Is there smoke?

I know, it is a strange heading but please bear with me because this involves corruption in Chicago. Breitbart News has a report about a Dr. Whittaker who is a close friend of Barry Soetoro and Michelle Robertson.

Dr. Whittaker is co-operating with authorities in regard to a scandal involving kickbacks in Chicago public health.

Why is it important? Because Dr. Whittaker gave Michelle Robertson that job worth more than $300k.

I wonder whether authorities are asking questions about the employment of Michelle Robertson.


7 responses to “Is there smoke?

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  2. Aussie, you are missing the link.


  3. I added the link again and it should be working now. I do not know what went wrong when I first did the copy and paste.


    • Obama will be protected until he dies and maybe even beyond that. Truth is evasive and rarely is revealed all at once. I doubt that many of us could handle the entire truth at the same time.

      An older man I once knew had many original words of wisdom. He once said many folks had lived in ignorance and untruth for so long, they would not even recognize it if they were hit in the head by the stick of truth.

      I often think of that when debating with Progs and such. And that surely applies to many in the black community as well as uninformed whites.


    • I hope you are wrong about Barry Soetoro remaining protected.

      This one person is a strong link back to Barry and Michelle and the corruption in Chicago. If he is talking then more things will come out and the finger will keep pointing in that direction.

      Barry is not God.