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Lost and Found

This is wonderful news, at least for the family of the girl involved. The girl, aged 15, had been kidnapped and kept on a cannabis farm in California. She had been locked inside a “toolbox” and had been used as a sex slave. That part of the story is terrible. The good news is that one more kidnapped girl has been found alive.

The word game pt 3 – when bullies leave school

Today I am going to introduce a new word: ENABLEMENT

Now what does this word have to do with the word bully? Short answer is PLENTY.

Bullies are normally people who are allowed to continue to behave in a certain way. I have tried to show how there is a progression from the toddler through to the school bullies. The bully gets kicks out of the power that comes from bullying others, whether it is in the home, at school, in the workplace or in public. Bullies would get nowhere if they were not being enabled to continue with their practices.

For a moment I am going to divert into yet another life story, please bear with me over this story because the story itself has some bearing on how bullies are enabled. This story concerns my middle son who was bullied during the first 4 years of his high school experience (we moved so he spent the last two years at a different school). At this particular school there was a woman who was headmistress (I am not against women as school principals but am against women who have no damned common sense and are appointed as school principals. At High School level in a mixed school it is better to have the cooler reasoning of a man, especially where boys are concerned).  In the end my son began to retaliate and that got him into trouble, not the bully. I think that someone even called the police because of how my son decided to retaliate to the situation.  The school did nothing about the bullying except to give my son counselling about responding. In my mind, what the schoold did was in effect to enable the bully to continue what he was doing. That was only one situation and the form of bullying got worse. This was when the phone calls began in the middle of the night. It was a total nightmare. We tried to do something about the situation but again we were up against parents who were enablers of their son’s activities.  It was a tricky situation and only ended because we moved from Canberra to Sydney at the time.

There are at least two more stories from the same period. The first of these happened in a different school. I was waiting for my children and caught another boy bullying a small boy. I intervened and stopped what was happening. I complained to the headmistress but she did nothing about the bullying. The reason for the lack of action? The boys had a parent who was involved in the PTA at the school. This meant that the boy was not being disciplined because of the position of the parent at the school. This is a classic case of enabling.

Now to the other situation, also involving a boy at the same school, but by this time my sons were attending another local primary school. This boy was a neighbour and he was a bad one. When my son had been at the same school with this boy, that boy had punched my son in the stomach, and again the teachers took action against my son, not the troublemaker. This boy lived a few houses away from us. At the time I was working and had a girl in to mind my children until I came home from work. My sons had gone riding on their bicycles, and this is where that story gets interesting because the boy in question had been seen throwing stones at the windows of his house. He smashed one of the windows and then blamed my sons for his own actions. What I can tell you is that there was a confrontation and a ding dong row in the middle of the street as I gave it right back to the mother of that particular boy. You will be pleased to hear that there were no fisticuffs :).  Yet this is another example of a bully being enabled, this time by his mother.

So, what happens when bullies leave school and enter the workforce? Some of them become unionists and union leaders. Bullying has always given them a sense of power and dominance over others. They use this power against employers by means of threats to stop production or take other action.

This is not the only means by which these bullies throw around their weight, please note I have not mentioned either Facebook or Twitter at this point in time because bullies have been turning to social media to continue their bad behaviour. Instead I will look at some other glaring examples of bullies in various situations.

Let’s start with the club bouncer because some of them are real mean pieces of work. I have seen footage of how club bouncers treat some of their clients. Sometimes people have been killed as a result of the bouncers going overboard.

However, there are better examples and those people have names: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barry Soetoro, Ben Jealous, Nasty Natalie Jackson, Nasty Natalie’s mother… and the list goes on. These people throw tantrums when they do not get their own way. Look at how they have behaved because a court of law found George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder. The tantrum that has been thrown is quite disgusting. The media has acted as the enabler in this situation. The media has been fanning the flames of disconent. The media has been spreading lies about George, and they have been caught not once but at least twice for manipulating the editing of an interview or material that they have been given.

Yes, in the case of George Zimmerman it has been the media, NBC, ABC, CNN and others that have been acting as the enablers that have allowed the bullies to get to work and throw their tantrums.

Did Corey Johnson Die In Custody ? (Trayvon’s Button Hero) Newly Discovered Mug Shot/Booking Data

More information about the relatives of $ybrina Fulton are coming to light. What a family!!
It looks like Corey Johnson might have died in prison, or he might have died not long after he was booked for illegal possession of drugs and possession of a firearm.
Now have a deep think about the last activities of Trayvon Martin because there is a repetitive pattern in this story.
I do not know if Johnson died in jail. He could have just as easily died from a drug overdose. What is clear though, is that Corey Johnson meant something to Trayvon Martin and that Trayvon Martin was emulating Corey Johnson.
This would have been known by Traydemom and Traydedad, meaning that they were hiding all of this criminal background that casts a very different slant on the whole story.

TrayMom™ Blames Stand Your Ground Law For Son’s Death…

Good points are raised. SYG was not applicable in this case. It was a self-defense case.
TM was the aggressor and that is clear from the evidence. Please note comments from Chip Bennett

*UPDATE* Juror B-29 On ABC’s Nightline and GMA

read the comments

The word game – are you ready for some more?

In pt 1 of the word game, I started to highlight the very negative word called “bullying”. I then showed how this word is associated with other very negative words, and yes even some negative associations and groups. In this part I want to extend the word association to show how people use intimidation and bullying to get their way.


Children learn at a very young age how to manipulate their parents, starting with the yelling, kicking and screaming that is part of life when dealing with a baby going through the terrible 2’s right up until they are about 4 or 5 years old. Unless a child is disciplined then this period of life can actually define the child in later life. Parents who give in to such baby terrorism are asking for trouble from that child as he or she matures. Give the child its own way all the time then that child learns that tantrums will win rewards. However, there is a fine balance because constantly withdrawing rewards can also have a very negative impact upon the growing maturity of the individual. Loving discipline, that is not going overboard yet being firm is the best solution to bringing up baby.

Sibling Rivalry

I am the youngest of 4 children. I was also the brighest of the 4. As I look back on my own childhood it is not hard to tell that my late sister was extremely jealous of me because I was the one who got the good marks in school. That, of course was not the only reason for the bullying that I received at the hands of my brother and sisters (it was mostly my late sister and my brother who were the bullies). This form of bullying is what happens within family life. Did it impact upon my life? YES!!  I do in fact continue to suffer a lack of confidence, something that seems to stem from this period in my life.

The point to be made here about Sibling Rivalry is that it is a part of family life and yes it can be harmful. If parents do nothing to stop the rivalry, and do in fact encourage such rivalry, then they only have themselves to blame when there are consequences in regard to that rivalry.

One question I have: Is there a link between sibling rivalry and school bullying? I am thinking more along the lines of the bullies in the home are also the bullies at school. This is a random thought and I have nothing to support my question.

(to be continued)

Petition of the week: Call to legalize ‘fourth trimester abortions’ [video]

College students are so dumb!! They signed a petition to stop the ban on 4th trimester abortion!!
Technically, it is possible to go into a 4th trimester if you are overdue but…….. there is a reason why we talk about a trimester!!