The Jury is Out – Syrian chemical weapons

The latest use of chemical weapons in Syria seems to be worse than the first time. I am very much aware that there are people who believe that the Syrian Opposition forces were responsible for the use of those weapons…. BUT NOT SO FAST…..

If the Oppostion forces used the chemical weapons (which was likely) then my first question has to be: Why did the Assad regime refuse Russia permission to investigate what happened?

I think that this is a legitimate question to be asked given what we known about those Syrian Opposition Forces aka the “rebels”.

Russia has been on the side of Assad since the beginning of the conflict. Iran has been on the side of Assad since the beginning of the conflict. Hezbollah has been supporting the Assad regime, as has Hamas since the beginning of the conflict.

Somebody used chemical weapons and suspicion has gone both ways. If Russia is asking questions and cannot get Assad to cooperate then it is more likely that Assad agreed to the use of those weapons.

I want to remain open-minded with regard to this situation. The reason that I do not really want to proffer an opinion at this point in time is that I have a slight suspicion that the Opposition Forces in Syria could stage an incident of this nature in an effort to change the outcome of the civil war in that country. On the other hand Bashir Assad is getting more and more desperate every time he has a defeat in the battles that have taken place.

We now have to wait until there is some kind of investigation. In the meantime keep an eye out for reactions from Russia because that is going to tell you more than the spin that comes out of the White House these days.


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