The worst ever ad campaign


I would be very surprised if the Watermelon Simon Shiek who in fact founded the organization Get Up was to win the secon senate spot in Canberra.

The Watermelons are on the nose and that was obvious last year when the ACT held its Assembly elections. The Watermelons lost 3 or 4 spots in the Assembly with the ALP and the Liberals ending up with 8 each. Alas the people did not tip out the criminal Shane Rattenbury, but they did a good job getting rid of the rest of the airheads with their stupid ideas.

In the coming election the Watermelons continue to delude themselves about their own popularity.

A good example here in NSW is in my own electorate. The Watermelon candidate is a woman who was soundly kicked out of the Wyong Council when the Council elections were held last year. In that election the Liberal Party gained ground and the big losers were the Watermelon candidates all over the State of NSW.

I do not imagine that people have finished using their cricket bats in regard to these politicians. September 7 is only a few weeks away. I wish it was all over right now. In the meantime we have to endure these horrible ad campaigns, and this one I think takes the award for being the worst I have seen to date.


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