We did it!!

Australia had elections yesterday. There was a swing of more than 3% to the Liberal/National coalition parties. The Green Party aka the Watermelons got smashed and their vote has dropped to around 8% nationally. That, of course is not low enough.

We did it!! We got rid of the KRUDDster and we are rid of that Marxist witch, Juliar Gillard.

The electorate where I live is called Dobell. I am shocked that close to 3,000 people voted from the crook Craig Thomson. He continues to face criminal charges in the Melbourne Magistrates court because he stole funds that belonged to the members of the Health Services Union. It seems some people either do not care, or they do not learn very fast. Dobell should be in the LNP column but the result is not yet complete. I congratulate Emma McBride because she took on the role of candidate even though she did not want to nominate in the first place.

However, I fear that the Senate is going to end up a mess because of these minor parties. Our system seems to favour the  minor parties.

The first job for the new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is going to be setting in place legislation to repeal the Carbon Tax. If that fails in the Senate, then he is willing to call a double dissolution. Then we will see if the Watermelons can survive.


2 responses to “We did it!!

  1. Always enjoy seeing the watermelons in panic. They’re funny to watch, but pretty stupid and tiresome.
    Congrats, Aussie! And congratulations to all Australians who aren’t green on the outside and Commie red on the inside! 🙂


    • good grief those people are extremely misinformed!!

      Australia has been a real mess since KRUDD was elected in 2007.

      The adults are back in charge.

      The whole lot of them have the wrong idea about Tony Abbott. He is a Rhodes scholar, meaning he got a scholarship to study at Oxford university after completing his degree at Sydney University with high distinctions !!

      If they want to compare him to GWB then they are admitting that GWB was a lot smarter than they claimed. Besides GWB got a MBA from Harvard.