The complex nature of the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi

Probably the best analysis about the people behind the attack comes from Walid Shoebat writing for PJ Media. I suggest that you read the whole thing because the analysis seems to me to be a best fit.

Mohammed Morsi has turned out to be what I consider one of the sleaziest individuals ever to be trusted in a role of leading a country. Admittedly, he has some fierce competition and I would probably place him at no 10 or lower on the list of bad leaders. On the other hand I would place Muburak on a list of good leaders, despite any of his foibles. This is because Morsi happens to be one of the sly types and much of what he did was very sly.

When it comes to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi it seems that we have to rely on Libyan intelligence to provide the truth. It seems to me that US intelligence has been involved in an attempt to cover up the real truth.

Is Morsi implicated in the attack on the US embassy? After reading this piece by Walid Shoebat, I am inclined to say YES. The reason is simple, he released from prison the person who led the attack.

On top of that, we do know that Ansar-al-Shariah was behind the attack. We all thought that this was a reference to the Libyan Ansar-Al-Shariah but that is not necessarily the case, because the group that should be implicated is Ansar-Al-Shariah Egypt. I am not saying that the Libyan branch were not implicated because the evidence suggests that the opposite is the case.

The Egyptian connection is even stronger when it emerges that the leadership of this group actually claimed responsibility for the bombing attack on the consulate in the June.

I suggest that you read the whole article at PJMedia. It is well worth the time because it does in fact tie up a lot of loose ends. Once again it shows that a trailer from a C-grade documentary was never the reason for the attacks in either Cairo, or in Libya. There was an entirely different motivation, namely the blind sheik. On top of that it provides stronger evidence that the intention was to capture Chris Stevens and to use him as barter for the release of the blind sheik.

My next question: Was Barry Soetoro aka Soerbarkh involved in some kind of deal with Morsi regarding an attempt to release the blind sheik? Was Hillary Clinton also involved in this attempt to have the blind sheik released from prison (may he rot in hell)?  These are serious questions because I do remember that there had been some talk or attempts to release the blind sheik.

FWIW here is a theory that popped into my head: the maker of the C-grade documentary was chosen to be the dupe of someone involved in a conspiracy to get the blind sheik released. Sam Bacile as he was known, is in fact an Egyptian and he was serving time before he was released on bail. As a part of his bail conditions he was not supposed to use the Internet. He broke his bail conditions, meaning it was easy to have him arrested based upon the breaking of those bail conditions.  However, we are interested in his c-grade movie and the motivation for anyone putting up some money to have it made in the first place.  The word is that a pretend “cleric” did in fact screen it on the TV in Egypt, complete with Arabic subtitles. It is easy for manipulation to have taken place because the subtitles did not have to reflect the English language in the movie. The problem then is how did Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett and Barry Soretoro know about this youtube clip in the first place?  Thinking about the circumstances and the timeline, my conclusion is that Barry and Hillary are implicated and that they were behind the making of the c-grade documentary which was to be the excuse to provide cover for the kidnapping of Chris Stevens to be used as a bargaining chip for the release of the blind sheik. Nothing else makes sense to me.


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