also need to keep an eye on Tunisia.

One response to “Egyptian Update – The Case Builds To Prosecute Morsi…

  1. I just want to point out something that I found odd in this report… and that is the claim that Morsi had been in jail and was released when Muburak was removed from power.

    My understanding happens to be that Morsi had been a lecturer of some kind in the USA. I was not aware that he had been released from jail.

    There is another man, who is the brother of the present leader of Al Qaeda who was in jail and was released during the turmoil. I remember him being released, but not Morsi.