Mysterious priest has been identified

The mystery of the priest who administered to Katie Letz is now resolved. He is a “substitute” priest who is used to say Mass when the PP is sick. The name of the priest is Fr. Dowling. He gave his story in a post at a Catholic paper and this has been verified by the Catholic Diocese.

Fr. Dowling claims that he was motoring between parishes when he came across the accident site. He says that he parked his car behind a big truck and asked permission to administer to the girl in the car. He also mentioned standing there and saying the rosary.

HOWEVER, he also states that he did not talk to the emergency responders and he did not tell them that their equipment will now work.

This is why at that accident scene there was a miracle performed. God always works in mysterious ways and in this case, Fr. Dowling was in the right spot at the right time, and he acted upon instinct in administering to the girl. It must be said that God also uses the first responders in everything that they did to rescue people. The timing of the next group of responders with better equipment may have been coincidental, but it certainly provided a lift as far as those who were present were concerned.

If we were to look at the individual things that were recorded as happening that day, then it is not too difficult to see how God used every single person who was on the scene of that accident. God used Fr. Dowling to bring about a calm in the responders and the patient.  It was Katie’s faith in God that saved her life and I have no doubt about that being the case.

Whilst we have solved the issue of the mystery priest, I am staying firm with the idea that there were other spiritual things happening at that site, including perhaps the spirit of Fr. Michyal Judge who was chaplain to the first responders in New York. A voice spoke to those first responders. Whose voice? It could have been an angel. It could have been God aka the Holy Spirit, or it could have been a saint such as Fr. Michyal Judge who was there doing business on behalf of God. We simply do not know the depth of God’s bounty and love for all of us.

Katie Letz is not a Catholic, but she is a Christian. Katie Letz at age 19 has enormous faith in God. The Scriptures, especially the Gospels tell us how God responed to people when they showed such strength of faith. This is what happened to Katie Letz. Her faith in God was her strength at a time when she could have easily died because of the extent of her injuries. Everyone present at the accident scene did everything that they could to save this girl. Some of the responders prayed with Katie, and they were also rewarded because of their faith.

I have something else to tell about that voice that was heard, because I have had an experience where I heard a voice telling me everything was going to be alright. It happened after the shocking attacks upon the Catholic East Timorese. Hundreds died in those attacks including at least 4 priests, one of whom was known to the parish where I belonged at the time. On the morning that I heard a voice, I was at Mass, and because the regular reader for that day did not show up, I got up to read. My prayer had been for the Australian soldiers who were going to East Timor, and at the moment that I began to read, I was told everything would be alright. As I began to read the Scripture for that day I was filled with an unbelievable joy. The reading that day was the proclamation from King Cyrus stating that the Jews were to be released and were to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild their temple.

Over time I have interpreted the event in a few ways, but the one interpretation that remains firm is that what I was shown by the reading that day was in fact that East Timor was to be rebuilt.

I did not speak to my Parish Priest until 2 days after this had happened. He was the priest officiating at that Mass and was thus a witness of what had taken place. When I spoke to him, he just smiled and explained that what I received was a special grace of jubiliation or joy. He said that he had seen this happen to a few other people, especially to a bride who did the reading at her own wedding.

My interpretation of the event involving Katie Letz is that God was most definitely present and that He used various people that day to help Katie. He also sent Fr. Dowling to the accident site, but there was also something else from the spiritual realm who spoke to the first responders.


5 responses to “Mysterious priest has been identified

  1. The power of faith has been tried to be compared to the placebo effect of some medicines by science, yet there have never been able to replicate it in a scientific setting. You can’t fake faith or the power that is behind it.


    • Yes, I agree.

      Placebo medicines, if they work rely upon the “faith” of the person in thinking that the medicine will work.

      The power of faith is a very different kettle of fish. That is why this story is something that fascinates me. I can see the power of a girl’s faith at play.


  2. I know what you are saying.


    • 🙂 I actually find that it is something that is very hard to articulate, especially when I had such an extremely powerful experience. The rush of joy that I experienced was something that overwhelmed me.

      One woman who was in the congregation at the Mass remarked upon the way that I had done that reading. It was not until I saw Fr. David smiling that I had true acknowledgement that I was not imagining things. I saw that smile he gave to himself as I asked my question and then he gave that response.

      This story about Katie Letz is a story about a modern miracle. Initially we thought that the priest was someone who had “appeared” probably because of the way that the circumstances were described. We were in danger of missing the bigger picture in this story.

      That bigger picture is about how God uses people to do His Will on earth. God must have other plans for Katie Leitz because He was not about to let her die. He used Fr. Dowling who just happened to be motoring towards his next Mass, and God used each of the responders to help Katie.

      Some people think that God will perform miracles without any kind of human intervention. This is how we get some people who think that faith alone will cure them, when in fact it takes faith plus working with other humans to achieve some of those miracles.

      The initial incident that I described involving my great-grandparents is well worth pondering because it was something that really happened and told about in family circles. Trying to understand it is another matter, but contemplation about what happened leads me into a bit of clearer thought – I think it is possible that my great-grandfather after he was hit by the train did in fact have an out of body experience, and during that experience he went to his home, which is where my great-grandmother and the child present also saw him. He then returned to his body because he was not ready to die. My great-grandfather lived for about 3 days after the accident when he succumbed because of the damage to his spleen. During the three days he spoke to his family and his oldest son testified that his father said that he did not hear the train whistle.

      The withdrawal of the flagmen from that spot was a serious breach as far as worker health and safety is concerned. Linesmen doing their work make a lot of noise and this would explain why the whistle had not been heard. The Flagmen would have been necessary because the spot where they were working was dangerous. The railways management had shown little regard for their workmen. My great-grandfather lived long enough to say good-bye to all of his family and to tell his story.


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