Teen’s lawyer tries to turn the tables

This story is simply very sick. The baby was shot and killed for no reason at all. What seemed simple to us several months ago since the murder took place has turned into a farce.

First of all, it seems that the mother of the infant was known to police, or at least her adult children were known to police. The daughter is said to have made some strange claims, but keep in mind the daughter is in jail. Her son was murdered when he was 18 and now her baby son was murdered as well.

Second, the defence in this case is attempting to use this information to cast doubt about what took place. The defence has gone as far as attempting to blame the mother and her partner for the baby’s death. (Anything is possible these days).

However, the sick thing about this defence ploy happens to be the fact that the defendant’s family had participated in the cover up of the crime that took place. They hid the murder weapon.

In the long run the evidence will or should lead to a murder conviction against the teenager who is accused of the murder of this 18 month old infant. This is because of the identification of the murder weapon and the role his family members played in hiding evidence.

This might be a case that I will try to follow to see how it all plays out, not because I think that the defendant is innocent, but because of the nasty things being done by his lawyers against the victim’s family.


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  1. Random Rumination for the Day
    (O/T always and of course!)

    Eerily Relevant Biblical Prophecy

    A little pregnant Biblical poetry for you.

    Isaiah 3 — NJPS Translation —

    4 And He will make boys[1] their rulers,
    And babes[2] shall govern them.

    5 So the people shall oppress one another—
    Each oppressing his fellow:
    The young shall bully the old;
    And the despised shall bully the honored.

    9 Their partiality in judgment accuses them;
    They avow their sins like Sodom,
    They do not conceal them. Woe to them!
    For ill have they served themselves.

    12 My people’s rulers are babes[2],
    It is governed by women[3].
    O my people! Your leaders are misleaders;
    They have confused the course of your paths.

    [1] metaphor: inexperienced and willful?
    [2] metaphor: self-focused and whining?
    [3] metaphor: weak and ineffectual?


    • This form of prophecy is not a telling of future events but a recasting of current events.

      What it says is simply that a younger generation had charge and they despised the elderly. I do not remember that quote from Isaiah. I will have to look it up, but that translation does not jive with the translations that I use.

      Isaiah also mentions haughty women. It mentions younger persons not looking after their parents and it mentions widows and orphans being abandoned or being taken advantage of by others.