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Chemical weapons were used – Who used them?

Whilst being aware that Muslims in the Middle East have a habit of stage managing a crisis, one thing is now certain about the Syrian situation – people were killed when one side used them during the past week. The medical evidence has come from doctors associated with the group Doctors Without Borders of Medecins sans Frontieres, if you prefer. It is estimated that more than 300 people died from the use of a neurotoxic chemical.

It is not clear as to who used the chemicals because there are claims that bombs containing the chemicals were dropped upon the population in Damascus. If it was done via small bombs then it is most likely that the attack was done by Assad. If not, then the claim that the Opposition forces were responsible remains the choice.

Significantly, the President of Iran Hasan Rouhini has acknowledged the use of the chemical weapons against the Syrian population. He has, however, left open the possible perpetrator.

Now, what bothers me in this story is that Assad continues to refuse outsiders to moniter what is going on. This is a very wrong-headed attitude. If he has nothing to hide then he should welcome the outsiders so that he can prove that he is not responsible for the violence. Thus, with Assad refusing to allow a team from the U.N. to come in and investigate the matter, it means that suspicion regarding the attack will continue to point the finger at Assad. In my view that is not very smart.

What are the alternatives? First of all I see no evidence of the people of Syria crying out for a fly free zone as was the case in Libya. The Libyan intervention was based upon the ability to disable the Gadhafi government forces, thus giving the people a breathing space. I maintain that of the two, Gadhafi was much worse than Assad because of the nature of the abuses against the Libyans.

Second, a major concern for me, about the Syrian situation happens to be the length of time it has taken to resolve the civil war. The longer the civil war has been allowed to ferment, the more like it has become that there will be a Muslim Brotherhood affiliation style of takeover. This is quite naturally an undesirable outcome. It can be argued that the dithering with regard to Syria has actually led to this outcome being the most likely eventuality. However, with affiliates of Al Qaeda involved in Syria, I do fear for the future.

The question is: Should the UN intervene? My answer to this question remains the same:  NO. This is a civil war between Syrian tribes. As such international countries should keep out of that war and should not get directly involved. Giving weapons to the Opposition could have a disastrous result in the future.

At the same time non-intervention has some dangers attached, including the escalation of strife in Lebanon. The recent bombings in Lebanon are a direct result of the civil war in Syria. The players are exactly the same between some hardline Sunni Muslims and Hezbollah. My view is that we should let them kill each other.

Gang violence Australia style

If I was feeling cranky earlier in the day, then I am just as cranky if not more cranky after reading this story about gang violence in Victoria. Guess the melatonin pigmentation and the possible race – it begins with S… and they came to Australia as refugees.

This is yet another case of out of control teenagers or perhaps young people in their early 20s thinking that they can do whatever they like.

Melbourne has more of a problem with this particular group than Sydney and this is because more of them were settled in the Melbourne area. I have family members who have a lot to say about this type of refugee and it is stuff that is not so polite because of the way that these people behave.

A 20 year old female was bashed to the point of being unconcious during an attack on a bus. The driver was not able to stop but when he did the gang got off the bus and disappeared. The driver then had to call an ambulance so that the woman could be taken to the nearest hospital.

This is not the first time that there has been this kind of gang violence in Melbourne but in the past the violence as been covered up. Simply ask Melbournians about their opinion of former police commissioner (deliberate lack of capitals) christine nixon. You will get a spray of abuse when her name is mentioned and it is for good reason. A lot of the problems extend from her time as police commissioner under the former ALP government in Victoria.

Gang violence is a very serious matter, and it needs to stop.

The Pandora’s box – why I believe that it is $ybrina who has opened it

How many more white men will end up as victims of teenage black hoodlums, either the result of gunshot wounds, stabbings or bashings before someone says enough and they finally tell $ybrina Fulton to simply put a sock in it!!

Since the death of the thug Traydemark Martin there has been a spate of these bashings, or in the case of Chris Lane, deaths from the use of a gun for no particular reason. Several witnesses to these attacks have stated that the perpetrators have indicated that it is “revenge for Trayvon”.  Well, it is not revenge because Traydemark Martin was in the process of committing felony assault when his life was cut short. He was to blame for his own demise.

The Pandora’s box was opened as soon as $ybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the divorced parents decided to get legal representation. It had been a mystery to me as to why they felt it necessary to “protect Traydemark’s name” but that lasted as long as it took for the truth to filter out.

The media is just as responsible for the opening of the Pandora’s box because they have persisted with the false narrative concerning the death of Traydemark Martin.  He was shot in the chest, not in the back, which was the way that Chris Lane the White Australian was murdered by teenage thugs.

However, the festering sore that needs to be expunged is not the SYG laws that do in fact protect black victims of crime, but it is the cover-up of the ever increasing gang activity of teenagers today.

Gang activity is a festering sore wherever it is found. By this I mean not just in the USA, but in other countries where these gangs have been allowed to thrive. These gangs are criminal in nature. In the old days of the Mafia it used to be about things like bootleg liquor, but these days it is about the distribution of cannabis, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs that I have not named off the top of my head. It is also about the possession of illegal weapons.

The Zimmerman trial had nothing to do with SYG law because there was no way that George Zimmerman could have retreated. He was entitled to act in his own self-defense. The level of injury has nothing to do with an argument for self-defense. To argue against the SYG laws as they exist in the USA is to argue against the rights of all victims or rather potential victims of crime.

What $ybrina Fulton is doing with her lies, and her cover-up of her own son’s complicity in his own death, is to help foment a situation where white men are being attacked by young blacks on what seems like a daily basis. The last mentioned death was of an 89 year man who was bashed to death by two black teenagers. There have been many others.

For a moment I think it is worth mentioning the case of Marshal Coulter who is in fact “the victim” of a shooting, yet he is not a victim because he had trespassed on another person’s property. There are several aspects of that particular case that indicate a direct contrast of two different families affected by the fact that their son/brother has been shot. My heart has gone out to young David Coulter because it has not been easy for him under the circumstances of a family afflicted by the loss through cancer of a step-father. David had to come home from college to help look after his siblings and David has given up a lot in the circumstances. Even if David Coulter himself is not an innocent person, the fact is that the Coulter family has behaved in a way that is more circumspect than either $ybrina Fulton or Tracy Martin. The mother of Marshal Coulter obviously had difficulty keeping her son out of trouble. The family is obviously on struggle street. Yet, somehow the Coulter family has managed to keep their dignity in the face of this tragedy in their lives. I guess they understand that Marshal was bound to get himself killed or at least almost killed one day.  I will also point out that Landry, the homeowner who shot Coulter has had a lot of support from his neighbours, who do understand the need for protection of property and family against intruders.  They are the ones who see the bigger picture – yet $ybrina Fulton continues to close her eyes to that big picture.

I do not think I need to get into the pecadilloes of either of the parents of Traydemark Martin. As far as I am concerned, neither of them are very savoury types. Tracy Martin is in fact a member of the Crips gang.

The mention of the Crips brings me to the next point which is the missed opportunity of bringing it home to black youth that this gang sub-culture is in fact deadly. Looking back over the information that we saw regarding Traydemark Martin, the thing that stood out to me happened to be the number of his associates that had died. These were easy to discover because their names had R.I.P. in them, indicating the person had died. It was not clear the reason that they died, but some would have been from drug overdose, and probably others were from deaths associated with gang activity.

Tracy Martin had belonged to the Crips. Trayvon Martin texted about being in a gang or at least he, too, was a gangster wannabe. He was involved in the drug trade as a user and a dealer. At the same time he had access to illegal guns. The give away for James Edwards who is only 15 years old, is the fact that when he tweeted he used a Crips signage “cc” in his writing.

James Edwards, the boy who shot Chris Lane in the back is only 15 years old. He tweeted that he hates whites, and on top of that he indicated that he was upset about the Zimmerman verdict. The choice of a white male victim for gang initiation (which is certainly what a lot of us believe to be the truth), is no accident. The method, that is the shot in the back is no accident either. This is based upon a projection related to what the BGI, that is via $ybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, of the events the night that Trayvon was killed as he attempted to take possession of George Zimmerman’s gun. There were some media outlets that had depicted this incident as George hunting down an innocent child, when in reality such a depiction was not even close to the truth. Yet, the murder of Chris Lane had those very elements. He was hunted down and shot in the back “like a rabid dog”. The difference here is that Chris is a white man and the killers are black teenagers.  There is more to be added about James Edwards, especially the fact that his mother is in jail and that she has a long rap sheet. In fact James Edwards at the age of 15 has a long rap sheet. He is stereotypical of the type that gets involved with criminal gangs such as the Crips.

When I heard that the bitch who was the biological mother of Traydemark Martin had addressed a rally relating to Martin Luther King I became extremely cranky, especially when I heard a part of what that bitch said. I have no empathy at all for $ybrina Fulton. In fact I think that she has blood on her hands. That blood belongs to Christopher Lane, and to the other white men who have been bashed or murdered by some other means since Traydemark the thug died.


The Zimmerman Case: Has it opened Pandora’s Box

Justice For All

In Greek mythology, Pandora the first women created by the Gods was given a box that contained all the evils on the world with strict instructions not to open the box or those evils will be let loose on humanity. Pandora disregarded this order and opened the box letting those evils escape, luckily for humanity she closed the lid before hope could also get out.

The reaction or over reaction as some might say to the Zimmerman case by the Civil Rights Establishment and the linking of the case to gun violence, the abuse by some of SYG laws, School discipline of young black males, racial profiling and of course Racism, on a case that had little to do with those things and avoided facts about the case that did not agree with their assumptions. But something happened this time that was different, the usual reaction was not there, there…

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ALP Hack Bob Carr is an absolute fool

Bob Carr is at his most arrogant best when he is making an absolute fool of himself. In this case it is the “Australian condemnation of the attacks on two mosques in Lebanon”.

First of all, this Australian could not give a shit about someone blowing up a mosque or two. It means that there are two fewer mosques in the world for the time being. Good. They should all be pulled down anyway.

Second, when one reads of the condemnation it is almost like there is an undercurrent of blame towards Christians in the region, or even against Israelis. I get this impression simply because the fool by the name of Bob Carr was condemning something that is an internal matter to Lebanon.

Third, sometimes looking beyond the headlines helps to clarify what actually happened. This is a point based upon my first two points because the violence in Lebanon at the present time is also related to the violence in Syria.  One of the mosques that was blown up belonged to hardline Sunni people – the type who would be assisting the Opposition in Syria. I assume that the second mosque was also a Sunni mosque.

The story only slightly spells out the most likely reason for the bombing of those two mosques. It was a retaliation for a bombing of a mosque or 2 in Beirut which is a Shia and Alawite stronghold.

Australia should not be intervening in this matter. Neither should the Australian government be seen condemning Muslim vs. Muslim violence. No other nation was involved in this whole thing. No other group was involved in the bombing. It was the work of Muslims either way.

As far as tensions in the Middle East are concerned, I will be on the look out for other similar news stories because it might be a tell tale sign as to when the pressure cooker will pop its cork.

In the meantime, I maintain that this is not any coming Armageddon. The Saudis are continuing to hose down the simmering files even though Iran continues to stoke those same fires. However, if that clueless nutcase in the White House makes a decision with regard to Syria that could involve using force against the Assad regime, then it could be game on.

Blood on their hands

In the past week there have been at least 3 horrific murders of white men, by young black perpetrators in the USA. I say at least because I have no doubt that several murders have gone unmentioned in the media. The ones that have hit the news have been remarkable because of their victims. In one instance the victim was a man over 80 years old, a worl war 2 veteran who survived war injuries, who was bashed to death. The other was remarkable only because the victim was a young Australian man. Please note Chris Lane is not a kid, he happens to be a young adult male.

At first glance it looks like there is nothing in common in regard to each of these murders. In fact the method of the kill is even different. However, if you think that there is no connection then you better think again. What I am going to tell you is that $ybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump, Nasty Natjac, 2Js, and Al NotsoSharpton, all of them have the blood of each of these murder victims on their hands. Yes, in fact there is a tie in, and the tie is the death of the thug and wannabe gangsta Traydemark Martin, and the acquittal of George Zimmerman who was responsible for Traydemark being shot.  To this group I add Barry Soetoro or Soerbarkh (his Indonesian name), as well as Eric Holder (the true coward), and an assortment of left-wing media pundits as well as an assortment of Democrat politicians, especially the woman who wears the stupid cowboy hats. All of them bear some responsibility for these senseless murders.

Each murder is in fact a discrete event because they were committed in different locations, yet each murder has a common link. That link is the age of the perpetrators as well as the melatonin of the perpetrators (although in one instance, the driver of the car appears to be white).  The other stronger link to Traydemark Martin is the Crips gang, as well as the criminality of the perpetrators.

Let me begin with Traydemark Martin, because there is no way that he was some innocent little boy who was attacked for no reason. Traydemark Martin was nothing more than a wayward teenage thug who had aspirations to join a gang such as the Crips, to be just like his father, Tracy Martin, aka Fruit. An examination of the Facebook pages of Traydemark Martin were quite revealing, including his use of drugs, his own drug dealing and his penchant for guns. In fact Traydemark was photographed with a gun!!  The “innocent little boy” was also known to be a small time burglar. He had been caught with the jewellery from one of his break-ins in his school backpack. However, the matter was covered up by the Miami police. Due to the policies put in place by the school district Traydemark Martin got away with that burglary. It also seems that he was in constant trouble with regard to the use and selling of cannabis. Traydemark Martin had used his fists to beat up George Zimmerman. He was not armless, but he had arms, in the form of his hands and the concrete footpath that he used to inflict damage on George Zimmerman. One could even argue that on the night that Traydemark died, as he was attacking George Zimmerman, he had “been bored”.

At this point in time I have no data on whether or not the boy who turned himself into police in Spokane, Washington, was a teen who is a gang member wannabe. I cannot confirm that he was acting out of boredom. I can, however confirm that he and his friend picked on an elderly white man, and that the man died as a result of his injuries. The link is the ages of the perpetrators. This was another 16 year old who had bashed a white man.

However, in the case of James Edwards, and his offsiders, their claim is that they were bored, and had acted out of boredom. That is stuff and nonsense because there is evidence that they were gang wannabes and that the death of Chris Lane could have been a part of initiation into the Crips gang.

What has this to do with the Black Grievance Industry? Plenty. It all goes back to the effort that was made to cover up the sordid past of homicide victim Traydemark Martin. It is all about the false narrative that was created. This false narrative included telling lies about how Traydemark Martin was shot.  The mural that was done by a Vietnamese artist and was unveiled at the Florida Capitol building in Tallahassee was in fact a memorial to the lies of those involved in a cover-up of the real Traydemark Martin. The real person was a hood, a thief, a petty drug dealer, as well as being a thug who had clearly bashed other people. The outcry about the initial lack of charges, followed by the outcry after the just verdict in the case, is a testament to the level of deception to which the BGI and the left wing will go in order to advance their cause.

It is as a result of that campaign on behalf of the thug Traydemark Martin, that Chris Lane became a marked man. Chris Lane never even had the opportunity to defend himself because he was the real victim shot in the back, unlike pretend victim Traydemark Martin.

For these reasons I say that $ybrina Fulton has blood on her hands, and the same goes for all of the players within the Traydemark Martin camp.

Michelle Malkin is correct – gang control not gun control

The issue of the involvement of gang members or even wannabe gang members in serious crime has raised its ugly head one more time. The issue with violent gangs is nothing new and it is an issue in more than one country.

In the USA gang names that get a constant mention include the Crips and the Bloods. There are gangs that are common to the UK, the USA and Australia and include Hells Angels and Commancheros. I do not know the make up of these gangs in either the USA or the UK but I do know that a majority of members of the Hells Angels and in particular the Comancheros here in Australia are of Middle Eastern origin. In particular the Lebanese are very prominent in these gangs.

The increase in gang activity has also included an increase in such things as the possession of illegal firearms as well as the manufacture of illegal drugs and the sale of these illegal drugs on the streets.

In Australia one prominent family involved in the gangs is the Ibrahim family. In fact they are so prominent their story was told in a series of Underbelly!!  Members of that family have been either murdered, or there has been an attempt on their lives. On top of that members of the same family have murdered other individuals. John Ibrahim is the owner of a club in Kings Cross.  As an aside, one of the offenders, a member of the Skaf gang who raped a 16 year old girl in what was a vicious assault has links to a gang which is an offshoot of one of the other two notorious gangs. This individual who cannot be named because he was under age at the time of the crime is due for parole. He has been visited by members of that gang whilst he has been home on weekend home detention leave.

In recent years Sydney and Melbourne have been in the middle of gang wars, and there are lots of gang related drive-by shootings, and gang related murders. It is easy to switch off when we hear of yet another death in a certain part of Sydney because we know that there is a high probability that it is gang related. What is worse, though, is that in these situations there is a wall of silence and no one will talk to the police.

Last year a Sydney Inspector of Police from the Richmond region was murdered, not from a gunshot but by a knife. Oh you might say, what has that to do with gangs? You might be surprised because the inspector had gone to a neighbouring property in response to a complaint about a person who was shooting arrows into the backyard of a particular person. That person was a tow-truck operator and I note that the media did not waste time stating that he had links to one of the bikie gangs because he employed someone who is a bikie. The man had nothing to do with the inspector’s murder, but his neighbour did the murder. Basically, one cannot judge everyone by certain standards, or even loudly proclaim about “alleged links to gangs”, without something substantive.

So, despite what Tim Fischer says to the contrary, there has been a sharp rise in gun related crime in Australia. The point to be made is that it is crime associated with the illegal possession of firearms, and in the majority of cases it is gang-related violence.

There is virtually no difference between the old mafia-style gangs and the bikie gangs. I would imagine that the same is true when comparing the activity of say the Crips with the mafia. The common denominator is the type of crime, including crime associated with the sale of drugs (a very lucrative market).  This means that the only way to tackle these gangs is to tackle them the same way the mafia was tackled in the past.

There is much more than can be said and I hope to put up another post regarding the links to Traydemark Martin.