Sydney – the war zone

I have made you aware of the issues surrounding what amounts to an invasion of Australian sovereign territory by men from Middle Eastern countries. The majority of these invaders come from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Some of them have come from Burma.  I have also mentioned something else that has been occurring in a number of Australian cities – GANG WARFARE. There is in fact a link between the two situations.

To date Australia has been lucky not to have had a major incident, other than the Port Arthur massacre. A number of plots have been foiled, and the instigators of those plots have been jailed. You will not be surprised to know that the people  behind the plots are Islamist.

What I have not explained so far, or at least not in any detail is the fact that the gangs who are at war with each other are the Comanchero and Hells Angels. What I have only mentioned in passing is that the make up of these gangs these days is typically Middle Eastern. Something else: every one of the victims of the gang related crimes have been known to police. They had either been in jail, or were awaiting sentencing, or they had been charged with various crimes including crimes relating to drug distribution.

On the latest coming from the police has been information that a lot of the proceeds for the crimes committed by these thugs has been sent overseas to help Al Nusra in Syria and other like organizations. Did you get that? These gangs are using the proceeds of their crimes to help finance the war effort in Syria.

I have just been reading a column by Miranda Devine (the daughter of former columnist Frank Devine who was always a favourite read for me), relating to this very subject and something really stood out. It was the first time I have heard mention of the infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood into Australia – why am I not surprised over this revelation?

The gang, known as “Brothers for Life” had (I would suggest they still have) links with Muslim Brotherhood.

These gangs are acting as standover merchants, meaning that local businesses must either give them “insurance” money or their businesses will be ruined.

The following is probably the most important point from the article:

A patient recently told him he had CCTV footage of three thugs visiting his cafe demanding money but he was afraid to go to the police because, if he did identify the culprits, he knew they would soon be out on bail to seek retribution.

“The police will take them through one door and the lawyer will take them out the other side” says Dr Rifi.

“People are bursting to talk because they don’t want to live under such intense pressure in a war zone. They don’t want to live in the anticipation their shop or house will be shot at. They want it to stop but they too afraid.”

“That’s why we need these criminals caught, judged and imprisoned”.

The police are doing all they can, but “they don’t have the power in these circumstances. The judiciary and the politicians are the ones letting us down.”

A high placed police source agrees. He blames a “recalcitrant judiciary” who believe they can exercise their authority without regard for community attitudes.

Amongst the people who are being affected are people who have been in a war zone and who have fled to another country. They are the ones trying to have a go in a new country. However, it is because they live in enclaves that they find themselves in this kind of predicament. It is easy for these criminal gangs to try and put pressure on these people.

The claim here is that the people are afraid to speak up because of the threat of retribution. In the meantime, until these people set aside their fear, and start talking to the police, then the criminal activity will continue.

These gangs are no different from Squizzy Taylor and his gang, or any of the other gangs filled with hoods and mobsters.


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