Profiling from an Australian perspective

My fellow blogger Bori made some really good points about profiling and racism. His conclusions in that post are excellent and I am in total agreement.  What I want to write here is about a different form of profiling, and I do so as a woman. My main concern here is that Australia has been inundated with a class of males who consider women who do not wear bags over their bodies to be uncovered meat… and as such women are fair game for them to rape.

The latest case to surface here in Australia concerned a blind woman who was groped on public transport. There are now no second guesses regarding the ethnicity of the man who groped her, or his religious ideology. In my own view, the fact that these men think that women are there to indulge their animal appetites is sick and disgusting. Do keep in mind that this comment extends to white men who treat women in the same way… but I am writing about some very specific incidents.

There are two Australian rape cases of note, and both of these cases occurred in Sydney. One of my sons had contact for a short time with one of the girls who had been raped by one of these two gangs. One gang consisted of 4 brothers from Pakistan. I cannot remember how many females were their victims. The other gang was also from the Middle East. The rapes themselves were vicious. The girls who were raped were young and in each case they had been followed.

Australian girls in particular tend to wear very short dresses, showing plenty of thigh. In a society where women are respected, girls should be able to dress as they wish. In many rape cases the age old excuse has been “she asked for it”. In these cases, the girls were picked because of two important things:

1) they were skippies (skippy is a M.E. name for Australian or white women)

2) they were wearing what these thugs thought was an inviting style of dress.

In one of those cases the girl was profiled as she was sitting inside a train. She was “picked up” when she alighted at the train station. She was then taken in a car to a park and then she was raped by more than one person.

I am being sketchy on the details here because the case itself happened several years ago. The point I want to make about this case, and the circumstances involving all of the girls who were raped by these gangs happens to be the fact that they were profiled because they were White Australians. In the minds of the individuals involved they saw these girls as targets because of their own backgrounds where they do not value the role of women in society.

This is only one aspect of profiling that happens in Australia and I think it might be appropriate to mention some of the other more contentious issues. For example, one of the most disgraceful political decisions that was made this year involved the dumping of a white female senator from the NT in favour of a half-black former athlete who was not even a member of the ALP as the candidate at the top of the ALP ticket in the ALP. This was a Gillard decision and it was based solely upon the notion that the ALP needed to have a crack at getting the first black female into the Australian Senate. (I really do hope that this corrupt individual does not get into the Senate and that the people of the NT do a big dummy spit). The issue here should be obvious because the only Aborigines that have made it into the Australian Parliament have been members of the Liberal Party or the National Party. The first Aboriginal Senator was Neville Bonner from Queensland. The first Aboriginal in the House of Representatives was elected in West Australia and is from the Liberal Party. The ALP has not in fact promoted any Aboriginal in such a way that they could enter politics. Sounds like the Democrat Party? You betcha….. they want to keep Aboriginals on the reservation. So here you have a classic Australian case of racial profiling as well as profiling on the grounds that the person is a woman. The suitability of the person was not even considered and it was all based upon the colour of her skin. As an aside, the woman in question, Nova Peris, does not live in the Northern Territory making it a real slap in the face.


5 responses to “Profiling from an Australian perspective

  1. I saw this one time in a website that I don’t recall but it is very appropriate to the discussion of racial profiling;

    “Respect is an Earned Gift, Not Something You Demand
    Respect should not be confused with tolerance, since tolerance doesn’t necessarily imply any positive feeling, and is compatible with contempt, which is the opposite of respect.”

    People that want you to not profile others say it is a matter of respect, yet I say it is a matter of personal safety and prudence. Once that respect is earned then, then profiling will not be an issue, but if you abuse my tolerance towards you, don’t expect any respect.


  2. Personal question, Aussie: Is your husband as intelligent and eloquent as you are?


    • My husband has more degrees than I have 🙂

      Yes, he is more eloquent because of the work that he does and if I told you about his work then …. 🙂