ALP Hack Bob Carr is an absolute fool

Bob Carr is at his most arrogant best when he is making an absolute fool of himself. In this case it is the “Australian condemnation of the attacks on two mosques in Lebanon”.

First of all, this Australian could not give a shit about someone blowing up a mosque or two. It means that there are two fewer mosques in the world for the time being. Good. They should all be pulled down anyway.

Second, when one reads of the condemnation it is almost like there is an undercurrent of blame towards Christians in the region, or even against Israelis. I get this impression simply because the fool by the name of Bob Carr was condemning something that is an internal matter to Lebanon.

Third, sometimes looking beyond the headlines helps to clarify what actually happened. This is a point based upon my first two points because the violence in Lebanon at the present time is also related to the violence in Syria.  One of the mosques that was blown up belonged to hardline Sunni people – the type who would be assisting the Opposition in Syria. I assume that the second mosque was also a Sunni mosque.

The story only slightly spells out the most likely reason for the bombing of those two mosques. It was a retaliation for a bombing of a mosque or 2 in Beirut which is a Shia and Alawite stronghold.

Australia should not be intervening in this matter. Neither should the Australian government be seen condemning Muslim vs. Muslim violence. No other nation was involved in this whole thing. No other group was involved in the bombing. It was the work of Muslims either way.

As far as tensions in the Middle East are concerned, I will be on the look out for other similar news stories because it might be a tell tale sign as to when the pressure cooker will pop its cork.

In the meantime, I maintain that this is not any coming Armageddon. The Saudis are continuing to hose down the simmering files even though Iran continues to stoke those same fires. However, if that clueless nutcase in the White House makes a decision with regard to Syria that could involve using force against the Assad regime, then it could be game on.

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  1. From the WTF file:

    Has Hillary Gone Under the Knife?

    Is this a recent picture? Unbelievable. She not only looks OK, but actually very pretty!


    • Or like they do in Australia with some ALP women who look old and wrinkly, they airbrush the photo to make them look better than they are in real life.


  2. Sorry about any spelling, grammar, or structure problems. I was so angry I just pounded this out to my email friends without any editorial care – – –

    Did y’all see this?

    I actually saw this on TV when changing channels, but don’t have the exact reference. You will just have to trust me.

    Apparently some misguided and demented Sovereign Man supporters committed some sort of kidnapping, mock trial, and attempted ‘sentencing’. I don’t know the details of this – it could have been anywhere from a staged morality tale to asualt or murder. But that is not my point here. The news people just tossed off that THE ENTIRE SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT is an extremist terrorist organization.

    Yet we are still not allowed to call Muslims, in general, terrorists. Well, in the interest of equality and coexistence, perhaps it is unwise to call ALL Muslims terrorists. But surely we can call Muslim Brother terrorists, no? Guess again. We are not even allowed to call “Soldier of Allah”, “Allahu Akbar” screaming, Nidal Hassan a terrorist!

    Something is very wrong.

    PS – do not forget the grand historical lesson of appeasers: Everybody from Neville Chamberlain, to Dubya on occasion, to The Obama all the time, have been praised for “peace in our time” and “keeping US homeland relatively free of terrorists”. That is WRONG HEADED. Sure, you betcha, there would be blood if we told the truth and tackled The Enemy head on, right now. But FAR LESS BLOOD than if we waited patiently for them to mature and evolve their plans. God forgive our stupidity.

    As a simple example – in the cosmic scale of things, and particularly regards war statistics – the number of people involved by everything you can remember from Oklahoma City Federal Building to New York World Trade Center, has been INCREDIBLY SMALL. I cannot believe the economic and political knots we have tied ourselves in regard these incidents. Can you say “puppet on a string”. I don’t know about you, but I feel they are jerking us around and laughing all the way.


    • great rant.

      Barry is going to end up looking foolish when Egypt declares MB a terrorist organization. It is heading in that direction.

      Yes I really do have a soft spot for General Al-Sissi because he is one of the good guys.


  3. This is reprehensible and beyond absurd.

    Come on already. Do they really take us for fools?

    She is a very high ranking official and a critically important international player.
    They could have legitimately and without complaint flown her to and fro on a
    private flight of a military jet. And hardly interrupted her vacation at all.

    What the heck is really going on. Official story doesn’t even pass the simplest smell test.

    Is the simple answer just they these clowns are amateurs and inept morons? Is that the whole story?


  4. Is it just me, or are events evolving at an accelerating pace?

    What is the matter with our military?

    Or maybe even a bigger question – How is this a natural topic for the military? Don’t we have like laws preventing the military from messing in DOMESTIC issues? Is not the military for the sole purpose of dealing with FOREIGN issues?

    I would not be surprised at this sort of Anti American NONSENSE being spouted by the Big Sis Dept of Homeland Security (aka STASI*) or even some of the leftist lunatics in the State Department. But THE MILITARY? WTF? WTF!

    Also – why does the military even give the time of day to the Southern Poverty Law Center? Rather than me complaining or making accusations, look them up.

    * ‘coincidentally’ officially named Ministry for State Security – go figure – – –


    • I know all about the SPLC and they are ultra-left wing hacks. They spread dissent and claim victim status for a people who are not victims.


    • Yes, I know YOU know about SPLC. This was another email I sent to my ‘followers’. Ha ha, I don’t much like Twitter, but yes I have ;followers. GRIN


    • Ha, and I thought you might bite on the official name of the EG STASI being “Ministry for State Security”.



    Hussein “The Christian” Obama readying Cruise Missile attack AGAINST Syrian stability. Siding with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. Yup, that is right. For all the supposed tyranny of the Assad family, it is Obama’s friends that are destroying Christians and their property,and who are the most avidly anti-Israel.

    Let’s see – Obama ousts Mubarak in Egypt, who at least begrudgingly keeps the treaty with Israel. And supports the Arab Spring of the Muslim Brotherhood who vow death and destruction on all Jews. Then when the military ousts the corrupt MB regime, Obama and crew show only tepid support at best. Mostly just holding noses, hands in pocket, looking the other way.

    Now we have Assad in Syria, who at least begrudgingly keeps the treaty with Israel and who at least makes some attempt to control Hezbollah and other regional terrorists. Now we have Obama more and more moving squarely into the camp of the existential enemies of Israel and the United States. Oh, and do you know it is most likely that Obamas friends were the ones to use chemical weapons, not Assad?

    If Obama were a crypto Muslim, domestic enemy, foreign agent, would he be acting any different?

    And like I said – things are starting to move very fast. If not upper-case Armageddon, than at least lower-case armageddon is surely upon us.

    Is the reason Obama wants us out of Iraq and Afghanistan so bad not that he is anti-war, but that he feels we were on the wrong side?


    • Careful about Assad. He was not keeping any treaty with Israel.

      Let me once again remind you of the following links:

      Iran provided money to Syria that was to sponsor Nasrallah in Lebanon. Nasrallah sets up Hezbollah and is sponsored by both Iran and Syria.

      Hezbollah declares war with Israel and is often sending missiles over the border.

      Hamas is a branch of Hezbollah.

      Do you see now, why I will not give any praise to Assad. He is in, up to his neck in the criminal activity in the Middle East and he has been a sponsor of terrorism via Hezbollah for a very long time.


  6. Carlyle :

    Ha, and I thought you might bite on the official name of the EG STASI being “Ministry for State Security”.

    Nope I missed reading that bit 🙂 and I love the Stasi reference… though Stasi is the post war East Germany version of the KGB


  7. I am no lover of Assad and no I don’t trust him. BUT

    He is, however, better than the Muslim Brotherhood. Alas there are no good guys in international politics. Only bad guys and worse bad guys.

    And yes I understand that Iran supports Assad and sometimes the more sinister elements of Soviets/Russia/KGB/etc.

    But all those people/institutions have no love for Assad. They have love for Syria and its geopolitical position. They back what they believe is the winning side. They will switch against Assad instantly if they feel he is a loser.

    But rather than you and me debating, let’s ask the people close to the situation. Who do you think the Israelis want to win? For instance, consider Egypt. Do you think Israelis prefer Mubarak or Morisi? Do you think Israelis prefer Muslum Brotherhood or Military coup?


    • No. Assad is not better than the other side. Both are as bad as each other.

      I never supported the ouster of Muburak. It always worried me and I always believed that it was wrong. Call it intuition where Egypt is concerned.

      If Assad had not responded with the thug violence and tried to sort out those who were protesting without the thug violence I would have come to other conclusions. However, from the beginning he was responsible for violations of human rights.

      In Syria there are elements that are totally undesirable, yet there is the other group who are not all that bad… more like the current Iraq leadership.

      My concern about Assad remains exactly the same as it was when the violence first broke out… I remain concerned about his relationship to both Iran and Russia. I am more concerned about the spheres of influence.

      On top of that the one thing I have clearly spoken up against has been the use of the military against the people. In this case it is the use of chemical weapons.

      I remain uncommitted as to who used those weapons. For now it seems the evidence is mounting against Assad, just like it did against Gadhafi.

      Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad. I am not sold on Assad at all.


  8. Regarding original Breaking News post I made above. One of my ‘followers’ emailed me the following:

    <b?What a mess? I DO NOT trust the Administration to tell the truth on this—-the deck is clearly stacked against Assad. When he is gone– the MB and other terrorists will move in.

    To which I responded:

    in re: “I DO NOT trust the Adminstration to tell the truth on this”

    Do you trust them to tell the truth on ANYTHING?

    With decades, even centuries, of good and bad examples, has there EVER been an administration as corrupt and ill-intentioned as this one?

    Why do even the conservative talking heads treat this just as another swing of the pendulum between left and right?

    I could care less if he is black or white or rainbow. I do, however, care A LOT about the communist, anti-american culture that he was steeped in from his earliest days. Even his parents were way beyond the pale, not just a bit pink. He was also raised radical Islam from at least grade school years. How is this not a MAJOR EXISTENTIAL CRISIS? Why won’t anybody discuss it or do any sort of investigative journalism?

    Is it possible that some of our major Republican leaders know all this but feel it is better to deal with it through gentle pressure and the election process? Do they somehow feel they can contain the worst of it? They, even more so than mere civilians like you and me, know how much (especially nuclear) power has been placed in a president’s hand – and how much ‘trouble’ he could cause before anybody could do any ‘containing’!

    All this makes me just a little queasy!


  9. The same ‘follower’ says: Agree

    To which I further responded:

    The thing that stresses me the most is:

    None of the Churches are preaching against Islam!

    We all know that Islamic culture is diametrically opposed to everything embodied in Western Civilization. On a truly secular lever there has to be some pushing and shoving to determine a coherent policy regarding Islam. Even perhaps sometimes embracing or using Islam as the lesser of two foreign policy evils. For instance, we used to ally ourselves with Muslims fighting against The Godless Commies. That was never a ‘good’ thing, but given the circumstances, it may have been the best foreign policy choice.

    However, Islam is and always has been death to Jews and Christians. There is just no two ways about it. Even if you choose to overlook past decades and centuries of belligerence, there is no doubt that today in 2013, Muslims are not only extracting a considerable ‘collateral damage’ but also purposeful and planned hostilities against individual Jews and Christians and their buildings, congregations, and infrastructure.

    So, what do we hear from the podiums of European and American Christian churches. EXACTLY NOTHING.

    Now, I don’t expect a tooth for a tooth type of modern day Crusade against anything and everything Muslim. But I would certainly expect some truth and perspective. I would expect to hear each and every Christian and/or congregation that is harmed to be lamented over. I would expect a full and honest confession that Islam and Christianity are fundamentally incompatible. I would expect to hear discussion and perspective on the true meanings and operations and mutual respect of “religious tolerance”. I would expect to hear a strong polemic in regards of Islam disavowing it’s blood thirsty ideologies as a precondition to them being accepted into the embrace of mutually supportive and tolerant religions. I would expect to see and hear Christian individuals and official activities of the churches protesting any construction of Muslim churches or schools until and unless Muslims themselves embrace tolerance. You know, all that sort of stuff.

    So, what do we hear from the podiums of European and American Christian churches. EXACTLY NOTHING.


  10. Don’t mean to be fickle, but let me pick on Assad for a moment. He is definitely doing atrocious things. And your comment about using the Military against The People is very telling.

    [soap box]

    But I find it odd that Americans are all wee weed up about it. It is a spitting image of our Favorite Son, aka Best President of All Time, Abraham Lincoln. The Union is more important than anything else, at all costs, including merciless military suppression.

    There weren’t WMDs in existence then in the sense that we use the term today. But a massed marching army with a Slit Throats, Take No Prisoners mission is a damn good second. Sherman’s “march to the sea” was more heinous than any modern political violence of national internal politics. Only perhaps certain of Hitler’s actions excepted. And although no single act of General (later President) Ulysses Grant reached the heights of Sherman, his over all war record was bloodier. Grant in particular frequently used, as a purposeful tactic of winning at all costs, what would now be called Crimes Against Humanity.



    • I am going to contradict you over an historical issue.

      You keep mentioning Lincoln and although you might, I repeat might, have a point, I think that you are missing one very important historical perspective. FORT SUMNTER.

      Who fired the the first shot that started the American Civil War?

      There are of course a lot of differences between the American Civil War and the situation that arose in Libya and other “Middle East”/African countries. The difference is the type of weapons and firepower that is available.

      Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons and killed more than 5000 Kurds.

      Moammar Gadhafi used his Air Force and Army against the people. He did a lot more than that because he brought in mercenaries and they sat upon the rooftops picking off women and children or anyone who stepped out of their houses.

      The American Civil War, a tragedy during its time, was nothing like that. The first shot was not fired by the soldiers but by others attacking the fort. The rest is history as they say.

      So, I will turn to something where I am a little bit more familiar and that is the skirmish that broke out at the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat. The question again boils down to “Who fired the first shot”?

      In regard to the Eureka Stockade I have grown up with the legends about this event and how it was the birth of a movement for freedom or something like that. In actual fact this event is used by Leftists here in Australia. The truth, when I went to the original documents (because I was looking for family historical information as well as original documents I had in a school book when I studied Australian history) was vastly different. It was the rebel miners who fired the first shot.

      When I was at school I felt like a lone voice who disagreed with the “current wisdom” when it came to talking about the Eureka Stockade. What had struck me was the fact that I thought that the whole clash was over-rated. In fact, in my end of year exam I wrote my essay response to a question based upon how I thought it was over-rated. At that point I had no idea that a family ancestor was closely associated with the event (although he did not participate). It was not until years later that I discovered that my great-great grandfather had belonged to one of the regiments that had been sent to Ballarat to restore law and order. My ancestor’s name did not appear on the list of soldiers who were sent there so I can only assume that he was on duty elsewhere.

      My point here is that the popular story celebrates the deaths of the miners but never mentions the deaths of the soldiers. The first person to die during the skirmish that day was a soldier!!

      War is brutal. The American Civil War was no more brutal than the American War for Independence. I do not agree with some of the things that were done by the Republican soldiers, such as setting fire to Atlanta.

      You might have many good points but I think that it was more merciful that those wounded soldiers died immediately rather than later as a result of festering wounds.

      Having been to some of the places where the theatres of the Civil War took place including Gettysburg in 1984/85, I was left with an impression of what it was like in those field hospitals. Medicine was not well advanced at that point in time. The medical staff worked with few tools and their implements were crude. Many soldiers on both sides lost arms and legs, and the implements used to remove those limbs were extremely crude. On top of that they did not have anaesthetic available to them. When a limb was sawn off they had to either bite on a bullet or chew on a rag placed in the mouth.

      Even in the First World War in France, where my grandfather was wounded, the medicine available was crude. My grandfather had his leg amputated 12 months after he was wounded because gangrene had set in.

      At the same time our standards in regard to war have dramatically changed. Much of what took place in those previous wars would be considered as crimes against humanity but at the time it was a dog eat dog situation and the soldiers had to do what was necessary to survive their situations.

      If you think that General Ulysses S. Grant committed horrendous crimes, then you have not studied what took place in England during the Wars of the Roses, or when King Richard was killed on the battlefield. Such things were even more gruesome than we can ever imagine.

      In my view it was kinder to slit the throat of a wounded soldier than to have him dying a slow and painful death because of poor sanitation and inadequate medicine that could stop the pain.

      It is not Hitler’s action in the theatre of war that was gruesome, but his actions inside the concentration camps. What was more gruesome during the second world war was the tactics employed by Emperor Hirohito and the Japanese Army. The Australian soldiers, as well as soldiers from other countries who were taken prisoner by the Japanese suffered a shocking fate. The stories about the Burma Railroad are not pretty. Then there are the stories about what took place in Changi prison, and the heroism of the soldier/doctor Edward “Weary” Dunlop, a true war hero. The Germans did not treat prisoners of war in the same manner as the Japanese. So no, Hitler was not the most gruesome at the time.

      There were far worse than Hitler, including Pol Pot who killed millions of his own people in Cambodia. There was Mao Tse Tung who did the same. There was also Ho Chi Minh. All of them committed horrendous crimes against their own people. Hitler and Stalin belong in this same grouping because they too, killed millions of their own.


  11. I was talking about “slit throats” and whatnot in regards the civilian population. And as a punitive terror tactic, not as a palliative.

    First shot at Fort Sumter is irrelevant. First shot is irrelevant. Union soldiers were illegally occupying a sovereign fortress of the confederacy and would not leave.

    Many ‘facts’ about The War of Northern Aggression are wrong. Almost all interpretation of the true facts are wrong or bent.

    Alas – simple wisdom – “history is written by the winners”.

    But coming back full circle – Assad is trying to preserve the unity of Syria against rebels who would overthrow or fragment that unity. Regardless of right and wrong, it is EXACTLY same as with Lincoln. Winning and unity at all costs.

    My point is simply that it is damn disingenuous for Americans to whine about what Assad is doing.


  12. I would suggest that as a foreigner, you are treading on thin ice regarding THE DEFINING EVENT OF USofA. It rankles and informs everything we do. Even those who think they have forgotten – there is a roil and a boil just below the surface.

    You cannot even begin to comprehend the situation. And is IS NOT OVER! Everything we discuss in regards States Rights and the role of Federal Government – THAT IS THE CIVIL WAR. Everything we discuss about revisionist history and abuses of power and entitlement mentalities – THAT IS THE CIVIL WAR LIVING ON.

    The number of obvious and in your face constitutional violations perpetrated by ‘good’ Abe Lincoln far exceeds that of The Obama.

    I don’t blame you, you were not here. I blame my worst fear and worst devil of all – Revisionist History. You can only know what you have been fed. I have made a deep lifelong and academic study of that period. Furthermore my family and I lived it (more appropriately, died it) and its awful aftermath. Double furthermore, as per my comment about the winners writing history – if you were not on the brunt end of this stuff, you have no clue.

    PS – it had nothing to do with race! Race entered the more properly titled War of Northern Aggression via the despicable Rahm Emmanual stunt of “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

    Your comments on the civil war are almost on par with holocaust denial.

    Other than that – PEACE – OUT – – –


  13. The Syrian Foreign Ministry gave an upbeat assessment of the talks. “Positive & constructive meeting between Annan & President Assad this morning. Details discussed to push forward the plan & end violence,” spokesman Jihad Makdissi said on Twitter.