This video is direct and to the point

Greg gets it. He is eloquent and makes the points that I want to make about the murder of Australian man Chris Lane.

Greg mentions what the rest of the media will not mention, “the knockout game”.

Greg went one step further and he has made the connection that I wanted to make, that there is a link to the death of Traydemark Martin and the just verdict relating to the trial of George Zimmerman for that shooting in self-defense. Greg mentioned what the Oklahoma police will not mention – that the shooter hates whites and went after “woodpeckers” after the Zimmerman trial verdict.

It is refreshing to know that some people do get that there is a connection. This leaves me to continue to state that Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Ben Jealous, NastyNat and $ybrina Fulton have blood on their hands as they continue to stir up unnecessary racial hatred, when the truth is Traydemark was a thug who was in the act of attempting to kill a man when he was killed instead.

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