Spam Attacks!

suggest you have a good look at the quotes because at least one is funny.
I cannot imagine how someone who has blown himself up can then walk back across the border…. maybe if the person was at the border crossing, blew himself up and then the flying bits went back across the border… but if he was more than a few metres away from the border… then no… he couldn’t go back again 🙂

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Spam PhotoLife is full of humor, inadvertent and intentional.  Among the bits of mirth I find on a daily basis are those written by the spammers who try to slide past the spam filter here at the Manor.  Fortunately, most are caught, like this one (notice the supposed website):

Spam I was almost tempted to look that one up. For–ahem!–research purposes only, of course, only research…what do you mean “research into what?”  Because “shut up,” that’s what!

But for your amusement, here is another edition of the unintentionally hilarious writings of my students and other accidental humorists that hang around school buildings.

Have fun! 

After They Blow Themselves Up?  “The government can, however, afford to let (theoretically) a group of terrorists walk across the border and blow themselves up with impunity, and then walk back across the border…”

Descriptive Language:  “It [a film] gave a great description of each person’s…

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