The end of an era?

Over the past 40-50 years Islam has been in the ascendancy. When Islam declared war on the USA, not when you think but when the World Trade Centre was attacked the first time, we actually saw what could be the beginning of the end. It is not the end of civilization. It is not going to be the end of the world. However, we are in the midst of a struggle with the forces of evil.  At the same time those forces of evil include more than Islam.

I have to openly state here that I am not one of those people who accepts what is called prophecy these days, especially that which is based upon other peoples’ interpretation of the Scriptures. Rather, I am a person who prefers to do what the Old Testament prophets did, and attempt to interpret what I am actually seeing aka the type of prophecy that came from Jeremiah and Isaiah (as two examples only). I believe that it is possible to interpret these events and hopefully to be able to discern God’s Will at the same time. In light of this, I want to look again at what is happening in the Middle East, not as an approaching armageddon as described in the Book of Revelation, but as the end of an era that has been full of evil.

For more than a century our world has been going through some very strange times. We have seen the rise of secularism and an abandonment of faith in God. At the same time we have seen a rise in evil deeds throughout the world. Islam at its worst is extraordinarily barbaric. However, not everyone who is Muslim is barbaric. Any comments that I make is directed towards the most barbaric of the Muslims. Yet, what I want to cover in my comments involves a lot more than Islam. Out of necessity it includes the rise of Communism and Fascism – two sides of the same coin named Marxism. It also includes the rise of Atheism, witchcraft and a raft of evil that has overtaken the world. Also out of necessity it will be necessary to address some of the evil that has arisen among individuals within the Catholic Church (it is just a few that has given everyone else a bad name), as well as other Christian organizations. I will also need to address the rise of homosexual “rights” and the way in which this minority has been seeking to harm Christianity.  However, my theme would not be complete if I did not include the downfall of the family unit.

Where to begin? Egypt is a good starting point since it is something that is happening right now. Since the media is not reporting everything that is happening, it is necessary to seek information via other sources. Believe it or not one of those sources is going to be from Yahoo News and the Associated Press (just not CNN, or any of the Australian networks).

Here is a question: why does the military backed Egyptian government want to ban the Muslim Brotherhood? The answer I think is that they are aware that Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, but I think it is a lot deeper than just being designated as a terrorist. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that since Morsi came to power the Egyptian Christians have been terrorised and their churches have been burned to the ground. Please note only the Christians who attend the Coptic churches are Coptics, the remainder are simply Egyptian Christians. The Coptic Church has been around since early Christianity. Evangelical churches in Egypt are not Coptic churches.

To be continued.


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