The Pandora’s box – why I believe that it is $ybrina who has opened it

How many more white men will end up as victims of teenage black hoodlums, either the result of gunshot wounds, stabbings or bashings before someone says enough and they finally tell $ybrina Fulton to simply put a sock in it!!

Since the death of the thug Traydemark Martin there has been a spate of these bashings, or in the case of Chris Lane, deaths from the use of a gun for no particular reason. Several witnesses to these attacks have stated that the perpetrators have indicated that it is “revenge for Trayvon”.  Well, it is not revenge because Traydemark Martin was in the process of committing felony assault when his life was cut short. He was to blame for his own demise.

The Pandora’s box was opened as soon as $ybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the divorced parents decided to get legal representation. It had been a mystery to me as to why they felt it necessary to “protect Traydemark’s name” but that lasted as long as it took for the truth to filter out.

The media is just as responsible for the opening of the Pandora’s box because they have persisted with the false narrative concerning the death of Traydemark Martin.  He was shot in the chest, not in the back, which was the way that Chris Lane the White Australian was murdered by teenage thugs.

However, the festering sore that needs to be expunged is not the SYG laws that do in fact protect black victims of crime, but it is the cover-up of the ever increasing gang activity of teenagers today.

Gang activity is a festering sore wherever it is found. By this I mean not just in the USA, but in other countries where these gangs have been allowed to thrive. These gangs are criminal in nature. In the old days of the Mafia it used to be about things like bootleg liquor, but these days it is about the distribution of cannabis, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs that I have not named off the top of my head. It is also about the possession of illegal weapons.

The Zimmerman trial had nothing to do with SYG law because there was no way that George Zimmerman could have retreated. He was entitled to act in his own self-defense. The level of injury has nothing to do with an argument for self-defense. To argue against the SYG laws as they exist in the USA is to argue against the rights of all victims or rather potential victims of crime.

What $ybrina Fulton is doing with her lies, and her cover-up of her own son’s complicity in his own death, is to help foment a situation where white men are being attacked by young blacks on what seems like a daily basis. The last mentioned death was of an 89 year man who was bashed to death by two black teenagers. There have been many others.

For a moment I think it is worth mentioning the case of Marshal Coulter who is in fact “the victim” of a shooting, yet he is not a victim because he had trespassed on another person’s property. There are several aspects of that particular case that indicate a direct contrast of two different families affected by the fact that their son/brother has been shot. My heart has gone out to young David Coulter because it has not been easy for him under the circumstances of a family afflicted by the loss through cancer of a step-father. David had to come home from college to help look after his siblings and David has given up a lot in the circumstances. Even if David Coulter himself is not an innocent person, the fact is that the Coulter family has behaved in a way that is more circumspect than either $ybrina Fulton or Tracy Martin. The mother of Marshal Coulter obviously had difficulty keeping her son out of trouble. The family is obviously on struggle street. Yet, somehow the Coulter family has managed to keep their dignity in the face of this tragedy in their lives. I guess they understand that Marshal was bound to get himself killed or at least almost killed one day.  I will also point out that Landry, the homeowner who shot Coulter has had a lot of support from his neighbours, who do understand the need for protection of property and family against intruders.  They are the ones who see the bigger picture – yet $ybrina Fulton continues to close her eyes to that big picture.

I do not think I need to get into the pecadilloes of either of the parents of Traydemark Martin. As far as I am concerned, neither of them are very savoury types. Tracy Martin is in fact a member of the Crips gang.

The mention of the Crips brings me to the next point which is the missed opportunity of bringing it home to black youth that this gang sub-culture is in fact deadly. Looking back over the information that we saw regarding Traydemark Martin, the thing that stood out to me happened to be the number of his associates that had died. These were easy to discover because their names had R.I.P. in them, indicating the person had died. It was not clear the reason that they died, but some would have been from drug overdose, and probably others were from deaths associated with gang activity.

Tracy Martin had belonged to the Crips. Trayvon Martin texted about being in a gang or at least he, too, was a gangster wannabe. He was involved in the drug trade as a user and a dealer. At the same time he had access to illegal guns. The give away for James Edwards who is only 15 years old, is the fact that when he tweeted he used a Crips signage “cc” in his writing.

James Edwards, the boy who shot Chris Lane in the back is only 15 years old. He tweeted that he hates whites, and on top of that he indicated that he was upset about the Zimmerman verdict. The choice of a white male victim for gang initiation (which is certainly what a lot of us believe to be the truth), is no accident. The method, that is the shot in the back is no accident either. This is based upon a projection related to what the BGI, that is via $ybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, of the events the night that Trayvon was killed as he attempted to take possession of George Zimmerman’s gun. There were some media outlets that had depicted this incident as George hunting down an innocent child, when in reality such a depiction was not even close to the truth. Yet, the murder of Chris Lane had those very elements. He was hunted down and shot in the back “like a rabid dog”. The difference here is that Chris is a white man and the killers are black teenagers.  There is more to be added about James Edwards, especially the fact that his mother is in jail and that she has a long rap sheet. In fact James Edwards at the age of 15 has a long rap sheet. He is stereotypical of the type that gets involved with criminal gangs such as the Crips.

When I heard that the bitch who was the biological mother of Traydemark Martin had addressed a rally relating to Martin Luther King I became extremely cranky, especially when I heard a part of what that bitch said. I have no empathy at all for $ybrina Fulton. In fact I think that she has blood on her hands. That blood belongs to Christopher Lane, and to the other white men who have been bashed or murdered by some other means since Traydemark the thug died.



4 responses to “The Pandora’s box – why I believe that it is $ybrina who has opened it

  1. You already know what I think of this despicable person. I told you I find here very scary. You know, like a witch or sorceress, seriously. When I look into her cold cold eyes, I just see evil.

    If you find that too obtuse and veiled, I will try to be more pointed and clear next time.


  2. Even worse – – –

    I can understand a mother’s grief.

    I can understand milking all the money possible from ‘the system’.

    I can understand people like Jackson and Sharpton stirring up racial strife.

    But I do not understand what this bitch/witch is up to. There is something far more sinister than any or all of the above. I don’t want to seem ridiculous to the totally secular among us, nor do I want to mock or be critical of certain religious beliefs. But I am seeing the need for an exorcism!


    • She is simply trash. She has evil and hatred in her heart. She hates the person who killed her son. She will not admit that she had some responsibility for his death. Yes, it is hatred that you see more clearly than anything else.

      As far as a mother’s grief is concerned, please spare me the bullshit where she is concerned. It is crocodile tears. The boy was not living with her. She had kicked him out of the house.