The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 37.4: Shellie Zimmerman Speaks, ABC Edits

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The feeding frenzy has begun.  It will likely be a short-lived frenzy–the real meat of racial grievance mongering is absent and can’t reasonably be sustained, after all–but media vultures are circling about and descending upon the carcass of the Shellie Zimmerman perjury case.  As regular readers know, that case was settled this weekwith a plea bargain.  In exchange for a guilty plea to a misdemeanor–not the felony for which the prosecution hungered–Shellie Zimmerman will serve a year of probation and the case will be dismissed as though it never happened.  She will have no record.

Each year, I teach a media unit, and during that unit, I play a video I made.  The video has two versions of the same interview. In the first, a student quizzes a principal about a supposed school uniform policy.  It’s completely innocuous, and what the principal said is presented whole, without editing.  …

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