Who is Michael Smith? Part 2

Putting aside the pontifications from the maggot who runs the Kangaroo Court of Australia web site, I think it is necessary to address “who is Michael Smith?” which was a statement made by the former Sub-Prime of Australia otherwise known as Juliar (because she is a liar) Gillard.

Michael Smith is a man who has been a jack of all trades, including an army officer, a police officer, and an executive for a time at a Telco, prior to his work on 2UE. One thing he is not, and that is a shock jock.  Michael Smith is a man of integrity and when he questions something or someone, then you better look out because Michael has a way of probing and getting at the truth.

Michael Smith has his own site named MichaelSmithNews. It has been a site that I visit every day because of the nature of the posts. It is not just about the AWU scandal, because he covers other issues including the invasion of Australia by illegal mostly Muslim immigrants from Pakistan (not at war), Iraq (not at war), Sri Lanka (not at war), Bangladesh (not at war), Burma (not at war) and India (not at war). The only country where there has been a “war” is Afghanistan, and even in this case why should we allow people to enter Australia when they deliberately destroy their personal documents? Either way, Michael has been providing lots of information.

One common theme on the site has been the fraud against the Health Services Union as well as the older fraud agains the AWU. Some of the players in both of these stories are the same – Bill Shorten and Juliar Gillard in particular are players in both stories.

At the present time Michael is detailing the chronology of events that led to him resigning from the Fairfax station 2UE. Today he reached an important milestone when he looked at the events directly prior to his resignation. These events involve the role of a female union official by the name of Kathy Jackson as well as another ex-union official by the name of Bob Kernohan. Kathy Jackson met with Michael at a secret location where she gave documents and detailed the frauds that had taken place. The extent of the fraud is breath-taking. The HSU officials took advantage of the lowest paid union workers in Australia. It was not just Craig Thomson, but it included the former president of the NSW branch of the ALP, Michael Williamson. Michael Smith scooped all of the big players the next day when his intervention caused Michael Williamson to miss a meeting (because Michael had dispatched a reporter from 2UE and also from Channel 9 News to the home of Williamson). A press release had been prepared stating that the union would not be taking the matter to the NSW police. Instead of that happening the union did in fact resolve to take the matter to the police… and the rest is history.

As a direct result of the material provided by Kathy Jackson, a taskforce set about investigating Michael Williamson, and since then, he has been charged with a number of crimes against the same union.

However, it does not end with either Williamson and Thomson and it gets very dirty. The link between Gillard and Williamson happened to be WIlliamson’s daughter who worked in the Office of the Prime Minister. There were other links. The other dirty player is Bill Shorten. Kathy Jackson had to struggle against the tactics used by Shorten who was attempting to shut the whole thing down. In the end, Shorten did win with his dirty tactics but that is a whole another story…and does not need to be repeated here.

What is more relevant is the following: Juliar Gillard is the one who set up Fair Work Australia. She is the one who appointed specific commissioners including people who were loyal to her. Their role in this matter was to cause a go slow with regard to the Thomson investigation. Nothing happened in a period of around 4 years.  Then suddenly things began to happen and Shorten could not shut down the investigation. The NSW police investigation was passed on to the Victoria police and finally at the beginning of this year Craig Thomson was charged with a number of crimes relating to his mismanagement of union funds.  This mismanagement included the payment for the services of prostitutes as well as other cash withdrawals in a variety of locations.

The Thomson case has taken many twists and turns. After the delay of 4 years WorkFair Australia attempted to pre-empt the Victorian police by finally filing charges (the Victorian case takes precedence). The Thomson case is not before the Victorian Magistrates Court and it is considered to be sub-judice to talk about this particular case outside of the court until the case is completely heard.

Nevertheless there is plenty of other material to consider in the Thomson saga including the fact that he swore a false affidavit in relation to his own attempt to take action against Fairfax.  This story is still developing.


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