A serious question

It looks like the dithering POTUS is getting ready to make a once a year decision, which is possibly some kind of action against Syria’s Assad.

Assad has delivered a warning to the United States and at the same time continues to blame the Opposition forces for the chemical weapons drop.

The last time Barry made a decision, and then attempted to back out of the consequences of that decision, NATO forces participated in enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya.

During that last effort, Barry should have gone to the Congress before making any concrete decision, but he failed to do the right thing. I am aware that many saw this as almost a treasonable act. First of all, I do not think that decision was against your Constitution, BUT I do think that he was wrong because he did not go to the Congress to get permission or funding for that action.

My question is: how do you think the Congress might act this time if Barry decides to go it alone again and not involve them in the decision-making process? Do you think that such non-action might in fact provide an impetus for the Congress who want to bring about articles of impeachment?

2 responses to “A serious question

  1. Congress will do nothing. He has poked them in the eye many times and they barely blink. They at most look dazed like deer in the headlights. Even the Republicans are clueless or complicit. They do nothing. Oh sure, a few ‘radicals’ and ‘extremists’ whine and whimper, and fuss and fume, once in a while. But they essentially do nothing.

    For some mysterious reason this putative president is untouchable in ways that no one has been before or even thought possible. Many used to think it was just because of race. But the general apathy (or is it fear?) of Obama’s “insanity” has gone farther and deeper than that alone can explain.

    The only explanation I see is wrapped up in a single adjective: SINISTER

    But that begs a deeper question. Sinister in what specific way.

    WHO is Obama and WHAT is he up to?