The real problem is Illegal guns

I am not a gun owner, but I believe in the right to bear arms. I know that sounds contradictory but I have given this issue a lot of thought. My belief is also contrary to the fact that one of my cousins was murdered by someone who was a gun owner, but I have already explained those circumstances and how I think that his ownership of a gun was not really the issue.

The one thing that Australia has in common with the USA happens to be the sharp rise in murders in recent years. Thanks to the death of Traydemark Martin there has been a fresh look at these murders.  Many of those who have died have been murdered by fist. Others have been murdered by the use of guns.

My point here, and I will expand it in another post maybe tomorrow, is that the real problem is not because people legally possess guns, but that people illegally possess those guns.

Since the death of Chris Lane, a few more cases have been highlighted. Two of the deaths have been bashing victims. George Zimmerman could have been one of those victims if he had not had his gun. On the other hand, a gun would not have saved the life of Chris Lane. What about the other victims that have come to light? Maybe/maybe not.


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  1. OK – you are in my sweet spot now. It seems like every time some innocent person gets hurt or killed with an illegal gun, the knee jerk reaction is to take legal steps to remove legal guns from law abiding citizens.

    Thug #1 with a checkered criminal past and several convictions is not allowed to own a gun of any kind ever. “Somehow” he gets an XYZ gun and kills somebody. Then there is a great push to outlaw XYZ guns.

    Or even better – a very real example that has happened several times in very recent memory – Some deranged person holds up a business or shoots some students with a handgun. Immediately thereafter, we have a hue and cry to ban “assault rifles”.

    What is a “gun free zone”. I’m sure every criminal reads such signs and quakes in their boots. Drops their guns and runs far away. “Oh, no, I cannot use my gun here!”

    Which do you think is more effective?

    Posted Sign A: Protecting Our Children is Priority One. These school-grounds and campus are designated a GUN FREE ZONE by order of the Mudville City Council and the Triple R School District.

    Posted Sign B: Protecting Our Children is Priority One. These school-grounds and campus are designated for LEGAL CONCEALED FIREARMS by order of the Mudville City Council and the Triple R School District.

    Somebody sent me a picture recently of a supposedly actual placard at a private school:

    Any attempt to harm children
    will be met with deadly force.

    And then there was a recent circulation around the Intertubes of a truly heart warming photograph of a sweet young Israeli kindergarten teacher with her charges out on a field trip. She had a nice carbine slung over her shoulder. Now, of course it is not heart warming that she must do such a thing, but it IS heartwarming to see that she steps up to the challenge and takes her responsibility seriously. If I had a choice of sending my kid to THAT kindergarten as opposed to some bullshit “can’t we all just get along” establishment with CO-EXIST posters plastered everywhere — it would seem like an easy choice.


    • Thank you for biting 🙂

      Only Americans can address all of the issues, so again you have done what I wanted to be done. To say I was annoyed with Tim Fischer is just a reflection of how I felt about his interference in the matter.

      If you have taken any notice I have been on the attack against a complicit media who have been attacking U.S. gun ownership without knowing the full facts.


  2. Just after posting above, THIS showed up in my news aggregator:

    So, I guess the sign was real and actual.

    One comment mentioned Sam Colt – so I must address this again:

    Shortly after Sam Colt made his handy revolvers available to ‘everybody’ including ‘housewives’ and ‘businessmen’, there arose one of the great observations of all time. Not meaning to be sacrilegious, but just a pithy saying:

    God may have made man, but Sam Colt made him equal.

    If firearms are disallowed to law abiding citizens, we will return to the dark ages of everywhere out of eyesight and earshot of a police station as being controlled by the physically biggest and strongest. If not bats and clubs, then fists and feet.

    This much seems obvious.


  3. O/T nonsense – – –

    Obama Calls Possible Syria Attack A ‘Big Event Of Grave Concern’

    OOOOH – quiver quiver – THAT oughta scare ’em!

    Obama continues to be a clueless demented amateur.

    On the other hand, whatya gonna do? Who is the bad guy here? Didn’t the rebels use chemical weapons already?

    Besides, who is better a tyrant like Assad, or pure evil like the Muslim Brotherhood and their Al Qaeda henchmen?

    And don’t forget, Iraq’s WMDs went SOMEWHERE. No proof, but almost all credible commentators believe they went to Syria.


  4. Check this out. “False Flag”? These guys are a reasonably respectable organization and and not typically known for tossing off idle speculation.


    • The Russians are querying who used the weapons. Assad will not let anyone in to have a look see.

      There is a lot of speculation that the chemical weapons use was not by the Syrian government.