Proud of my grandson

The Sydney City to Surf event was held yesterday. My son and his partner participated and finished somewhere amongst the last 1000 to cross the line. Good for them because they did not do any preparation.

We knew that they intended doing the event and that they expected Nathan to walk some of the distance.

Nathan is a few months past his second birthday, and he walked or perhaps ran, 4 kilometres!!  Their facebook page mentioned that he got cheers from other runners as they passed him :).

Nathan and his father visited a couple of weekends ago, and the change in him is amazing. He is now confidently walking up the stairs. He still gets into mischief but Thomas the tank engine is a big hit.

I am so proud of my grandson because he managed to walk that distance and still be full of energy!!


4 responses to “Proud of my grandson

  1. I am proud of you for helping to make him what he is today.


    • I have little to do with Nathan because I live “at a distance”. It is laughable because we live on the Central Coast and Sydneysiders have this thing about distance. We are expected to go see them in a day but not vice-versa.

      My son works as a grocery manager for one of the supermarket chains. He has been shifted from the alcohol outlet and back into groceries. He works odd hours. I was really pleased that he was able to bring Nathan for a visit with us.

      I was very pleased to learn that he actually managed to walk 4 kilometres because that is a lot for a little one who is not long past his 2nd birthday!!


  2. Grandson is growing fast! 🙂


    • Yes he is and he is not long past his 2nd birthday.

      What is so astonishing is that he was a premature baby. He was tiny but did have a good birth weight for his age (prematurity age). He has shown very positive signs, yet there is a lot of talk that premature children have lots of problems.