Blood on their hands

In the past week there have been at least 3 horrific murders of white men, by young black perpetrators in the USA. I say at least because I have no doubt that several murders have gone unmentioned in the media. The ones that have hit the news have been remarkable because of their victims. In one instance the victim was a man over 80 years old, a worl war 2 veteran who survived war injuries, who was bashed to death. The other was remarkable only because the victim was a young Australian man. Please note Chris Lane is not a kid, he happens to be a young adult male.

At first glance it looks like there is nothing in common in regard to each of these murders. In fact the method of the kill is even different. However, if you think that there is no connection then you better think again. What I am going to tell you is that $ybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump, Nasty Natjac, 2Js, and Al NotsoSharpton, all of them have the blood of each of these murder victims on their hands. Yes, in fact there is a tie in, and the tie is the death of the thug and wannabe gangsta Traydemark Martin, and the acquittal of George Zimmerman who was responsible for Traydemark being shot.  To this group I add Barry Soetoro or Soerbarkh (his Indonesian name), as well as Eric Holder (the true coward), and an assortment of left-wing media pundits as well as an assortment of Democrat politicians, especially the woman who wears the stupid cowboy hats. All of them bear some responsibility for these senseless murders.

Each murder is in fact a discrete event because they were committed in different locations, yet each murder has a common link. That link is the age of the perpetrators as well as the melatonin of the perpetrators (although in one instance, the driver of the car appears to be white).  The other stronger link to Traydemark Martin is the Crips gang, as well as the criminality of the perpetrators.

Let me begin with Traydemark Martin, because there is no way that he was some innocent little boy who was attacked for no reason. Traydemark Martin was nothing more than a wayward teenage thug who had aspirations to join a gang such as the Crips, to be just like his father, Tracy Martin, aka Fruit. An examination of the Facebook pages of Traydemark Martin were quite revealing, including his use of drugs, his own drug dealing and his penchant for guns. In fact Traydemark was photographed with a gun!!  The “innocent little boy” was also known to be a small time burglar. He had been caught with the jewellery from one of his break-ins in his school backpack. However, the matter was covered up by the Miami police. Due to the policies put in place by the school district Traydemark Martin got away with that burglary. It also seems that he was in constant trouble with regard to the use and selling of cannabis. Traydemark Martin had used his fists to beat up George Zimmerman. He was not armless, but he had arms, in the form of his hands and the concrete footpath that he used to inflict damage on George Zimmerman. One could even argue that on the night that Traydemark died, as he was attacking George Zimmerman, he had “been bored”.

At this point in time I have no data on whether or not the boy who turned himself into police in Spokane, Washington, was a teen who is a gang member wannabe. I cannot confirm that he was acting out of boredom. I can, however confirm that he and his friend picked on an elderly white man, and that the man died as a result of his injuries. The link is the ages of the perpetrators. This was another 16 year old who had bashed a white man.

However, in the case of James Edwards, and his offsiders, their claim is that they were bored, and had acted out of boredom. That is stuff and nonsense because there is evidence that they were gang wannabes and that the death of Chris Lane could have been a part of initiation into the Crips gang.

What has this to do with the Black Grievance Industry? Plenty. It all goes back to the effort that was made to cover up the sordid past of homicide victim Traydemark Martin. It is all about the false narrative that was created. This false narrative included telling lies about how Traydemark Martin was shot.  The mural that was done by a Vietnamese artist and was unveiled at the Florida Capitol building in Tallahassee was in fact a memorial to the lies of those involved in a cover-up of the real Traydemark Martin. The real person was a hood, a thief, a petty drug dealer, as well as being a thug who had clearly bashed other people. The outcry about the initial lack of charges, followed by the outcry after the just verdict in the case, is a testament to the level of deception to which the BGI and the left wing will go in order to advance their cause.

It is as a result of that campaign on behalf of the thug Traydemark Martin, that Chris Lane became a marked man. Chris Lane never even had the opportunity to defend himself because he was the real victim shot in the back, unlike pretend victim Traydemark Martin.

For these reasons I say that $ybrina Fulton has blood on her hands, and the same goes for all of the players within the Traydemark Martin camp.


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