Racial profiling, prejudice and bigotry, why the Race Card is maxed out.

This is a brilliant post on profiling. It has given me some new ideas on the subject… but my ideas are from a woman’s point of view and relate to cases here in Australia.

Justice For All

Bloomberg, a national publication used the following headline in a story a few days ago; “House Republicans Set to Defy Obama Are Mostly White Men,”.  Which begs the question, why they deemed it relevant to focus on the race and gender of the people in Congress opposing Obama? Is this another of those whistle the left is hearing to proclaim some sort of hidden racism.  Are they implying that those that are opposing the President are only doing so because they are white?  Is Bloomberg racially profiling the Congressmen?

Then there is this a fellow blogger from Australia ask this; Was it racial profiling?  


Apparently not according to officials but a case of snitching.  The 13-year-old that got the beat down had snitched on one of the 3 for attempting to sell him drugs earlier in the day.  In hindsight someone should have noted that they might ride…

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2 responses to “Racial profiling, prejudice and bigotry, why the Race Card is maxed out.

  1. Aussie, nothing wrong with a female’s perspective, in fact more is needed on that area. Profiling is not the problem, why people are profiled is. This changes depending on where you are in the world, it is instinctual. Unless it rises to the level of bigotry, it is helpful, and necessary.


    • I have just written my post :).

      There are other issues that I could raise and one issue is not flattering with regard to a certain female politician from the past.