Gang violence Australia style

If I was feeling cranky earlier in the day, then I am just as cranky if not more cranky after reading this story about gang violence in Victoria. Guess the melatonin pigmentation and the possible race – it begins with S… and they came to Australia as refugees.

This is yet another case of out of control teenagers or perhaps young people in their early 20s thinking that they can do whatever they like.

Melbourne has more of a problem with this particular group than Sydney and this is because more of them were settled in the Melbourne area. I have family members who have a lot to say about this type of refugee and it is stuff that is not so polite because of the way that these people behave.

A 20 year old female was bashed to the point of being unconcious during an attack on a bus. The driver was not able to stop but when he did the gang got off the bus and disappeared. The driver then had to call an ambulance so that the woman could be taken to the nearest hospital.

This is not the first time that there has been this kind of gang violence in Melbourne but in the past the violence as been covered up. Simply ask Melbournians about their opinion of former police commissioner (deliberate lack of capitals) christine nixon. You will get a spray of abuse when her name is mentioned and it is for good reason. A lot of the problems extend from her time as police commissioner under the former ALP government in Victoria.

Gang violence is a very serious matter, and it needs to stop.

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