Angela Corey, the new Mike Nifong

This is something that has been known for a long time, and yes I do think that by the time this whole saga is finished Angela Corey will have received the full Nifong treatment.

The latest has come from Mark O’Mara who has emphatically stated that he is not finished with Angela Corey and that he will be going through the files of the case to see where there were infractions.

Of interest here is the fact that Mark O’Mara is President of the Seminole County Bar Association. Now that is extremely interesting and I think that it means that there will be fireworks in the not too distant future.


2 responses to “Angela Corey, the new Mike Nifong

  1. I am subscribing to your thread, Aussie, hoping you will post new events as they occur. I am doing the same for a few other blogs so I don’t miss anything. Truth Seeker that I am, this is important to me, as I would think it would also be for historians like you. You, Dman and bori are good at this. I suspect that Andrew Branka and Mike McDaniel might also do the same. SD also is great researcher when he stays on target.

    There is a lot of power in factual based blogs. We may truly be the last remnants of free speech in America so speak while you can. The day may come when search engines will conveniently lose all past history.


    • Jordan I dismiss a lot of what I read because most contain things that are not factual, or at least they seem to be in error.

      When I see something I try to write about it, but sometimes there is simply not much that is happening and we cannot rely upon the media.

      Right now I am beginning to be caught up in Australian politics once again.

      As well as the looming election(at last), there is a lot of interest in the antics of the Member for Dobell, which just happens to be the electorate where I am presently living.

      In a nutshell, the Member for Dobell has been charged over the theft of money from the Health Services Union. Specifically he used union money on the services provided by hookers, call girls, or whatever you want to call them. There is another person who was snapped coming out of a Thai Massage Parlour in Marrickville. That sleazy individual is the deputy pm (deliberately using small letters).

      There are other things happening here, and one of those things has been the joy of seeing my grandson over the weekend… the hourse survived.