Issa socks it to Soetoro’s man, Danny

Just saw this report over at Hot Air. It looks like Darrell Issa is not going to allow Danny Werfel to play any more games.

There is a threat that a subpoena will be issued to get all of the documents. Danny is Soetoro’s man. He was in the White House before he was sent across to the IRS to take over. Danny put Lois Lerner and Holly Paz on administrative leave. Perhaps that was meant to keep them quiet rather than be a punishment.

I am betting that the White House was not expecting Carter Hull to open up with a lot of information. His name was mentioned by the people in Cincinnati who had taken the flak for Lerner and the rest of them, but they also opened up. Carter Hull made the link to Wilkins. On top of that Carter Hull had stated that he had approved those applications that were further delayed.

This is still game on, and I am now betting that Carter Hull gave other information that was not revealed before Congress when he met secretly with the Committee.


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