Sentiment in Egypt

There is not a lot to be said about this video. Watch it for yourself because I think it shows the Egyptian resentment towards the interference in their politics.

It is time to tell yet another story (one that shook me quite a lot at the time). I was attending a Bible Study class where we were studying the Acts of the Apostles. Interestinly enough the questions were meant to lead us into a way of thinking about the role of missionaries and international resentment towards missionaries from the USA in particular. I could take the stance that there are those who go forth from the Morman church and similar who do a lot of damage. It also led to discussion about the role of western governments in the Middle East and again of the building resentment.

My responses that night were built upon my own naivety with regard to the truth about Islam, in particular about the role of the Ummah, and yes I had an imperfect understanding, plus I was influenced by media reports in the past.

That night (which was btw September 11, 2001), I responded to a question that was asked by the nun who was present with the statement “declare war”. My response was actually based upon a flashback to the first attempted bombing of the World Trade Centre, which was in fact what was on my mind when I gave the answer. Within a short time of getting home, then going to bed, my sons were sitting there, watching the TV when Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Centre, killing thousands, including several Australians.  They quickly put on the video recorder and recorded the whole thing as it was playing out in real time. The next morning, when I awoke to the news on the radio, I thought that I was listening to “War of the Worlds”, and then I turned on the TV.  It was devastating… and my own words came back to bite me on the bum.

I mention this story because this video from Egypt conveys a lot of the very resentment that I was thinking about. This is a resentment that is separate from the plans of the members of Al Qaeda who want to spread the Ummah. We are not at war with Al Qaeda but they are at war with us. Also, there is a lot of chatter coming from the AQ network, indicating that something is pending, especially after the recent prison breaks.

The woman in this video obviously has no intention of covering herself up inside a black or purple bag. She is quite pretty and she has some rather interesting moves, if you know what I mean. It is her message that is important because it reflects a lot of anger that is obviously being felt by Egyptians who are not aligned with either Muslim Brotherhood or the Al Nour Party.

I have had time to think about the statement that “Obama is mother, father” and “we know all about you”. I have a different way of expressing the same sentiment, it is “Barry is AC/DC” since he spent another weekend with his boyfriends to celebrate the day that he claims to be his birthday.  It would be interesting to know if the Egyptians have the full goods on Barry the usurper.



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