If I had a son he would be like Chris Lane

I do in fact have a son, in fact I have 3 sons and one of them is named Christopher. By strange coincidence all three of my sons were born in Melbourne.

However, that is not the reason for writing this post because the reference is in relation to an article written by John Hinderaker at Powerline.

When I first heard about the murder of Chris Lane I was willing to bet that the perpetrators were polar bear hunters. (this should give you a clue about skin tone). That is why I was asking for more information regarding this particular crime. The Australian media, and I have to add here that the British media were doing the same thing, were implying that the perpetrators were simply bad ass Billy Bob types. This is the narrative that was supposed to have come from the Chief of Police in Duncan. Except that the insinuation is not true. They are polar bear hunters.

The Hinderaker article adds a lot more in the way of detail… and it turns out that these 3 polar bear hunters were in fact heading down the same path as Traydemark Martin at the time he was shot and killed. It is indeed quite uncanny.

Rather than repeating everything in the Hinderaker article, I ask you to go read for yourself. What I find so uncanny is the picture that appears on the Facebook page of one of the perpetrators. The police chief claims that the three had no gang links, and no evidence of criminal activity. So I have a question for the police chief:  how do 15 year olds and 16 year olds legitimately own guns? Here is another question based upon what has come from that facebook page: where did all that money come from? Just one more question: why is that boy being photographed doing the sign of one of the gangs?

It seems to me that either the media or the police have been lying about these three perpetrators. My three questions pertain to what I perceive to be lies within the original narrative.

If anyone is an innocent victim of crime, then that someone is the 22 year old Australian student and college baseball player, Chris Lane. He was simply jogging. He had no interaction with the three perpetrators but they chose him as their victim for a thrill killing.

There is one more question that I think needs to be answered by the Duncan police chief: If these 3 never had a criminal past, how come they knew where to hide the gun and bullets? Actually, I do know that one of them did in fact have a criminal past….. so that means the original narrative told quite a few porkies about the 3 murderers.

On top of that I was not very impressed to learn that the 15 year old perpetrator actually thought that murdering someone was funny.

Like I said, they were well and truly heading down the same path as Traydemark Martin at the time of his death. The difference is that Traydemarks stopped before he managed to kill someone. The three polar bear hunters did in fact murder a white man by the name of Chris Lane.


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