Australia tallies results and in Norway….

The vote tallies in Australia will continue into next week. By the end of the week I expect declarations in most of the electorates. Some of them are very obvious results.  There are some seats where the results are in fact quite murky. This is because we have a system where preferences are allocated, which means that the person who has the most first preferences on polling night does not end up with the seat. The seat of Griffith is an excellent example of how this works. Bill Glasson polled more first preference votes than Kevin Rudd, but Kevin Rudd will win the seat… unless there is a strong flow in the postal votes. There are some seats that are extremely close that could still change hands. I do think that Eden-Monaro has been won by the Coalition. This is a belwether seat it usually falls when there is a change of government. The seat of Lindsay in the western suburbs of Sydney is a better example of this kind of seat these days… and the fall has been more decisive.

Now, did you know that Norway also held elections. The Conservatives in Norway have won the most seats. Who knew?  Is this a trend in Europe?


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