Can someone find more information please

I am dropping this link because I want more information about this particular shooting.

The victim of the drive by shooting is an Australian from Melbourne, my home town. The shooters were teenagers and they have been caught. Read the whole story because it is bizarre.

What I would like to know is the rest of the detail that is missing in the story. It says one of the boys had a previous brush with the law. It also says that a mother alerted the police that the boys were coming to kill her son. One of them bragged about two shootings, not just one.

The piece of missing information is whether these boys were American Indians or something else (dark melatonin). Can you help by finding any information about the teens who have been accused of this senseless murder. Thanks.

UPDATE: I have a partial answer to my question. At least 1 boy is black and one has a white mother.

This link has local video regarding the murder of Chris Lane.

So far the only information happens to be that it was a random murder. The three teenagers were bored.

I have some more questions: how did these so called innocent teens end up in possession of a gun?  Did they have legal guns or illegal guns? So far none of the news stories have addressed these questions.

Stories like this one give fodder to the anti-gun lobby. Here in Australia we do not possess guns at anything like the rate in the USA. The majority have never even used a gun. Yes, we have gun violence, but that is violence amongst illegal gun owners!!

This morning on the radio when this murder was mentioned, the radio station bimbo (sorry Amanda you are getting on my nerves at the moment and I am relegating you to bimbo status), made mention of gun rights. I personally do not see this crime as one that involves gun rights. The Australian media will play this up in the same way that they played up the George Zimmerman case (with all of their false memes), and use it for anti-gun purposes.

I was born in Melbourne, and therefore feel some affinity towards Chris Lane and his family.

UPDATE2 – Today there was another news item involving a death on the premises owned by Olivia Newtonjohn, in Florida. The way that I heard the news item it sounded like either Oliva Newtonjohn or her husband was involved in the death. However, online reports have indicated it was a suicide. If you ask me, I think it srange that a builder would commit suicide at someone else’s home or construction site.


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  1. The teen later took to Twitter defending his since-deleted tweet, saying things like “im no killer (sic)” and saying he would never really shoot up his school if Zimmerman was acquitted of murder.