The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 38: A Tactical, Societal Analysis

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I’ve put off writing this article for some time, primarily because too many people seem to want to argue the George Zimmerman case into perpetuity.  The facts have been presented, the jury has deliberated and the case has been decided.  But even the fact that George Zimmerman’s presumption of innocence has been vindicated–he did not commit murder; he acted in lawful self-defense–is not acknowledged in many quarters.  So I’ve been letting the rhetorical waters calm a bit before taking on this topic: a tactical and social analysis of Zimmerman’s choices that night.

The point is, once again, what Zimmerman chose to do and how that affects us all, particularly should we find ourselves in a similar situation.  As regular readers know, there are powerful forces that wish to draw precisely the wrong conclusions from this case and to, by force of law, force the consequence of those wrong conclusions on…

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