An interesting story from World War 1

This story is in the Telegraph Online. A 29 year old soldier by the name of Robert Campbell was a prisoner of war in Germany, having been injured in 1914 in France. His mother was sick and dying. Britain sent a request to the Kaiser requesting his release. Amazingly the Kaiser gave permission for the soldier to go visit his mother in Gravesend Kent (I have ancestral links to Gravesend), on the condition that he returns to his cell, and he did.

Captain Campbell’s story is very interesting because he was the one who wrote to the Kaiser asking for permission to visit his mother. He made the promise as an Officer of the British Army to return after the granting of 2 weeks leave. Captain Campbell travelled via Holland to reach Britain and to visit his dying mother.

What is so very interesting is that the Kaiser, Wilhelm was half-British, and half-German. It was his British side that allowed him to grant this generous concession to a prisoner of war. It shows that the Kaiser was more human than some other individuals from around the same period. He had a good side in his character.

Captain Campbell was released in 1918 at the end of the war and arrived hom in that year. Then in 1939 he rejoined the army to participate in the second world war.

This is truly an amazing story, and I congratulate the historian who found this information.


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