A love story

The story itself is not new and I have heard of other couples where the partners die within days of each other. However, this story as told by the children of the couple is a good one and should be repeated.  It is a story about LOVE. It is a story about relationships. Most of all it is a story those indicates what is necessary to make a good marriage last until the end.

What I find so nice about this story is that the couple had known each other since they started school (what you call kindergarten and what I, as a Victorian would call grade Preps). One of the families moved and they lost touch, but they met again thanks to the woman’s brother in law. They were made for each other. Nothing could be more touching than this particular story of love and dedication.

You might think it strange that I would even mention this story, but I think that it is a good one to highlight what is needed to make a family seem less dysfunctional than other families. In this case it is clear that the hard work the pair gave to their marriage paid off.  Contrast that situation to the parents of Traydemark Martin, as well as the parents of James Edwards. Both boys came from a background involving dysfuntional families. The mother of James Edwards, the killer of Christopher Lane, is in jail because of her criminal record. The example that she gave to her son was not very good at all. Traydemark’s parents were divorce, and in fact $ybrina, who is now profiting from the death of her son, did not want him as he was growing up, and then when he returned to her, she threw him out of the house.  What a difference!!

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