I think I have my answer about out of control Barry

UPDATE: HOT AIR has up a post on the same subject, only this time it is further evidence that my question is the right one :). Basically, a bi-partisan group of 81 Congress critters are sending a letter to Barry Soetoro telling him that he should not be ingulging in any action without seeking approval from Congress. The basis for this demand is the War Powers Resolution 1973.

The point is this: if Barry the Indonesian citizen decides to take action without consulting Congress, then this will be the second time that he has flouted the War Powers Resolution 1973. The Congress is willing to listen and to approve the action. It is more likely than less likely that he has the numbers in Congress to allow a limited action.  If he does not go to Congress to seek approval then he is out on a limb.

Also, keep in mind that President Bush (the natural born American citizen) went to Congress prior to taking any action in either Afghanistan or Iraq.  He had the approval of both House of Representative and the Senate to go into Iraq.

Now consider the difference in attitude here, everything that GWB did was approved. The U.N. had a resolution regarding Iraq relating to the use of chemical weapons. The demand and agreement was that Saddam Hussein was to destroy the weapons and allow the weapons inspectors in to ensure that this had taken place. Saddam Hussein decided to play footsies, and he lied about his cache of weapons. (Gadhafi did the same thing, he did not destroy the weapons, including chemical weapons as promised).

With regard to Syria, it seems that Barry Soetoro is determined to flout both the U.N. Security Council, as well as the U.S. Congress. It is not a good look at all.

Daily Caller has an interesting post regarding the intentions of Barry Soetoro with regard to Syria.

If I am reading the report correctly, Barry does not intend going to Congress before “calling the shots” – that is a bad move Barry.

However, even more disturbing than this prick’s disregard for the Congress is his growing disregard for the United Nations.

I know how you feel about the UN and their interference in our sovreignity. Yes, it affects my country as much as it affects yours. However, sometimes the U.N. gets it right and it has held back on the whole Syria question.

We do know for certain that chemical weapons were used in Syria. More than 300 people died and thousands were injured from the attack. We know this information because it comes from the credible source of Doctors Without Borders, who have reported that they have seen victims with neuromuscular toxicity.

What we do not know is who was responsible for the attack. I have seen one report that suggests that Maher Assad’s unit was responsible for the attack. The unit is hiding in the mountains overlooking Damascus. The canisters that contained the chemicals appeared to drop from the air. This is a very possible explanation.

You might disagree but there is some other evidence that points to Assad being behind the attack. The first piece of evidence is once again the way in which Assad refused access to the site, closing Syria’s borders to the U.N. but now he has relented only because the Iranian President urged him to le the U.N. teams in to investigate.  A second piece of evidence is the lone shooting at the U.N. team that had arrived to investigate the incident. Now that could have been a set up to try and lend credence to the notion that the Opposition forces were responsible for the attack.

On the other side of the coin, there is the evidence that Opposition forces did capture an outpost where there were chemical weapons being stored. Russia and Iran are blaming the Opposition forces for the attack, but that is not a surprise to me. On the other hand, Israel has produced evidence that Assad’s forces were involved. Their evidence comes from intercepted messages.

Either way, Barry should not do anything without going to the U.N. first. President George Bush did not unilaterally go into Iraq that second time. He had warned Iraq about their weapons, and he had as support a U.N. resolution. He had regard to the United Nations Security Council. However, Barry is behaving like he is above such things.

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