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The Zimmerman Case: Has it opened Pandora’s Box

Justice For All

In Greek mythology, Pandora the first women created by the Gods was given a box that contained all the evils on the world with strict instructions not to open the box or those evils will be let loose on humanity. Pandora disregarded this order and opened the box letting those evils escape, luckily for humanity she closed the lid before hope could also get out.

The reaction or over reaction as some might say to the Zimmerman case by the Civil Rights Establishment and the linking of the case to gun violence, the abuse by some of SYG laws, School discipline of young black males, racial profiling and of course Racism, on a case that had little to do with those things and avoided facts about the case that did not agree with their assumptions. But something happened this time that was different, the usual reaction was not there, there…

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ALP Hack Bob Carr is an absolute fool

Bob Carr is at his most arrogant best when he is making an absolute fool of himself. In this case it is the “Australian condemnation of the attacks on two mosques in Lebanon”.

First of all, this Australian could not give a shit about someone blowing up a mosque or two. It means that there are two fewer mosques in the world for the time being. Good. They should all be pulled down anyway.

Second, when one reads of the condemnation it is almost like there is an undercurrent of blame towards Christians in the region, or even against Israelis. I get this impression simply because the fool by the name of Bob Carr was condemning something that is an internal matter to Lebanon.

Third, sometimes looking beyond the headlines helps to clarify what actually happened. This is a point based upon my first two points because the violence in Lebanon at the present time is also related to the violence in Syria.  One of the mosques that was blown up belonged to hardline Sunni people – the type who would be assisting the Opposition in Syria. I assume that the second mosque was also a Sunni mosque.

The story only slightly spells out the most likely reason for the bombing of those two mosques. It was a retaliation for a bombing of a mosque or 2 in Beirut which is a Shia and Alawite stronghold.

Australia should not be intervening in this matter. Neither should the Australian government be seen condemning Muslim vs. Muslim violence. No other nation was involved in this whole thing. No other group was involved in the bombing. It was the work of Muslims either way.

As far as tensions in the Middle East are concerned, I will be on the look out for other similar news stories because it might be a tell tale sign as to when the pressure cooker will pop its cork.

In the meantime, I maintain that this is not any coming Armageddon. The Saudis are continuing to hose down the simmering files even though Iran continues to stoke those same fires. However, if that clueless nutcase in the White House makes a decision with regard to Syria that could involve using force against the Assad regime, then it could be game on.

Blood on their hands

In the past week there have been at least 3 horrific murders of white men, by young black perpetrators in the USA. I say at least because I have no doubt that several murders have gone unmentioned in the media. The ones that have hit the news have been remarkable because of their victims. In one instance the victim was a man over 80 years old, a worl war 2 veteran who survived war injuries, who was bashed to death. The other was remarkable only because the victim was a young Australian man. Please note Chris Lane is not a kid, he happens to be a young adult male.

At first glance it looks like there is nothing in common in regard to each of these murders. In fact the method of the kill is even different. However, if you think that there is no connection then you better think again. What I am going to tell you is that $ybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump, Nasty Natjac, 2Js, and Al NotsoSharpton, all of them have the blood of each of these murder victims on their hands. Yes, in fact there is a tie in, and the tie is the death of the thug and wannabe gangsta Traydemark Martin, and the acquittal of George Zimmerman who was responsible for Traydemark being shot.  To this group I add Barry Soetoro or Soerbarkh (his Indonesian name), as well as Eric Holder (the true coward), and an assortment of left-wing media pundits as well as an assortment of Democrat politicians, especially the woman who wears the stupid cowboy hats. All of them bear some responsibility for these senseless murders.

Each murder is in fact a discrete event because they were committed in different locations, yet each murder has a common link. That link is the age of the perpetrators as well as the melatonin of the perpetrators (although in one instance, the driver of the car appears to be white).  The other stronger link to Traydemark Martin is the Crips gang, as well as the criminality of the perpetrators.

Let me begin with Traydemark Martin, because there is no way that he was some innocent little boy who was attacked for no reason. Traydemark Martin was nothing more than a wayward teenage thug who had aspirations to join a gang such as the Crips, to be just like his father, Tracy Martin, aka Fruit. An examination of the Facebook pages of Traydemark Martin were quite revealing, including his use of drugs, his own drug dealing and his penchant for guns. In fact Traydemark was photographed with a gun!!  The “innocent little boy” was also known to be a small time burglar. He had been caught with the jewellery from one of his break-ins in his school backpack. However, the matter was covered up by the Miami police. Due to the policies put in place by the school district Traydemark Martin got away with that burglary. It also seems that he was in constant trouble with regard to the use and selling of cannabis. Traydemark Martin had used his fists to beat up George Zimmerman. He was not armless, but he had arms, in the form of his hands and the concrete footpath that he used to inflict damage on George Zimmerman. One could even argue that on the night that Traydemark died, as he was attacking George Zimmerman, he had “been bored”.

At this point in time I have no data on whether or not the boy who turned himself into police in Spokane, Washington, was a teen who is a gang member wannabe. I cannot confirm that he was acting out of boredom. I can, however confirm that he and his friend picked on an elderly white man, and that the man died as a result of his injuries. The link is the ages of the perpetrators. This was another 16 year old who had bashed a white man.

However, in the case of James Edwards, and his offsiders, their claim is that they were bored, and had acted out of boredom. That is stuff and nonsense because there is evidence that they were gang wannabes and that the death of Chris Lane could have been a part of initiation into the Crips gang.

What has this to do with the Black Grievance Industry? Plenty. It all goes back to the effort that was made to cover up the sordid past of homicide victim Traydemark Martin. It is all about the false narrative that was created. This false narrative included telling lies about how Traydemark Martin was shot.  The mural that was done by a Vietnamese artist and was unveiled at the Florida Capitol building in Tallahassee was in fact a memorial to the lies of those involved in a cover-up of the real Traydemark Martin. The real person was a hood, a thief, a petty drug dealer, as well as being a thug who had clearly bashed other people. The outcry about the initial lack of charges, followed by the outcry after the just verdict in the case, is a testament to the level of deception to which the BGI and the left wing will go in order to advance their cause.

It is as a result of that campaign on behalf of the thug Traydemark Martin, that Chris Lane became a marked man. Chris Lane never even had the opportunity to defend himself because he was the real victim shot in the back, unlike pretend victim Traydemark Martin.

For these reasons I say that $ybrina Fulton has blood on her hands, and the same goes for all of the players within the Traydemark Martin camp.

Michelle Malkin is correct – gang control not gun control

The issue of the involvement of gang members or even wannabe gang members in serious crime has raised its ugly head one more time. The issue with violent gangs is nothing new and it is an issue in more than one country.

In the USA gang names that get a constant mention include the Crips and the Bloods. There are gangs that are common to the UK, the USA and Australia and include Hells Angels and Commancheros. I do not know the make up of these gangs in either the USA or the UK but I do know that a majority of members of the Hells Angels and in particular the Comancheros here in Australia are of Middle Eastern origin. In particular the Lebanese are very prominent in these gangs.

The increase in gang activity has also included an increase in such things as the possession of illegal firearms as well as the manufacture of illegal drugs and the sale of these illegal drugs on the streets.

In Australia one prominent family involved in the gangs is the Ibrahim family. In fact they are so prominent their story was told in a series of Underbelly!!  Members of that family have been either murdered, or there has been an attempt on their lives. On top of that members of the same family have murdered other individuals. John Ibrahim is the owner of a club in Kings Cross.  As an aside, one of the offenders, a member of the Skaf gang who raped a 16 year old girl in what was a vicious assault has links to a gang which is an offshoot of one of the other two notorious gangs. This individual who cannot be named because he was under age at the time of the crime is due for parole. He has been visited by members of that gang whilst he has been home on weekend home detention leave.

In recent years Sydney and Melbourne have been in the middle of gang wars, and there are lots of gang related drive-by shootings, and gang related murders. It is easy to switch off when we hear of yet another death in a certain part of Sydney because we know that there is a high probability that it is gang related. What is worse, though, is that in these situations there is a wall of silence and no one will talk to the police.

Last year a Sydney Inspector of Police from the Richmond region was murdered, not from a gunshot but by a knife. Oh you might say, what has that to do with gangs? You might be surprised because the inspector had gone to a neighbouring property in response to a complaint about a person who was shooting arrows into the backyard of a particular person. That person was a tow-truck operator and I note that the media did not waste time stating that he had links to one of the bikie gangs because he employed someone who is a bikie. The man had nothing to do with the inspector’s murder, but his neighbour did the murder. Basically, one cannot judge everyone by certain standards, or even loudly proclaim about “alleged links to gangs”, without something substantive.

So, despite what Tim Fischer says to the contrary, there has been a sharp rise in gun related crime in Australia. The point to be made is that it is crime associated with the illegal possession of firearms, and in the majority of cases it is gang-related violence.

There is virtually no difference between the old mafia-style gangs and the bikie gangs. I would imagine that the same is true when comparing the activity of say the Crips with the mafia. The common denominator is the type of crime, including crime associated with the sale of drugs (a very lucrative market).  This means that the only way to tackle these gangs is to tackle them the same way the mafia was tackled in the past.

There is much more than can be said and I hope to put up another post regarding the links to Traydemark Martin.


We need gang control, not gun control; Update: Arrest in Delbert Belton murder

The Jury is Out – Syrian chemical weapons

The latest use of chemical weapons in Syria seems to be worse than the first time. I am very much aware that there are people who believe that the Syrian Opposition forces were responsible for the use of those weapons…. BUT NOT SO FAST…..

If the Oppostion forces used the chemical weapons (which was likely) then my first question has to be: Why did the Assad regime refuse Russia permission to investigate what happened?

I think that this is a legitimate question to be asked given what we known about those Syrian Opposition Forces aka the “rebels”.

Russia has been on the side of Assad since the beginning of the conflict. Iran has been on the side of Assad since the beginning of the conflict. Hezbollah has been supporting the Assad regime, as has Hamas since the beginning of the conflict.

Somebody used chemical weapons and suspicion has gone both ways. If Russia is asking questions and cannot get Assad to cooperate then it is more likely that Assad agreed to the use of those weapons.

I want to remain open-minded with regard to this situation. The reason that I do not really want to proffer an opinion at this point in time is that I have a slight suspicion that the Opposition Forces in Syria could stage an incident of this nature in an effort to change the outcome of the civil war in that country. On the other hand Bashir Assad is getting more and more desperate every time he has a defeat in the battles that have taken place.

We now have to wait until there is some kind of investigation. In the meantime keep an eye out for reactions from Russia because that is going to tell you more than the spin that comes out of the White House these days.


The real problem is Illegal guns

I am not a gun owner, but I believe in the right to bear arms. I know that sounds contradictory but I have given this issue a lot of thought. My belief is also contrary to the fact that one of my cousins was murdered by someone who was a gun owner, but I have already explained those circumstances and how I think that his ownership of a gun was not really the issue.

The one thing that Australia has in common with the USA happens to be the sharp rise in murders in recent years. Thanks to the death of Traydemark Martin there has been a fresh look at these murders.  Many of those who have died have been murdered by fist. Others have been murdered by the use of guns.

My point here, and I will expand it in another post maybe tomorrow, is that the real problem is not because people legally possess guns, but that people illegally possess those guns.

Since the death of Chris Lane, a few more cases have been highlighted. Two of the deaths have been bashing victims. George Zimmerman could have been one of those victims if he had not had his gun. On the other hand, a gun would not have saved the life of Chris Lane. What about the other victims that have come to light? Maybe/maybe not.

ENOUGH ! – Yet Another SICK “Thrill Kill” – This Time An 89-year-old Veteran In Spokane Washington – Delbert “Shorty” Belton

I agree. Lock up all of those teenagers and if they need to go into FEMA camps then that is where they belong until they stop the attacks.

UPDATE: One of the perpetrators has been caught. He is another Traydemark Martin

Yet Again – Memphis Tennessee: White Man Shot By Three Black Suspects, Motive? – Trayvon Retribution

This ties in with my comments regarding the death of Chris Lane. Chalk this victim up as yet another victim of $ybrina Fulton, Al Sharpton and 2Js.

My real motivation for mentioning the murder of Chris Lane

This post is for clarifcation because I do not want to be seen as bagging the State of Oklahoma.  My real motivation has been to point up the difference in attitude of the media regarding this particular case and that of Traydemark Martin. Now that I know more details, I see a lot of similarities between the perpetrators and Traydemark Martin, and at the same time I can see some similarities between Chris Lane and George Zimmerman. There are also many differences, especially the circumstances and the outcomes.

The first thing to note here is that George Zimmerman, even though he was of mixed race was considered to be white. In fact it is most likely that the very dark toned Traydemark Martin saw George in terms of him becoming a victim.  When Traydemark attacked George Zimmerman, it is highly likely that he was not expecting the outcome. The other thing to note about Traydemark Martin was the fact that he was a gang member wannabe and that the gang was the Crips, just like his old man.

Here we have the first similarity and a link between two unassociated crimes. That link is first and foremost the Crips gang. I am sure it comes as a shock to many in Oklahoma that the Crips gang had infiltrated into their cities, and especially in a city such as that of Duncan. Sadly, it happened within the last few years, according to a witness, Mr. Johnson, the father of Chris Johnson, the other intended victim.

In both instances this raises the question about gang initiation. Now I am not up on gangs or gang initiation. Thankfully my sons never belonged to a gang, but they had dealings with members of gangs a long time ago. (that is related to Sydney and is not relevant here). However, despite my own lack of knowledge I have seen others mention that either killing someone or bashing them up to the point of almost killing or stealing a handgun, is part of gang initiation.  For Traydemark Martin, the moment that he spotted that George Zimmerman had a concealed carry was probably the moment that he thought that he could meet his own initiation requirements. We will never know if that is what he was thinking as he attempted to get the gun and when he threatened George that the was going to die.

Now we come to the first difference, and that is Chris Lane was shot in the back and there was no interaction between the victim and the perpetrators. Now, I do not believe the story that the three of them decided to shoot Chris Lane because they were bored. I do in fact think that racism was in play and that he was chosen as their victim because he was a white man. One of the perpetrators had in fact expressed hatred towards whites, and he had also expressed anger over the jury decision that George Zimmerman shot Traydemark Martin in self defence.

Now to me there is another eerie similarity, it is eerie because it involves the false depiction regarding the death of Traydemark Martin. That eerie similarity is in fact the way that Chris Lane was killed. He was in fact shot in the back, whereas Traydemark was shot in the chest, yet those who falsely depict or express the narrative about Traydemark’s death actually claim that he was shot in the back. It is not hard for me to go that extra distance and contemplate as to whether these perpetrators were attempting a payback based upon the false depiction of the death of Traydemark Martin. I guess the Oklahoma prosecutors will have to find that out for themselves.

As someone who is a realist, I am not calling for a tourist boycott of the USA until they change their gun laws. I think that people who think that way are nuts. The reason is that I have yet to see a shooting in the USA that is sparking so much attention where guns were obtained legally or where there are not questions to be asked about how the person got hold of a legal gun in the first place (cases such as the person who shot Gabby Gifford and a few others spring to my mind because in each case the real issue is that the person had a mental illness). On top of that I am very much aware that there is more than one way to kill someone.

The Australian media needs to get off its Leftist high horse and stop sticking its nose into what is a matter for the citizens of the USA. It is not our business to intervene with the U.S. Congress in order to force through laws that would be considered unconstitutional anyway.  On top of that the Australian media needs to look into the Australian backyard because we have a problem with regard to the ownership of illegal weapons just like the USA has a problem with the ownership of illegal weapons.

Now, I am getting closer to my real motivation in pursuing this particular case. It is all about the possession of illegal weapons as far as I am concerned. This is increasingly relevant where gangs are concerned. I have seen statistics regarding death and injury from the use of illegal weapons in Chicago. It is because of the strict gun laws that people have not been able to defend themselves against common criminals and gangs (but I repeat myself) in Chicago. Every week there are hundreds who are injured or die as a result of the bullets flying around Chicago being fired from weapons that are illegally possessed.

Well, guess what, here in Sydney (I live outside Sydney), the toll from people being wounded by or killed by illegally possessed firearms is very high. There is no difference between the Sydney scenario and the Chicago scenario (except in numbers) because in both cases the perpetrators belong to gangs. In Sydney there is an ongoing war between the Comancheros and the Hells Angels. Both gangs have been responsible for the growth of methamphetamine use on the streets. Both gangs have been responsible for the huge trade in cannabis. Both gangs have been operating as standover merchants. Their wars have been about territory with one gang fighting to take over the territory of the other gang.

Most of the suburbs that are affected by this gang warfare are in the west, south-west, and sometimes in the north-west. There have been drive-by shootings in Baulkham Hills and Kellyville because one of the Ibrahim brothers moved to that location. (this is the Hills Disrict where I used to live). The Lebanese gangs used to make their way to Castle Towers for the purpose of robbing and bashing up people, as well as selling illegal drugs. In recent times, one of the gangs was spotted attempting to recruit teenagers to join them at Castle Towers.  There are other places where these drive by shootings have occurred, especially Wentworthville, Auburn, and other suburbs where there is a concentration of Middle Eastern types. However, it must be kept in mind that gangs such as Hells Angels and Comancheros include more than Middle Eastern men.

Over the past few months here in Sydney there have been shootings every week with hardly a day going by when there has been yet another shooting and more often than not, another death. The gang members are killing each other, but occasionally an innocent victim gets in the way, and such was the case of an innocent truck driver who was killed when struck by a stray bullet.

The thing is, we cannot control the situation so long as these gangs are capable of getting hold of illegal weapons. Within the past few days one man was arrested for possession of illegal weapons, and believe me it was quite a cache of different weapons. He was caught because he was importing parts from another country so that he could put the weapons together.

Gun laws only remove legally possessed weapons but they do not remove the illegal weapons. In the long term it actually means that people are no longer protected from the criminal elements.

In Australia we do not have the emphasis on possessing a weapon because we have not been in a position to have to defend ourselves. However, that could change if we continue to allow in people of really suspect character who enter this country in an illegal fashion. Many of those people are of a military background and you can tell that by their bearing. If we allow them to stay, and they have been in fact here as sleeper cells then we could be sealing our fate, and we may wish that we had a different attitude because we would might not be able to defend ourselves from such people.