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TrayMom™ Blames Stand Your Ground Law For Son’s Death…

Good points are raised. SYG was not applicable in this case. It was a self-defense case.
TM was the aggressor and that is clear from the evidence. Please note comments from Chip Bennett

*UPDATE* Juror B-29 On ABC’s Nightline and GMA

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The word game – are you ready for some more?

In pt 1 of the word game, I started to highlight the very negative word called “bullying”. I then showed how this word is associated with other very negative words, and yes even some negative associations and groups. In this part I want to extend the word association to show how people use intimidation and bullying to get their way.


Children learn at a very young age how to manipulate their parents, starting with the yelling, kicking and screaming that is part of life when dealing with a baby going through the terrible 2’s right up until they are about 4 or 5 years old. Unless a child is disciplined then this period of life can actually define the child in later life. Parents who give in to such baby terrorism are asking for trouble from that child as he or she matures. Give the child its own way all the time then that child learns that tantrums will win rewards. However, there is a fine balance because constantly withdrawing rewards can also have a very negative impact upon the growing maturity of the individual. Loving discipline, that is not going overboard yet being firm is the best solution to bringing up baby.

Sibling Rivalry

I am the youngest of 4 children. I was also the brighest of the 4. As I look back on my own childhood it is not hard to tell that my late sister was extremely jealous of me because I was the one who got the good marks in school. That, of course was not the only reason for the bullying that I received at the hands of my brother and sisters (it was mostly my late sister and my brother who were the bullies). This form of bullying is what happens within family life. Did it impact upon my life? YES!!  I do in fact continue to suffer a lack of confidence, something that seems to stem from this period in my life.

The point to be made here about Sibling Rivalry is that it is a part of family life and yes it can be harmful. If parents do nothing to stop the rivalry, and do in fact encourage such rivalry, then they only have themselves to blame when there are consequences in regard to that rivalry.

One question I have: Is there a link between sibling rivalry and school bullying? I am thinking more along the lines of the bullies in the home are also the bullies at school. This is a random thought and I have nothing to support my question.

(to be continued)

Petition of the week: Call to legalize ‘fourth trimester abortions’ [video]

College students are so dumb!! They signed a petition to stop the ban on 4th trimester abortion!!
Technically, it is possible to go into a 4th trimester if you are overdue but…….. there is a reason why we talk about a trimester!!

A word game – bullying, another name for…

Bullying is something that is experienced in all walks of life. It is experienced in the home, at work, at school etc. and bullying has consequences.

I have just been in a discussion on this subject, because there is a move afoot in Australia to perhaps look at pushing school bullies through the court system. As one who has been victimised as a result of bullying I remain conflicted as to whether this is the right course of action. Instead of discussing this move, I want to play a word game, because the word bully is in fact a very negative word.  The purpose of the word game is to shine a light upon one of the most negative aspects of our human condition, as well as pointing out the origin of some of those negative influences upon today’s troubled youth.

Bullying is synonymous with:


Similar words are:

  • cow
  • browbeat
  • daunt
  • scare
  • frighten
  • threaten

Hey this word association game is a lot of fun. Look at all of those negative words!!

What does this word conjure up?


 ( I refuse to use Wikpedia on this subject because it is full of error and I found this alternate and more factual source of information).

The history of the KKK is an extremely good example of how intimidation tactics are applied in order to achieve an outcome.  I will simply note here that the KKK was founded by members of the Democratic Party, which is a fact that is being obfuscated. However, this is not the only form of intimidation associated with party politics.

Union Movement and Employer organizations.

The union movement has its beginnings in England. Some of its earliest history includes the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Today we accept that people have the right to organize as a group within the workplace. What I want to point out here is that the intimidation goes both ways. Employers use lockouts as an intimidation tactic. Union bosses use strikes, boycotts and other intimidatory tactics in order to score points against the bosses.

Union and employer intimidation is something that we experience frequently in every day life. The union does this by making demands upon the employer with threats to withdraw labour if their demands are not met. Employers who are so inclined will often retaliate and up the ante by threatening a lockout. Very rarely do they go to the next step and do the actual lockout, as in the case of the recent QANTAS lockout (a disgraceful situation in Australian politics).

Occupy Wall Street

They do not know what they actually want but they are against Capitalism because they are Marxists. They like mayhem.

There are many outfits just like Occupy Wall Street, and they have their political counterparts including:

The Green Party



Can you see what I mean about the conjuring up of the negative images. These are very real images that invade our daily lives.

Bullying has become a part of our lives and to such an extent that we are often not engaged when young people are simply following the example of the adults in their households. Let me give some examples:

1. Child in home is subjected to bullying from older brother and sisters. In this example the abuse is mostly verbal and only sometimes does it actually get physical. A lot depends upon the tactics being used by each party. One party will use the winning tactics and persist in using those tactics over time.  Teasing is bullying but is not often recognized as such. There might be other forms of physical intimidation that is experience. A victim who is weak will react to the tactics being used by simply crying. Some stronger individuals might in fact shrug it off, but then they are not the ones who usually end up being vulnerable as the result of such bullying.

2. Within the school environment: the bullying is often similar to what takes place in the home. The difference between what I experienced when I was growing up, and what happens now, boils down to the type of communications which we use. A vulnerable individual within this environment might think that he or she has very little choice. One reaction to the bullying was seen in the video of Casey when he finally reacted and sent a bully flying. Not everyone has the capability of reacting in this way. Many end up with depression that lasts for years and years, as well as a loss of confidence.

(to be continued)


A vexing question

The lies told by the lawyers of $ybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin as well as by Tracy Martin and $ybrina Fulton has meant that the circumstances surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin have been obfuscated to the best of their ability. Thankfully, there have been people who have been willing to expose all the lies and the myths. Sadly, the case has also obfuscated a much larger problem involving teenagers who have gotten themselves involved in the gang culture.

Before I even look at the large number of deaths of teenagers that occur in Chicago, I want to deal with similar matters here in Australia. Gang culture is a world-wide phenomenon. Whilst Australia does not have the high level of deaths that come from nightly or daily shootings, we do have a real problem. There are different types of gangs – crime gangs, bikie gangs, but I repeat myself – here in Australia. Just recently there has been yet another escalation in the gang wars.

I do need to point out that these people are in fact using illegal weapons. This is not because we are not allowed to own firearms but because these people do not bother getting licenses so that they can go kill rival gang members.

The wars themselves are usually over the matter of turf with regard to the sale of drugs, as well as extortion rackets over certain kinds of business, including the Thai Massage Parlour in Maroubra (hi there Deputy PM Anthony Albanese, was that you I saw coming out of the Maroubra Thai Massage Parlour?). Within the past week or so, a 35 year old who was the father of at least 2 children was gunned down, and his offsider injured as a result of these turf wars. In some locations there have been houses shot up, and in another recent incident an 19 year old was hit in the neck by some not so stray bullets. He was lucky to survive the attack. One of these gang members was from the Comancheros, and the other was from the Hells’ Angels.

The gang members are usually either of Middle Eastern appearance, or from Tonga or the Pacific Islands, but most of them have ties to Lebanon.  In an exceptional case, one particular family has been at the centre of these wars, with  John Ibrahim facing a hail of bullets in his car and having his house shot up in a drive-by shooting. This is only a recap of what is happening in Sydney. There is a duplication of the same thing in Melbourne.

Roughly 30 years ago it used to be the Melbourne and Sydney Mafia who were the crime bosses, but since that time there has been a shift towards those of Middle Eastern appearance. On top of that many of the names that make the papers because of these gang wars are neither Middle Eastern or Italian. In Melbourne some of these gangsters have been murdered in front of their families.

Unfortunately, that is the way it is with the gang culture.(please click the link for a typical example with regard to gang wars). There will always be turf wars. I do think that there are questions that need to be asked and from there perhaps a call to action as we all work to put an end to the carnage, at least for the time being.

Whenever we hear about another drive-by and we hear the approximate location, we simply know that it is related to gangs, people of Middle Eastern origin and to drug dealing. With so many deaths it is easy to simply get blase about the whole thing and write all of them off. Yet there is work to be done, because we need to keep our children and grandchildren away from the gang culture.

How on earth can this be achieved? Well, I think it is going to take a lot of soul searching and it is going to need more than an inaccurate historical perspective to work out what is going wrong and what can be done about it. From that angle, I think that we can actually pinpoint a time when things began to go wrong, and I am going to pin a lot of blame on the attitudes of the 1960s. I do this because the 1960s heralded some massive social changes.

I do think that there has been a break-down in our culture. It has nothing to do with Christianity. Rather, it has to do with the turning away from Christianity. If you look at the historical perspective, the 1960s brought us Malcolm X, it also brought the Nation of Islam, sexual permissiveness and drug permissiveness on a level that had not been seen in the past. The move away from the Christian outlook also saw the rise and dominance of Atheism. Poltically, it was also the period in which Marxism was on the rise, including the massive anti-Vietnam War moratoriums held throughout the war, and such outfits as the Weather Underground.

These massive social changes included the invention of the pill and other forms of birth control, leading to a sexual revolution. Sex Education was introduced into the school system. This was supposed to reduce the number of teen pregnancies yet Sex Education seems to have had the opposite effect. The increase in teen pregnancies then led to the demand for abortion on demand, aided and abetted by a Supreme Court via Roe vs Wade.  The downhill slide has continued in the form of higher levels of divorce because the civil laws were changed to make divorce easier to obtain. In turn this has led to the free love movement, a movement that has been without any form of responsibility.

Within this framework, one group above all others has been disadvantaged and that is the group that has a dark pigmentation to their skin. Within this group there is a higher incidence of teen pregnancies, as well as abortions on demand, and single parent families. Thus we get to the trail that leads us to the type of man who had fathered Trayvon Martin.

Let’s have a good look at Tracy Martin, because a lot of what went wrong in Trayvon’s life lies at the feet of Tracy Martin.  This is because Tracy’s Martin’s life has in fact been a bit of a train wreck. When he lived in St. Louis, he was a member of the Crips gang. Up until the death of Trayvon Tracy Martin had a Crips tattoo on his neck. That tattoo was covered up by the praying hands.  Tracy Martin has several children via a string of mothers. I know of three, namely $ybrina Fulton, Brandi Green and Alicia Stanley. Brandi Green was in fact the latest of a string of women to give birth to one of Tracy Martin’s children. Thus we see that Tracy Martin has been living a life where he shows little of no responsibility with regard to procreation.

There is a whole lot more to be told about the kind of example that Tracy Martin offered to his now dead son. This bad example of fathering children willy nilly is only the tip of the iceberg. Some of the other issues that have come up include the fact that Tracy Martin has the nickname “Fruit”. Incredibly, Trayvon Martin had been texting someone with that nickname talking about the purchase of a gun.

Note: I have not even got to the issue of drugs in Trayvon Martin’s life. This is because I am not sure where it started including whether or not he began when still living with Alicia Stanley or he began after he went back to live with $ybrina Fulton. It does appear that the cousin was an influence when it came to the consumption of Cannabis. The cousin, Stephen Martin even had a photograph of himself with Trayvon at Brandi’s place (in the garage) getting high. This cousin was also one of those who was in his Twitter circle, and one he conversed with in regard to his use of DXM (I will probably address this issue in another post again). What I do not know about Stephen Martin is whether or not he was also involved in a gang in Miami Gardens.

The big issue, that is the elephant in the room has to be that Trayvon’s life could have been different if he had not descended into a world where he was taking and dealing drugs. It would seem that Trayvon was in fact following in his father’s footsteps. Someone, I am not sure which one, approved of him getting his tattoos. He was not an adult and that means an adult had to give permission for the tattoos.

Another issue seems to be that Trayvon Martin did not have much of a relationship with his mother. In fact, it was Alicia Stanley who had raised Trayvon over most of his life, until he returned to live with his mother, and then she kicked him out of the house. It is as if Trayvon was not wanted by $ybrina until he was dead, and only then because she thought she could make money out of his death.

How many more young black teens are going to end up like Trayvon Martin? How many will be killed as they are in the act of committing a felony of one sort or another? That is the real tragedy. It is about time that the black community stopped their grievance mongering and began to take some kind of responsibility for their shambolic lives.

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The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 37.2: Perjury and Malicious Prosecution

Stately McDaniel Manor

The perjury prosecution of Shellie Zimmerman is a mirror image of the prosecution of George Zimmerman.  In both cases, there was insufficient evidence to bring a charge, to say nothing of sustaining it.  In both cases arrogant and overzealous prosecutors filed affidavits that failed to address the essential elements of the charges, and that failed to provide any evidence even approaching the establishment of probable cause.  And in both cases, the prosecutors appeared to care nothing for the actual language of the statutes under which they brought charges; they seem to believe that whatever they think the statutes ought to say is what matters rather than what the legislature wrote.  In the George Zimmerman prosecution, they were proved wrong.  If justice holds in Florida, they’ll be proved wrong in the Shellie Zimmerman prosecution as well.

MOTIVE: Consider that the special prosecutors did not have to file this charge.  The local…

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An excellent academic article

This article is probably one of the best that has been written about the BGI and the way that they spread the narrative that was the lie about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. It is well worth your time to read the whole thing, especially when it has come from academia.

You decide whether this is SYG

Andrew Branca has up a post about a shooting at a garage in Texas. Like Andrew, I do not believe that the shooting meets the criteria to be a case of SYG. However, I will let you decide whether or not this is SYG or self-defense or manslaughter.