Egypt – it is not Armageddon

I praise God for the Egyptian military, and especially for the leadership being shown by General Al-Sisi. It must be noted that General Al-Sisi is a Muslim. The difference here is that he appears to be anti-Muslim Brotherhood and in my view he is more freedom loving than that idiot who is currently POTUS.

General Al-Sisi moved on Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood for a reason. At the time of the coup Morsi had given the green light for Islamists to enter into Syria. General Al-Sisi seems to be a good strategist because even he could see the harm to Egypt that could come from such a move.

There are many things happening in Egypt but in my view the situation does not amount to a civil war just yet. The reason that I think this way is due to the massive support that is being given to the Egyptian Army. The people currently demonstrating, that is the Morsi supporters are in fact a minority of the people. The demonstrations that we saw prior to Morsi’s removal tell a better story. The Muslim Brotherhood were not involved in the original push for freedom from Muburak, but they soon managed to take control with their stealth candidate by the name of Morsi.

During the first demonstrations the Salafists set fire to several Christian churches, and the military oversaw the repairs to those churches. That was under Tantawanti (sp). However, that particular general was dismissed by Morsi and that is when Al-Sisi assumed control. When Morsi gained the ascendancy the number of Christian churches being vandalised and burned to the ground began to increase, until it reached the current epidemic proportions. Once again General Al-Sisi the Muslim has moved to ensure the repair and rebuilding of those Coptic churches. The General is a good and freedom loving man.

At this time I am not sure what the outcome on a different level will be, because stupid head has made all the wrong moves. As a result of the stupidity of the White House, it looks like Russia will end up getting their Middle East sphere of influence. I do not think that we can judge the politics of Al-Sisi or the interim President based upon such moves, merely because it was stupid head who decided to cut off aid. I have listened to John Kerry making noises that sound more like the braying of a donkey than that of a real person. Sorry to be so harsh, but truly that man is an absolute idiot and he is worse than Hillary Clinton in that role.

Unless there is a real spike in the escalation of violence in Egypt, however, I would not classify this as a civil war. I see it as merely riots such as those we have previously seen in the USA. The scale of violence would have to increase to the point where there was a more general intervention by the army. Considering the amount of support the army enjoys, at least for now I do not see that happening in the short term.


2 responses to “Egypt – it is not Armageddon

  1. Oh, how they mocked Romney for suggesting that Russia was our regional opponent. But now due to our bumbling Russia has made overtures with Iran, is preventing definite action in Syria and now Egypt. Combined that with the concessions is has already gain in Europe and we are looking more and more like the paper tiger the Soviet Union once was.


    • Bori, those mockers never had a clue. I have been writing about Russia and China for a few years. In particular I am paying attention to how they align with other countries.

      When I wrote about the civil war in Libya, I wrote about the fact that both China and Russia were pissed over losing their sphere of influence.

      Russia has been aligned with Iran for a very long time. On top of that Russia is aligned with North Korea. Nothing has changed.

      We have the same problem in Australia so long as the ALP run the government. (Australian clean up day is fast approaching on September 7).

      Australia is one very extreme problem with all of the boats that keep arriving, especially when the passengers are Iranians, and by the look of them they are Iranian military or ex-military. People like myself who have an association with the military (my late uncle was in the army, a best friend is ex-Navy (WW2), and my husband is ex-Air Force), know how to spot people who have been in the miltiary. It makes me nervous that these people are heading to Australia because they could be plants… but our current government is oblivious to the threat.

      I have just been reading on another site called Bare Naked Islam. I really do need to write up what I have been reading. I remain convinced that there is no civil war in Egypt at the present time. However, that could change….

      The issues in Syria are made worse because nothing was done when the hostilities broke out in the first place. Libya is probably the most stable of these countries at the present time… and I think that is a joke of a comment to make considering what has taken place. However, I give credit to the people who have had enough of Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and who have attempted to run them, as well as Ansar al-Sharia out of town.