One sleep to election day

They brought in American “experts”, in other words three Barry Soetoro operatives. The purpose was to try and trick the Australian population into voting for the worst ever government in the history of Australia.

I have already voted, and I am glad that I decided to go do the early poll. The long lines waiting to vote would have been excruciating on my feet because they are hurting again. Needless to say I did not vote for the crook, Craig Thomson, former official from the Health Services Union who stole more than $200,000 of members’ funds, using some of that money for payment to prostitutes.  Clearly I am wanting a change of government so you can guess the direction of my vote.

So, what issues have Australians upset?

1. Border Control – the number of illegal immigrants attempting to enter Australia has reached more than 19,000 this year alone. There has been a slight decrease in the past few weeks but I think that is because the word is out about the possible change of government.  Do not get me started about the alleged Manus Island solution.

2. Schools – the Gonski reforms. Actually these reforms should be GONSKI. The reforms are in fact a shambles.

3. Union power – there are union members who want a Royal Commission into the AWU scandal. If you think that it stops at 17-20 years ago, then you would be wrong. Tracking some of the minor players in the actual scandal has produced a far bigger scandal. The player of interest is Robyn McLeod. The reason for the interest and the larger scandal is the relationship to Climate Change and two very expensive desalination plants – one at Wonthaggi, Victoria, and the other in South Australia. The larger scandal involves Labor mates, jobs for the boys and girls; Robin McLeod is at the centre of this much larger scandal that is about to erupt.

4. Superannuation and pension payments for former Defence Force personnel. This one is personal and I agree that the methods for calculating the pension mean that people who have served are not being well treated once they retire from the services. The pension has been going backwards. On top of that the portion of a pension allocated to a widow is out of kilter with other types of pension leaving such widows very disadvantaged. The Parliamentarians on the other hand get an extremely generous pension.

6. Waste and government debt;

7. Climate Change – see no 6

8. The Carbon Tax – this is by far the worst thing that the ALP foisted onto us. It has ripped the heart out of our economy.

This is just a cursory list of all the issues that are involved in our election. Since we have compulsory voting, it means that there are low information voters who would consider that they need ultra-fast broadband so that they can download their porn, and forget about the needs of everyone else. However, this time there are a lot of people who have woken up to what is wrong.

Will there be a swing? I have no doubt that when Australians cast their vote they are not going to want to repeat the experiment of the past 3 years that came about as the result of a hung parliament. The power given to the Greens should have been a warning to those low information voters that they must exercise their vote with care. I am predicting that there will be a swing against the Greens. It will not be a uniform swing and it might be larger in one area but smaller in another State. For that reason, I am predicting that there will be a swing against the Greens in both the ACT and Tasmania that will be significant. I do not expect that seats will change hands in the ACT. However, in Tasmania it is possible that the Liberal Party will pick up at least 2 seats with one remaining Independent and the ALP retaining the other seat.  I am expecting a large swing in some electorates of NSW, where I think that more than 10 seats will fall to the Coalition. I predict the following seats will change hands: Dobell, Robertson, Eden-Monaro, Lindsay, Greenway; the following are likely to change hands: Barton, Kingsford-Smith, Parramatta, Page, Reid and Banks. This means that the total to change hands according to what I am predicting is at least 11.  There could be some real upsets, but one that is unlikely, yet it could happen is the seat of Richmond.

In Victoria there are at least 3 seats that are most likely to change hands, especially Corangamite, LaTrobe and Deakin. There could be surprise results in at least 3 other Victorian seats.

The Queensland results could get very interesting depending upon what people think of Clive Palmer and Katter. Both have a significant following and these parties will serve to help channel some of the anger towards the ALP.  Two seats are of interest in Queensland: Lilley and Griffith. Lilley is held by Wayne the Goose, and Griffith is held by KRUDD the dud. If the swings in their seat are large enough, there is going to be a very big upset in Queensland. The hard fought seat of Forde will go with the Coalition. Mal Brough will win Peter Slipper’s seat. Moreton and Petrie will also fall. I do not see Katter influencing the Herbert result because Townsville is home to an Army base as well as an Air Force base. I expect the soldiers and air force personnel to overwhelmingly vote against KRUDD retaining power.

I have no predictions for Western Australia, South Australia or the Northern Territory. Of interest to me is whether or not people will cast their votes in a way that will see Sarah Hanson-Young (Sarah 2-fathers), being removed from the Senate. This could lead to a higher vote for Nick Xenophon’s group. I have played with the numbers and I fear that we cannot get rid of this particular idiot.

It will be an interesting election and to think there is only one more sleep to go.


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