The Evidence is mounting

The death of Chris Lane has me extremely angry. It was a senseless killing. From the time I heard that this young man had been murdered, I guessed that the perpetrators were polar bear hunters. This has been affirmed by various sources.

However, there is one thing that has me more steamed up and that is the outright lies that were told the day that the murder happened. According to news reports that I saw that day, the boys involved were not involved in any criminal activity and they wanted to be “billy bob” bad asses. Well, first of all, the reference to “Billy Bob” was intended to deflect from the fact that once again we have a black on white murder.

When I jumped online to ask if anyone had any details about the case, it was due to my own suspicion that the perpetrators of the crime were black. Well I was proved right in that respect. What is more, I did not believe the story that the three had no criminal history. It has not taken long to be proved correct again.

The Australian conservative journalist Tim Blair who does in fact write for Murdoch Press (Murdoch really is an enigma) has up a post that reveals the truth about the younger two who were responsible for pulling the trigger. These boys are members of the CRIPS!!

If you have not seen these photos, then I suggest you look at the link I have provided and then look at the links provided by Tim.

Why am I not surprised that this pair are members of the Crips. They are just like Traydemark Martin. If you recall, Traydemark photographed himself using the same Crips signs. On top of that Fruit or Big Daddy was also a member of the Crips gang.

There are also two good posts at PJ Media shedding light on the three suspects. They were members of the Crips gang. This has been confirmed by the father of the teen who was threatened by the three.  There is also more evidence that the two with the guns were exactly like Traydemark with the father of the teen who was threatened stating that both Luna and Edwards were thugs and bullies. On top of that, the most reprehensible part of this story is the attitude of Edwards who was observed being disrespectful to the authorities and who danced when he was being booked for the murder of Chris Lane. The two PJ Media articles are also worth reading.


Whilst Chris Lane’s murder is more personal (since he was an Australian born in my hometown of Melbourne) I think it is also worth noting the death of 17 year old Marley Lion, who was gunned down by two black assailants at the same time that Traydemark Martin was shot as he was attacking George Zimmerman.


I was just reading an Althouse thread and in the commentary was something that is jaw dropping.

Illuninati said…

madAsHell said:
“The original story linked by Drudge showed three black faces. The same picture is still being used as the teaser for their suggested video that shows up after the original video autoplays. In the actual video, there are two black faces, and one white”
I’m not sure why you are apologizing.  What did you get wrong?  There were two blacks and one dark Hispanic.  The Hispanic is either a bastard racist or an innocent Hispanic victim depending on the Marxist narrative of the day. In this case he is an Hispanic victim class who could not possible be guilty of a hate crime.  According to the left, those responsible are the  members of the gun culture which we all know is mostly White. In other words, the remedy for Black on White crime is to disarm law abiding Whites.
This ties in directly to the Trayvon Martin case.  Here is a tweet from one of the perpetrators: “On July 15, days after the George Zimmerman verdict, Edwards tweeted “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol shit ima keep sleepin shit! #ayeeee.””

My immediate reaction is “shit”… sorry but I think it is appropriate. Is this evidence that the murder of Chris Lane was motivated because Traydemark Martin, a Crips gang member was shot when he was in the process of bashing in the head of George Zimmerman?  This puts a whole different complexion on this case, and yes it is further proof that it was polar bear hunting.


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  1. Lynn Atkinson

    Just a word from a native Oklahoman-NO, this should not have happened. These kids were in the juvenile justice system, yes-but never for physical violence. Saying they were want to bes is true. Further, saying they were acting like Billy Bob bad asses IS NOT TO COVER up the fact that they were black but what we say about any race in Oklahoma-you have got to remember that Oklahoma is the headquarters of the Indian Nation-our flag is a Native American one. Our lands belong to the tribes-I live on Osage land. We are home to the red man and you don’t understand our colloquiousm or the way we act. Good the police got these young men-if they hadn’t I guarentee they would have had their asses whopped by our good old boys-regardless of race. There are no crips in Duncan fir goodness sake-these are want to bes-and altho we do have gangs, the larger problem is cults-remember Tim. McVeigh, Terry Nichols and Elhom City-okc bombing-cult world USA. And before you think Oklahoma is over-run with racial or other violence, remember-THIS IS THE FIRST MURDER THAT HAS OCCURED IN DUNCAN OKLAHOMA IN 5 YEARS! Can you boast that for any of the towns in your country-first murder in 5 years? These kids were stupid-drive by and shoot someone from the car going by and it killed him-no crack shots here-just pure stupidity and it killed. 3 stupid kids-a horrible murder-1st time anyone has been killed in Duncan in 5 years and the cops got them right away-right away they are certified as adults-no juvi for them and you can believe that oklahoma may very well go for the death penalty for these boys-we catch our criminals and deal with it immediately. I guess that is why Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate of women in the world and the 8th highest incarceration rate of men in the world. at any rate-we are not over-run with racial violence and don’t let our choice of speech “billy bob” be interpreted with dark meanings and fact-hiding. We are the red-neck hippies-the cowboys and indian state and home to the cherokees, choctaw, osage, pawnee, blackfoot, commanchee, sac n fox, blah-blah. Johnny Depp came to Oklahoma to learn the indian way for his role as Tonto-didn’t learn it-we don’t go around in war paint with dead birds on the top of our heads but our tribal ceremonies and pow wows are quite amazing to behold-you won’t see anything like it anywhere else. I am very sorry for your loss but don’t labels and stereotypes on our state-all of you ignore the red man and that is our predominate culture. Pax et bonum (peace and all good).


    • Lyn, always good to hear from you, but there are Crips in Duncan.

      According to those reports they have only moved there in the past few years.

      The other boy, the one who was the next on the kill list, his father claimed that the three were trying to get him to join the gang.

      The strong evidence though is the use of the Crips signs. It may not be a strong presence, but sadly it is there 😦


    • Lyn you have misunderstood me completely!! When I first got curious about this situation and those involved, I was in fact up against a member of my family believing the worst about the people from Oklahoma.

      Also, I cannot agree when it comes to placing Mcveigh and Nicols in a cult. They were not members of the Branch Davidians (they were the cult). McVeigh was motivated by other reasons and those reasons were never fully explored as far as I can understand the situation. There is also the fact that John Doe #3 was never identified meaning that a cult had nothing at all to do with what happened. There were simply other forces at work. I am not condoning McVeigh’s actions btw because I do not condone the actions of those other forces. There is a group of libertarians that are extremist called the Sovereign Citizens. They are not members of a cult but they do have some very extremist ideas.

      Over the past year and a half I have heard of two incidents that involve race more or less. The second incident is this one. The first incident occurred not long after the death of Traydemark Martin. The perpetrator was of mixed Indian origin. There was a bit of history involved in why he went feral. It does not excuse his actions.

      The wording “billy bob” has different connotations to different people. In my country it can connote someone who is a redneck, meaning a white person, at least that is how it is interpreted. This is what led me to think that the police chief was covering up the race of the perpetrators. In fact it took longer than 48 hours before the information regarding the race of at least 2 of the three perpetrators in this incident became clear!! I should have said that I thought the MSM was doing the cover-up and my comments are mostly about the reporting of the story rather than whether or not people in Oklahoma are racist.

      The Facebook pages of the perpetrators (the two charged with murder in the first degree) tells a very different story than some of the things that you are saying here. The infiltration of the Crips gang into Duncan is very much a bother and the father of the other intended victim has it right about the risk that was posed. I am as equally disturbed when I read that someone had been threatening the high school in Duncan where the three had attended school. I see that as unwarranted, but it appears to be par for the course these days.

      The racism involved in this story is not a reflection on the people of Oklahoma. It is a reflection on the boys and their families. Again, I point you to the links that I have found to read what other people are saying. The incriminating evidence against one of those boys with regard to racism is in fact his tweets and what is on Facebook. He claimed to have taken out white people after the end of the Zimmerman trial. If that is true, then he was motivated by racial hatred and spite.

      The stand out in the story is not that the three were bored (I do not believe that story) but the fact that they waited in the car and then chose a white person as their victim.

      None or what I have read or implied is to throw any aspersions of any kind at the people of Oklahoma. In fact it is the opposite since I think that the blame is sheeted down to the three individuals. They had possession of illegal guns. They had removed the registration number on at least one gun. They did in fact hide the gun that was used in the killing. The other thing that goes against them, and supports the fact that the Crips had infiltrated is the fact that the other intended victim was going to be killed because he refused to join the gang!! Gang violence is not a reflection upon the people of Oklahoma, it is a reflection upon those who join in with that particular sub-culture.