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Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of the White Widow

Samantha Lewthwaite is a savage. Her first husband was one of the London bombers. Her second husband was recently killed. Now it seems that she secretly married a Kenyan former navy officer. I suspect that she might have killed the man who was known as Al-Ameriki recently because he was attempting to prevent the Westgate Mall massacre. With regard to this man, there had been a falling out between him and other members of Al-Shabaab. They made several attempts on his life and were only successful several weeks prior to what is one of the most horrific massacres committed by Islamist extremists.

It now appears that Lewthwaite was the mastermind of the Westgate Mall massacre. Evidence that is becoming available suggests that she had rented a shop in the Mall a few months ago, and that she had pasted newspaper over the window pretending to stock the shelves with goods.

Other evidence points to Lewthwaite living in South Africa under an assumed name, and that she was seen casing various embassies in South Africa.

The news gets grimmer because many of those involved in the massacre managed to escape via the sewers leading out of the mall. It looks like there was a lot of precision planning for the whole thing.

One more piece of information about this disgusting bitch, is that she managed to escape by smearing the blood of her victims on herself.

Other news refers to what happened to the children who were attending the cooking competition. One 16 year old spoke to her father on the phone only moments before a bullet struck her in the head. Other children were shot up to 5 times. Then there are the horror stories about how some were stabbed to death, and their bodies placed in the freezers.

The savages responsible for this massacre deserve to have what they did to their victims done to them… and I include Samantha Lewthwaite in that comment.

UPDATE:  I have written a commentary which will probably become a series on the subject of the ideology and violence of Islam at this location.  I do not want to do too much on this subject at this blog.

Islam means submission

The word “Islam” does not mean PEACE. The word “Islam” means submission.  Theo Van Gogh was murdered because he did a documentary based upon this actual meaning of the word. He was murdered because the adherents or Islam are extremely intolerant. The only thing that they know is to attempt to force everyone to convert to a stone age cult that causes people to submit to the illogical things associated with that cult.

In case you have not read about it, Saudi imams (I will not call them clerics because they are not priests who offer sacrifice of any kind), claim that women who drive hurt their ovaries. What stuff and nonsense!!

There are lessons to be learned from the disgusting events in Kenya, where it is estimated that more than 100 people lost their lives. The first to be killed by those monsters got off lightly. It is what happened to the remaining hostages that is really horrific. People were gunned down if they could not give the name of the whore who gave birth to the pedophile cattle thief and murderer.  Others had their hands chopped off, men were castrated, eyeballs were gouged from their sockets, some were beheaded and others were hanged. The scene was totally devastating, and I feel sure that many who had to go into to that death scene will be having nightmares over what they saw there.

The zealotry of Al-Shabaab and also of Boko Haram is something that is totally vile. These zealots believe that people who are not a part of Islam, regardless of being Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or other, must die if they do not convert. Al-Shabaab claim that the massacre at the mall was only about the fact that Kenya is fighting them in Somalia.  However, that is only a ruse where the political reason is mixed in with the religious reason. This form of zealotry is in fact consistent with the activities of the peodophile murdering thief who founded the islamic cult.  One only has to look at the history of mohammed the pedophile and the fact that he slaughtered Jews, and anyone who did not convert to his cult to understand that Al-Shabaab is imitating their founder.  Boko Haram has been going around slaughtering students, with the last count being 41 who were killed as they lay sleeping in a dormitory.

The proponents of Islam pretend to westerners that islam means peace. What we understand by the word peace is a far cry from what islam means by peace. To them, you get peace when you submit to them. If you do not submit to islam then you will continue to endure the torture and the mayhem until you do submit. There is no other solution where islam is concerned.

The Judeo-Christian culture has not been perfect. We have had our wars allegedly in the name of religion. Guess what, most of those wars were not in the name of religion at all, not even the Crusades were totally in the name of religion.  Politics was in fact the true reason behind those wars.

To most of us the Crusades were something that happened a long time ago. We understood that the reason was due to the Muslims attempting to get hold of the Holy Land, and that the region had to be protected from the invading barbarians. What was not told to us happens to be that at the time there was a “king of Jerusalem” who was allied to all the other kings and princes of Europe, and that they went to the Holy Land, not to protect the lands but to give the region back to the family who had inherited the lands (the wife of Guy was in fact the real heiress, and when she died, Guy no longer had a claim on the land).

Even the Crusade declared against the Albigenses of Languedoc was not strictly about religion, although this was a strong element, but it was very much something that was political.  The Albigenses were considered to be anarchists at the time. They were seen to be a disruptive element by the townspeople where they existed in places such as Toulouse. It is not hard to understand why the townspeople were in fact ready to kill them before the Inquistors came to town!!

Even in our own time there have been “religious” wars. However, I will actually question whether or not what took place in Ireland was in fact only about religion or whether it was in fact about political freedom. Yes there is a religious element, and Catholics everywhere seem to continue to endure the bigotry of certain groups of individuals. This bigotry has not ceased for more than 500 years. Much of it is based upon nonsense perpetrated by ignorant inviduals who tell lots and lots of lies about the Catholic faith. ( it is not my purpose here to bring up those lies but I have seen sufficient to be totally disgusted with the liars who put out books that are full of lies).

The fact is that the disunity within Christendom makes it easier for islam to be triumphant. If Christians cannot unite against the enemy that is islam then we will end up as the defeated and we will be forced to either submit to the theocracy of a pedophile murdering cattle thief, or we die.

A righteous Kenyan Muslim

Abdul Haji is a righteous Muslim. He was not inside the Westgate mall, but he went there to help. He rescued a mother and her three children.

IBA has the best write-up of this story and they provide a link to an interview with this man.

Abdul Haji is the son of the former Kenyan Security official. Obviously in his family, the security of his nation means something. On top of that this man did not hestitate to risk his life to save the lives of other people, regardless of whether or not they were Muslims. He acted in what can only be called a “Christian” and courageous way. The selflessness of his actions in attempting to rescue people is an indication of this man’s goodness.

There are other Muslims who also assisted in some way. There is another iconic picture that shows a Muslim woman helping another woman who was rescued. These are the people who are not radicals with regard to religion.

UPDATE: Another good summary, without the hype is Powerline. There are gory pictures of dead bodies, and there is a gory description of what was faced by soldiers and doctors when they entered the Mall.

Every single person who died as a result of this siege, except for the dead terrorists is a martyr. What they endured in the way of torture is absolutely sickening, and even the early Christians did not endure anything like this. The animals who have been captured need to be dealt with in a very harsh manner. I hope that the Kenyan justice system will treat them harshly and that there will be a death sentence.

UPDATE: A young Muslima is also righteous

The story being told by this 15 year old Muslima is worth telling as well. She did not stand up and tell the terrorists that she was Muslim. Instead she stayed with her friend, she was shot, and she helped get her friend to safety. Even when she saw her mother, she was not thinking of her self.  This girl’s actions were those of a very righteous young woman.

I was struck by the way she mentioned the woman who tried to calm those with her, that “Jesus would protect them.”  Yes, Jesus protected all of them because of the faith of that woman. They came out of the horror injured but alive.

This girl, by staying with her friends, was willing to give up her life for them. That is a truly remarkable young woman.

UPDATE: More Heroes emerge

This time it is another former soldier, an Irish Ranger, who works in Africa. He saved hundreds of lives. To this I add that the 2 Asian men who gave this hero and another former soldier, guns, then the four of them performed extraordinary rescues. The former Irish Ranger not only rescued hundreds of shoppers, he also used his paramedic skills to help the wounded.

A Positive Outcome From The Publicity Surrounding The Zimmerman Case ? Maybe – Marissa Alexander Gets New Trial…

I have to agree here, that Marissa Alexander deserves a re-trial based upon the fact that she was overcharged in the first place. This is another Angela Corey case.

Looking at the facts of the case, I do think that there was reckless endangerment with regards to the children. I do not believe she intended to kill anybody because she fired the shot into the wall.

Marissa Alexander attempted to claim that this was a stand your ground case, but the judge dismissed this attempt on the grounds that she walked out of the house, to the car to get the gun. Under the rules of stand your ground, Alexander was able to get away by simply getting in the car. By walking back into the house with the gun Marissa Alexander negated her own SYG defence.

I do not believe that this was a self-defence case either, because there was no actual violence (but there might have been a threat of violence from the husband).

The 20 year sentence imposed on Marissa Alexander was ridiculous, therefore I do believe that the Court of Appeal has it correct, and a re-trial is a good outcome.

Is the white widow dead?

The rumour is very strong that the woman known as the white widow led the Nairobi attack and that she has been killed. The rumor is unconfirmed at this point in time. However, newspapers in Britain are reporting that the Kenyans have stated that there was a woman, a British woman, who has done this kind of thing many times.

You can read more here.

UPDATE: It looks like the Kenyan authorities were wrong, the White Widow is not dead. Somehow this bitch escaped from the Nairobi mall. Interpol have issued a warrant for her arrest.

What happened in the Westgate Mall is so sickening I find it hard to write about the atrocities against those who were hostages and who died a slow painful death. These remaining hostages were tortured to death, eyes were gouged, heads cut off, and knives driven into children. Al Shabaab are extremely sick people and they did this in the name of Islam.


First of all, I ask my readers to pray for the victims of this most outrageous attack and for the families of those who have died. There is one Australian, a dual citizen who has been named as one of the dead victims. He is an architect and was doing work pro bono in Kenya (meaning he will be sorely missed). His wife was expecting their first child within weeks, but she also perished with her husband. It is not just those who were injured or who have died who were victims of this attack, but it is everyone who was caught up in the whole drama, escaping from the building uninjured. They will have the scars of the attack to bear forever, and they too, need our prayers at this time so that they can heal.

UPDATE: BRITISH SAS soldier was in Westgate Mall with only a handgun, and is credited with rescuing 100 shoppers during the siege. Yes, having a gun on hand can save lives.

From what I am reading, the situation remains fluid, with the Kenyan government claiming that the majority of the hostages have been rescued from the mall. However, some reports indicate that there might in fact be a few that remain inside with the terrorists. The number of dead stands at about 62, which was revised downwards from 68. It is 68 lives too many in my opinion. Hundreds of others have been injured and are now in hospital receiving treatment for their wounds.

Who is behind the attack? There is a rumour that the “White Widow” as she is called is the leader of the attack. The group claiming responsibility is Al-Shabab, which is in effect the same as Al-Qaeda. The White Widow has been active in Kenya and she participated in another attack where people were killed at either a bar or a restaurant. Her husband was one of the London Subway Bombers. She believe fully in military jihad. There are witnesses who have mentioned that a woman dressed in a garbage bag was giving orders, so it is more than likely that she is a part of the assault.  I note here that it is possible for her to escape from the building because all she would have to do is remove the garbage bag and look like the rest of the shoppers.

Al-Shabab is active in Somalia. They are more fanatical with the kind of Islam that they want to impose on everyone else than Al Qaeda. They have claimed that this assault on innocent people at a shopping mall is in retaliation to the Kenyan army being in Somalia. It is an excuse. They are the ones causing all the terror and Kenya has the right to defend its borders against them, as well as defending a population that wants to live free!!

The link to Al-Qaeda is significant because this attack has come directly after Al-Zawahiri issued an order to attack the USA, Europe etc. etc. Kenya is seen to be an ally of these other countries, and does in fact work closely with Israel.

What I fear the most is that this attack might be just the beginning of attacks around the world. Our shopping malls are extremely vulnerable to attack. Any ban relating to the possession of concealed weapons actually means that shoppers are more vulnerable because one means of defending themselves has been removed. Someone with a concealed weapon could have easily taken out any of these attackers simply by hiding and then firing at the targets (including any woman involved in the attack).

I live in a country where we do not have a 2nd Amendment, but yes we do have a right to be armed. To be legal we get a license. It is no big deal to us. With the increase in violent crime via the use of guns, as we are experiencing at the moment, I do find myself agreeing more and more with the idea that we should be permitted to carry a concealed weapon. What I fear the most is that with the influx of people from Africa and Middle East, we are becoming more and more vulnerable and we do not have the means to protect ourselves from them.

Last night there was yet another armed robbery. This time it was carried out at a theatre. This might be otherwise insignificant, BUT, there is something else to consider – the people who are committing these robberies have been sending money overseas to Lebanon and to Syria for use by people who are part of Al-Qaeda or the Al Nusra Front. We are in the middle of a surge of these robberies taking place. This means that we could be confronted by violence at any given time because of our own vulnerabilities.

The attack in Nairobi brings home to me the fact that our own shopping malls are vulnerable to similar attacks in the future. We will not be able to defend ourselves from the attackers because of our own attitudes when it comes to gun ownership.

Historical revisionism distorts the truth of a given situation from the past

Historical revisionism has been around for a very long time, and it is sad to think that most people indulge in revisionism of some sort. The issue usually surrounds a statement such as “history is usually presented by the winners, rather than the losers”. This usually means that the historian intends to strip out the warts an all of a given situation. Now, I could write about your American Civil War, but I can see that the wounds that were opened due to the situation that led to the Civil War, and then what took place afterwards have never been healed. A warts and all approach to the subject matter does not seek to place blame on either side, but simply to tell the story about how it happened. Please note here: I have not watched the film Lincoln. I feared that it would not present the whole truth of the situation, but would be one sided in a way that would not help to close those wounds.

What I want to do here is to move backwards in history to a period which was also riven with disputes, wars, death, claims of butchery, counter-claims etc. Yes, I am still dealing with Richard 1, the Knights Templar, and the later Crusade against the Knights Templar and the people of Langedoc, as well as what took place in or near Jerusalem at Acre which is now called Haifa.

The first thing to note here is that Saladin had gained control over Jerusalem and had massacred the population prior to the Crusade that took Richard 1 of England to the Holy Land. Up until that time, the Knights Templar had acted as guardians to the pilgrims and they were generally in favour. They fought against Saladin at Acre.

The siege at Acre happened over a period of time. There were losses on both sides before Saladin was beaten. Hostages were taken on both sides. Most of the kings and princes of Europe took part in the crusade.  This was not just about the Holy Land, and there was political motivation at play which had brought the princes of Europe to the Holy Land. Prior to the end of the “war” some of those princes had returned home, leaving Richard in charge. He then negotiated with Saladin for the release of the hostages. I do not know what went wrong but the hostages on both sides were slaughtered. The question to be asked here is whether Richard the Lionheart was in fact responsible for the slaughter or whether blame should be apportioned to both sides.  The point I raise here is that the revisionists are in fact placing all blame on Richard meaning they are overlooking the role of Saladin for the slaughter of the hostages.  Both sides of the story need to be expounded and blame should not be apportioned since this kind of thing is in fact something one expects to happen during a period of war.

The other thing that gets a mention by revisionists is Richard taking over Cyprus and according to one source ruining Cyprus… but what do the historians from Cyprus actually think and believe? Yes, Richard 1 did go to Cyprus. Yes, he got rid of what the people regarded as a tyrant. Richard wanted to use Cyprus as a base whilst he was fighting the Crusades. The island itself was then sold to the Knights Templar, and then it was taken from them and given to others (but that comes later). There is in fact a good reason as to why Richard attacked Cyprus in the first place, and it had to do with a shipwreck, the death of his people at the hands of Isaac Commenus, and the fact that his fiancee was taken as a hostage by Isaac. Historical revisionists tend to leave out the motivations when they attempt to condemn and place blame and actually distort the historical evidence surrounding an event.

Please note I have not gotten into all of the politics that were going on between the various European principalities or City-States at the time. Richard was born in England but he had lands in France. He was related to the French king Phillipe Augustus and he married Berrengaria of Navarre. I want to move forward to the time when the Knights Templar fell out of favour.

I still think that one of the best resources regarding this period is in fact the Catholic Encyclopedia online. The Catholic Encylopedia takes the warts and all approach to a given situation. I did find another source that gave me an insight into the Knights Templar who were living in Cyprus. From what I was reading last night, it seemed to me that this group were isolated from the accusations and the descent into heresy that was obvious at Languedoc. The witnesses for the monks could not point to anything that they had done wrong, and it would seem that they alone stayed loyal to Catholic teachings, whilst the Knights who lived elsewhere had descended into heresy.

The accusations that led to the movement against the people at Languedoc were many and varied.  The revisionists claim that these people were “intelligent, well read, innovative…. etc. etc.” but such claims are not backed up by any documents. This is why the revisionist will claim that the available primary sources are biased. They will then claim that all of the writings of the people of Languedoc were destroyed because the Catholic Church did not want the facts to be known…. except that such claims are themselves pure fantasy.

Sir Walter Scott, in the novel Ivanhoe had a monk mention “the Gospel of Nicodemus”. Now that did send up a red flag because the Gospel of Nicodemus falls into the category of Apocrypha or at least what Catholics call Apocrypha. If I was to believe the revisionists then I would have come to the conclusion that such did not exist… yet, this was mentioned in the 19th century by a novelist? What it means is that the revisionist has been promoting a lie about the very existance of those documents, and totally ignoring that these same documents were the subject of a lot of discussion from about the 5th century onwards.  The Gospel of Nicodemus was well-known by the early Christians, but it was discounted and considered to be false.

The charges made against the Knights Templar in Cyprus could not be proved because those charges were based upon behaviours elsehwere, in particular behavious observed in Languedoc. The heresy of the Albigenses was widespread and there were efforts to wipe out the heresy that culminated in a Crusade against the heretics. These behaviours included homosexuality. However, I think that the one thing that should be remembered is that the Albi themselves were prone to anarchic behaviour and that there were a genuine cause for concern at the time. These were not innocent people.

The revisionist historians tend to exaggerate the numbers that were killed during this period. As an example, one source claimed that 15,000-20,000 died as a result of the sacking of Beziers. The real figure is something like 6,000 dead,  I am not concerned here about the fact that these people were killed (since such deaths would be considered a war crime in today’s world), but I am concerned about the exaggeration regarding the numbers killed.

Now, let’s move foreward to the situation in Syria today because I see yet another parrallel, regarding the exaggerations that are expressed about the number of people who have been killed. I do not know the exact figure who have died as the result of this civil war conflict. It is certainly very high.  What I am questioning is whether we are being fed the truth . As an example, there was a recent chemical weapons attack. Now I deplore the use of such in any given situation so that is not an issue to me. What is an issue here is the reporting of the numbers that died or were injured. What I see is the conflating of that figure. Medecines san Frontiere reported that they had estimated that about 342 people had died as a result of that gas attack, but the media is report 5 times as many died in the attack. Medecines san Frontiere reported that they saw more than 1500 people who had been affected by the gas attack.  My question is: where did these other figures come from?

Revisionism is itself very propaganda prone. It seeks to destroy the original narrative by any means possible.  There are many other examples of revisionism to explore and that includes the lies told by Islamists in regard to their own history because the truth is: Islam has not had any achievements and under Islam, the world has not flourished.

There is always another side to a story

You have to hand it to the Australian media, because they are simply ignorant in regard to the situation in the USA in regard to guns, ownership of guns, and illegal guns.

As you are no doubt aware, there was yet another mass shooting, this time in Chicago. None of the victims of this shooting have died, but a child is critical in hospital.

The Australian media are playing this up to the hilt and the emphasis is, of course on gun ownership. I personally think that this is totally ludicrous and shameful because it leads Australians into believing that the incident has something to do with the legal ownership of guns, where owners use their weapons in a responsible manner.

Now let’s get down to the facts about the story, because after all, the incident happened in Chicago. The neighbourhood is a black one called the Yards, or something like that. All of the victims were teenagers, and it happened at night. One person has identified a perpetrator as someone with dreadlocks.  The Australian media neglects to mention the small fact that gun ownership up until now has been illegal in Chicago, leaving all the teenagers vulnerable to such a situation in the first place. The Australian media also neglects to mention that this kind of gun violence in Chicago is nothing new. Instead they have sensationalized a story where illegal gun ownership is involved.

The Australian media has not corrected information about what took place in the Naval Yard in Washington D.C. They had persisted with the meme that the gunman used an AR-15. You will not hear anything about the fact that the gun itself was illegal because he made it into a sawn off shotgun. So here again, you have a gun legally purchased that ends up being illegal, and the press actually suppresses that information because it does not fit in with their agenda.

You can also bet that the Australian media will not touch the possibility that Aaron Alexis was most likely polar bear hunting. You will also not hear about the fact that Aaron Alexis set up a web page that had nothing to do with Buddhism… but it had something to do with Islam… oops!!

When left wing journalists control the media it is impossible for people to get any real news because everything is filtered through a left wing prism that is nothing like the reality of a situation. I could spend time writing about the fact that, shock horror, there is only one woman in the Cabinet of the new government. Actually, there is only one woman in the inner circle and she is our new Foreign Minister. This is an achievement because Julie Bishop has become the first Australian woman to hold that position. Instead, Julie Bishop has been slammed by the feminists who claim that she is nothing more than a token female presence…. some token!!  The Opposition has called Julie Bishop mean and petty because she told Steve Bracks that he was not required for a position in New York. Now, the fact is that the new Government warned, when they were in Opposition that the Gillard government should not appoint this person to the role, but they did that anyway. All other ALP appointees, including Kim Beazley who is the US Ambassador will remain at their posts… yet the ALP have been spinning it for all it is worth in their faux outrage because this appointment was nixed. It should be because Steve Bracks had become involved in political campaigning during the election period. As such he would have difficulty being non-partisan. Besides that, as a Labor Premier of Victoria in the past he was hopeless, and he managed to not get himself investigated for corruption in high office by resigning and claiming he wanted to spend time with his family.

Revisionist History, Dan Brown and Languedoc

Well, it seems that I was on the right track about the Knights Templar and that I managed to interpret correctly the hints made by Sir Walter Scott about the militant monks. They were considered to be heretics by the beginning of the 13th century. When writing Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott dropped a very big hint as to why the Knights Templar ended up in demise, and why their stronghold in Languedoc (the Pyrenees) was beseiged. It was all about the Cathars. There were several hints in the novel Ivanhoe and I managed to pick up on those hints, thus my interest in the subject.

Now, I am here to tell you that I am not a fan of Dan Brown. I have not read his stupid Da Vinci code, and I have not seen the stupid movie. From the time that the Dan Brown novel had become popular I took the view that what facts I did learn had shown him to be wrong…. and my assessment is in fact correct…. not that I am an historian or anything like that.

By researching on the name Languedoc, I came across a lot of historical revisionism… and that is also a dig at Wikpedia. One of the worst offenders is a man by the name of Baigent. The issue here is that there is an attempt to cleanse the Cathar of their own impurities, and to make them out to be victims. What stood out in the matter that I was reading last night was the dismissiveness regarding the only primary documents that come from the Catholic Church. These documents are in fact the diaries of St. Bernard of Claivaux who was one of the Inquistitors tasked with rooting out the heretic Cathars.  Yes, I prefer the historical documents over the work of people who dismiss this out of hand. The other thing I note is the bloating of the numbers who were actually killed. I would divide those numbers by the power of 10 to come up with a better idea of the population of Languedoc, and especially of the town of Beziers where the population was killed. The anti-Catholic element are prone to exaggeration.

Cathars were known as the Pure Ones. They were not Christian even though they had a baptism. They had only one sacrament, the Consolatum and that was consumed prior to death. Once the Consolatum was administered the person would refuse to eat or drink anything thus ending their lives. (It reminds me of the methods used for voluntary euthanasia where patients are denied food and water for several days until they die  – this was the death sentence handed down to Teri Schindler-Schiavo by her husband’s selfish actions). The Cathars were dualists, believing in a God of Good, and a God of Evil, just like the Manichees. If you know the story of St. Augustine, then you would have heard about the Manichees and what the preached, because prior to his conversion tot he Christian faith, Augustine had flirted with the Manichees.  The Cathars did not eat meat, thus they were vegans, but they did allow the eating of fish.  The Cathars frowned upon marriage, and they frowned upon having children. You can draw your own conclusions about their sexual proclivities… I drew mine and it has left a very sour taste.

Dan Brown took some of they myths surrounding the Cathars to come up with his laughable and inaccurate novel, the Da Vinci Code. The Cathars did in fact use books that came from the early Christian period written by heretics of that time that made some outlandish claims about Jesus and Mary of Magdala, including the ludicrous claims that they were married and that they had children, whose descendants were killed during the 13th century. Those documents were unearthed at the Hag Nammadi around 1945. None of those documents should be taken as being verifiable with regard to being genuine Christian. There were oral traditions that had been handed down from the earliest of these heretics.

In being dismissive about the primary documents of the period, the writer of the Wikpedia article, as well as one other that I read last night, claimed that there was only what was available from the Catholic Church because the Church destroyed the documents of the Cathars. The problem is, that is utter b.s. and is nothing more than modern revision because these Cathars were nothing like what was claimed. They were not philosophers or anything like that!!  Did they deserve to die the way that they did during that crusade against them? Probably not, but we need to have regard to the times in which it all happened, as well as the thinking of those who saw them as a menace and as treasonous as far as the State was concerned. It was not just about the Church or Christianity, it was about their open rebellion against the State that was the true issue.

Another point to make here is that there is in fact an estate that was owned by the Knights Templar in England. The name was not Templestowe, but was Neuhusan. The property had originally belonged to the Saxons, Dunstan and Glunier but it was given tot he Knights Templar by the king.

Catharism has been extremely difficult to root out and to forever have it deleted from society. Even today we have a rise in Catharism. Today it is known as Veganism.  It is more than just being a Vegetarian and it involves refusing to eat eggs, fish etc.  (Note some people do not eat eggs because eggs make them feel sick). These Vegans consider themselves to be morally pure even though they behave in an immoral fashion. They refuse to wear animal products and they bang on about animal rights etc. Their idea of morality is all about not killing animals. They behave in a cult like fashion, and if anyone should not follow their rules, well…. all hell breaks loose.   However, it is their lack of sexual morals that makes them a real stand out and shows that they are just a modern version of the old Cathars who also lacked sexual morals even though they considered themselves to the the Pure Ones.

Ivanhoe actually contained some hints regarding these moral juxtapositions. It came through in the character of Brian the Knights Templar who kidnapped Rebecca.  The point about Brian is the fact that he was a monk was not supposed to take on a wife, yet he wanted to marry Rebecca the Jewess. It also came through with the dialogue from the head of the Knights Templar, Beaunoir who was investigating Brian.  There were hints within the dialogue that suggest the notion of Purity that one ascribes to the Cathars.

What Are The Odds ?….. The DC Navy Yard PC Question/Motive The Media Will Not Touch

I am prepared to go there with Sundance on this one. I was wondering whether this was an extreme case of polar bear hunting.