Zimmerman Case: Has it ended the Civil Rights Era Giants

Justice For All

As I read an article about Charles Rangel, once the premier political powerhouse of New York politics and his thoughts about retiring I realized that he along with many other Civil Rights Stalwarts are all in the twilight of their years.  Their influence had been waning after all this time and those that are replacing them don’t have the same gravitas of being there during the movement; they are just hanging on trying to remain relevant in out changing society.

Congressman Rangel is a perfect example, the last two elections have not been easy.  In 2010 he had 5 challengers and barely got 50% of the vote.  In 2012 things got even harder as the District was redrawn to include parts of the North Bronx, over his loudest complaints.  His district is now over 45% Hispanic, yet he manage to eke out a victory by little over thousand votes, the…

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