Was it racial profiling?

UPDATE: The State Attorney’s office has stated that there is no grounds to charge the bus driver, and I am personally pleased to hear that result. The driver in question, John Moody did what he could. He immediately called for help but he felt he was unable to intervene on the boy’s behalf.  I do think that the driver could have done a little bit more, especially after the 3 left the bus. However, it seems that the boy also quickly left the bus. Moody claims that he is haunted by the attack. I believe him.

This is the story that should be getting more media attention because it involves 3 black 15 year old boys beating up a 13 year old whilst on a bus in Florida. There is a story as to why the boy was beaten – because he snitched on one of them when they tried to sell him drugs – but that does not alter the fact that it was an extremely vicious assault.

To add some more information to this story, the state attorney office is considering charging the bus driver because he failed to protect a “child” in his care.

The story seems to be developing… and that leaves an open question…. why is this case not getting the kind of attention given to the death of Trayvon Martin? Do you think it is because the perpetrators are black?


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  1. In today’s PC world you can understand the driver’s dilemma, if he gets involved and touches underage black teens he could lose his job, get attack, get sued and it would have too late to help the victim.

    What I find utterly a double standard is that, while snitching may have been the cause for the beatdown, the reporter is looking to pass the blame unto the bus driver and divert from the fact that the kids were black beating a white kid. They did so, by blaming the victim for snitching and the bus driver for not doing enough to help.

    This double standard which is rampant is cases of black on white violence only masks the issue and creates a sense of inequality and diminishes the worth of the white victim while sending the message that black are superior and incapable of racial violence. A fact that is obviously not true.

    It also demonstrates how the media tries to manipulate a story to sometimes diminish the culpability of blacks, when violent and place it on others, mainly white sources.


    • Every word is perfectly true Bori.

      This is an interesting case because it is once again black violence against a white boy.

      The driver probably could have done more, but it must be said that no other kid on the bus attempted to help the white boy. On top of that the driver did what he was supposed to do in such a situation – contact base and ask for help.

      There is in fact talk of him being charged with negligence… so I think this is a case that is very unfair if the driver is charged.


    • The ironic thing to me is the Chief of police calling for charges knows full well that if it have been one on his officers, they would not be able to charge him/her or sue them, since they don’t have a duty to protect but he asking a private citizen to intervene. Hypocrisy at its best.


    • The bus driver is also a black man. I wonder of the Attorney’s office is looking at that angle.

      I can understand that people are more than disgusted that no one helped the white boy when he was being bashed.

      I wonder if this will go to the grand jury to decide on charges for the bus driver.

      The three perpetrators have been arrested and charged over this most vicious assault.


    • I did not know about the driver being black, it should not matter but there I go being colorblind, mea culpa.


    • In the clip of the incident you can just make him out and yes he is a coloured man… but that should not make a real difference. I think that this might be why charges are being considered.

      I prefer being colour-blind but I do find myself checking this factor out each time I hear of someone being bashed.


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