Politicians shafting each other

There is not a lot that can be said about Australian politics at the moment, and this is despite the fact that we are now one month away from getting the opportunity to vote the bastards out of office.

The last few days have provided diversion and entertainment, as well as a lot of anger from various sources. Here is a current list of things that have taken place:

1. The ALP candidate for Dobell, a male who was the former Liberal Mayor of Gosford (and who did not live in the electorate but has an office there), was told to depart the scene. I am not sure of the reason that the big wigs wanted to get rid of him, and I have only this to say – no one else would put in a nomination. KRUDD the dud wanted to parachute in a man who was his economic advisor during his first stint as PM. This economic advisor, who has a doctorate in economics believes in the largesse of Marxism and mixes that up with Keynesian economics – in ordinary speak this is the man who guided the dud during Australia’s inappropriate response to the GFC. Well it seems that Dr. Charlton decided not to nominate and attempt a parachute landing in the seat of Dobell. Instead the female who refused to nominate during pre-selection is not the candidate. The ALP candidate is now a female with greasy hair.

2. Revolving candidates is also a game being played in Queensland. This time it is the marginal seat of Forde, where the original ALP candidate had been working very hard to make an impact upon the voters in the area. The new candidate who has decided at the last minute to run is the former Qld Premier Peter Beattie. The name means nothing to you, but Peter Beattie made a right royal mess of finances in Queensland. He decided to suddenly resign and left the State of Queensland in the lurch. The woman who followed him as Premier was Anna Bligh and eventually she led the ALP to a very big loss to the point that the party was almost de-registered!!  One legacy from Peter Beattie was the decision to not use any common sense in regard to a much needed dam on a river system that is subject to flooding. The new location for the dam was inappropriate and the locals did not want it in that location. This was the proposed Traveston dam. Peter Garrett stepped in and nixed the project. It is one time where I agree with the decision that was made and even to the excuse given relating to some species of fish. The locals were happy with the result and they still want the dam but in a different and better location. Anna Bligh proved an absolute disaster in Qld but Peter Beattie had many other legacies including the shredding of documents relating to what is known as the Heiner Affair. The ALP seem to think that Peter Beattie has a popular enough following that will allow them to win back the seat of Forde….. WE WILL SEE WHAT THE VOTERS HAVE TO SAY.

3. Back to the seat of Dobell, and the incumbent the sleazy Craig Thomson. Now I really should find a link to today Daily Telegraph because it is a beauty!!  Let me explain it this way: Deputy PM Albanese was caught a few months ago coming out of a Thai massage parlour in Marrickville. On its own this is extremely sleazy. Albanese has been in the habit of bad mouthing conservatives and his comments regarding a particular protest ran along the lines of “convoy of no consequence”. He does not respect the electorate at all. Albanese has been in constant contact with the member for Dobell, who is facing criminal charges in a Melbourne Magistrates Court. The other day Sleazy Anthony Albanese was snapped having a beer with sleazy Craig Thomson. Sleazy Albanese denies the full circumstances of this particular meeting, claims it was a meeting by chance… but that is a lie. Developing story.

4. Not to be outdone by these antics, our current PM, KRUDD the Dud, was upstaged by a very cute 5 year old Korean boy. The child’s antics were cute and funny and the press were enthralled, but that meant that there was no focus on KRUDD the DUD, so what did our current PM do? He gave the little boy a high5 and then crushed his fingers.

5. On top of that KRUDD the DUD, is now proclaiming that the Opposition Leader has done some kind of deal with Rupert Murdoch in relation to the dud NBN network which way behind and over budget. Of course that is not true, but KRUDD is continuing the lies.

6. Meanwhile the ALPBC is on the case, and now they are making certain demands and insinuations against experts in fields such as Economics. In this case the person is McKibben (sp) a former Reserve Bank Governor and appointee of John Howard (the former LNP Prime Minister). The media hack from the ALPBC is a hag by the name of Emma Alberici and she questioned McKibbon’s ability to be unbiased in his comments. Developing story. He was not the only person to face the same kind of questioning so it must be a part of some journolist effort to pour scorn on anyone who might support the positions of the LNP.

7. The slanging matches are a total joke. One exchange was between Malcolm Turnbull who is the Opposition spokesman on telecommunications and I think it was Mark Dreyfuss. It does not matter which one of the hacks it was from the ALP because they are liars in what they say anyway, and Malcolm Turnbull was calling out his opponent because of the lies being spread about connection to the “wondrous” NBN. The ALP are claiming that connection will be free, but that is an absolute lie. It is a lie because everyone has to pay for the rollout of the fibre optic cable which is a project that is already well behind the eightball in more ways than one.

8. Then there is the daily arrivals of the Islamist illegal immigrants. The boats have to be stopped, and why should we pay for these people to be in our country!!


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