My real motivation for mentioning the murder of Chris Lane

This post is for clarifcation because I do not want to be seen as bagging the State of Oklahoma.  My real motivation has been to point up the difference in attitude of the media regarding this particular case and that of Traydemark Martin. Now that I know more details, I see a lot of similarities between the perpetrators and Traydemark Martin, and at the same time I can see some similarities between Chris Lane and George Zimmerman. There are also many differences, especially the circumstances and the outcomes.

The first thing to note here is that George Zimmerman, even though he was of mixed race was considered to be white. In fact it is most likely that the very dark toned Traydemark Martin saw George in terms of him becoming a victim.  When Traydemark attacked George Zimmerman, it is highly likely that he was not expecting the outcome. The other thing to note about Traydemark Martin was the fact that he was a gang member wannabe and that the gang was the Crips, just like his old man.

Here we have the first similarity and a link between two unassociated crimes. That link is first and foremost the Crips gang. I am sure it comes as a shock to many in Oklahoma that the Crips gang had infiltrated into their cities, and especially in a city such as that of Duncan. Sadly, it happened within the last few years, according to a witness, Mr. Johnson, the father of Chris Johnson, the other intended victim.

In both instances this raises the question about gang initiation. Now I am not up on gangs or gang initiation. Thankfully my sons never belonged to a gang, but they had dealings with members of gangs a long time ago. (that is related to Sydney and is not relevant here). However, despite my own lack of knowledge I have seen others mention that either killing someone or bashing them up to the point of almost killing or stealing a handgun, is part of gang initiation.  For Traydemark Martin, the moment that he spotted that George Zimmerman had a concealed carry was probably the moment that he thought that he could meet his own initiation requirements. We will never know if that is what he was thinking as he attempted to get the gun and when he threatened George that the was going to die.

Now we come to the first difference, and that is Chris Lane was shot in the back and there was no interaction between the victim and the perpetrators. Now, I do not believe the story that the three of them decided to shoot Chris Lane because they were bored. I do in fact think that racism was in play and that he was chosen as their victim because he was a white man. One of the perpetrators had in fact expressed hatred towards whites, and he had also expressed anger over the jury decision that George Zimmerman shot Traydemark Martin in self defence.

Now to me there is another eerie similarity, it is eerie because it involves the false depiction regarding the death of Traydemark Martin. That eerie similarity is in fact the way that Chris Lane was killed. He was in fact shot in the back, whereas Traydemark was shot in the chest, yet those who falsely depict or express the narrative about Traydemark’s death actually claim that he was shot in the back. It is not hard for me to go that extra distance and contemplate as to whether these perpetrators were attempting a payback based upon the false depiction of the death of Traydemark Martin. I guess the Oklahoma prosecutors will have to find that out for themselves.

As someone who is a realist, I am not calling for a tourist boycott of the USA until they change their gun laws. I think that people who think that way are nuts. The reason is that I have yet to see a shooting in the USA that is sparking so much attention where guns were obtained legally or where there are not questions to be asked about how the person got hold of a legal gun in the first place (cases such as the person who shot Gabby Gifford and a few others spring to my mind because in each case the real issue is that the person had a mental illness). On top of that I am very much aware that there is more than one way to kill someone.

The Australian media needs to get off its Leftist high horse and stop sticking its nose into what is a matter for the citizens of the USA. It is not our business to intervene with the U.S. Congress in order to force through laws that would be considered unconstitutional anyway.  On top of that the Australian media needs to look into the Australian backyard because we have a problem with regard to the ownership of illegal weapons just like the USA has a problem with the ownership of illegal weapons.

Now, I am getting closer to my real motivation in pursuing this particular case. It is all about the possession of illegal weapons as far as I am concerned. This is increasingly relevant where gangs are concerned. I have seen statistics regarding death and injury from the use of illegal weapons in Chicago. It is because of the strict gun laws that people have not been able to defend themselves against common criminals and gangs (but I repeat myself) in Chicago. Every week there are hundreds who are injured or die as a result of the bullets flying around Chicago being fired from weapons that are illegally possessed.

Well, guess what, here in Sydney (I live outside Sydney), the toll from people being wounded by or killed by illegally possessed firearms is very high. There is no difference between the Sydney scenario and the Chicago scenario (except in numbers) because in both cases the perpetrators belong to gangs. In Sydney there is an ongoing war between the Comancheros and the Hells Angels. Both gangs have been responsible for the growth of methamphetamine use on the streets. Both gangs have been responsible for the huge trade in cannabis. Both gangs have been operating as standover merchants. Their wars have been about territory with one gang fighting to take over the territory of the other gang.

Most of the suburbs that are affected by this gang warfare are in the west, south-west, and sometimes in the north-west. There have been drive-by shootings in Baulkham Hills and Kellyville because one of the Ibrahim brothers moved to that location. (this is the Hills Disrict where I used to live). The Lebanese gangs used to make their way to Castle Towers for the purpose of robbing and bashing up people, as well as selling illegal drugs. In recent times, one of the gangs was spotted attempting to recruit teenagers to join them at Castle Towers.  There are other places where these drive by shootings have occurred, especially Wentworthville, Auburn, and other suburbs where there is a concentration of Middle Eastern types. However, it must be kept in mind that gangs such as Hells Angels and Comancheros include more than Middle Eastern men.

Over the past few months here in Sydney there have been shootings every week with hardly a day going by when there has been yet another shooting and more often than not, another death. The gang members are killing each other, but occasionally an innocent victim gets in the way, and such was the case of an innocent truck driver who was killed when struck by a stray bullet.

The thing is, we cannot control the situation so long as these gangs are capable of getting hold of illegal weapons. Within the past few days one man was arrested for possession of illegal weapons, and believe me it was quite a cache of different weapons. He was caught because he was importing parts from another country so that he could put the weapons together.

Gun laws only remove legally possessed weapons but they do not remove the illegal weapons. In the long term it actually means that people are no longer protected from the criminal elements.

In Australia we do not have the emphasis on possessing a weapon because we have not been in a position to have to defend ourselves. However, that could change if we continue to allow in people of really suspect character who enter this country in an illegal fashion. Many of those people are of a military background and you can tell that by their bearing. If we allow them to stay, and they have been in fact here as sleeper cells then we could be sealing our fate, and we may wish that we had a different attitude because we would might not be able to defend ourselves from such people.


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  1. Why don’t they tell the British people what percentage of Gangs and gang members belong to which Ethnic Group, White, Black or Asian, or are our politicians to frightened to divulge such Information to the people who vote them into power. Let them be honest and above board and stop hiding the truth over Gang, Gun, and Knife crimes.