Self-Defense: You’re On Your Own (and not only in Detroit!)

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I have often written about the fact that not only do the police have no legal obligation to protect any individual, they can’t be successfully sued for failing to protect any individual.  Recent news stories have hammered home that inescapable reality.

In Detroit, the average police emergency response time–when they respond at all–is now 58 minutes, though police Chief James Craig claims it is “about 50 minutes.” Consider what this means.  Any competent police force would do all that it could to avoid ever announcing a 50+ minute emergency response time to the public.  Such an announcement is essentially admitting that a police force is useless.  Altering the famous aphorism: “when seconds count, the police are minutes away,” to “when seconds count, the police are about an hour away–maybe” is like sunlight to a vampire to competent police agencies.  Yet this glacial emergency response time is the status quo in…

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