First Egypt, now Tunisia

There is movement at the station. Actually, this is interesting because not a lot has been occurring in Tunisia, except that the Muslim Brotherhood aka Ennhada have been trying to ensure they remain in power.

What stands out to me however, is that the union that is making the noise is doing so after a second left-wing politician was murdered.

It looks like in Tunisia, as is the case in Lebanon, that politicians who do not agree with the government of the day, or the power of the day (Lebanon aka Hezbollah) end up dead.

At the same time the rumblings in Libya, especially Benghazi continue, and once again the people have been intent upon running the Islamists out of their city. This time they are throwing out the Justice and Peace party aka Muslim Brotherhood.

Now that means in 3 countries – Egypt, Libya and Tunisia – the Muslim Brotherhood parties are on the nose as far as the majority of people are concerned.

Barry will not be happy to learn that Tunisia has also turned against Muslim Brotherhood.


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