Why the USA should not bomb Syria

In the past I have not always been against such war actions, but this time something is telling me that such action is inappropriate. Over time I have in fact turned towards standing with Bashir Assad and continue to be opposed to certain of the “rebel” forces. Yes, there are some moderates in the opposition, but the fact is, once the war continued, it was only a matter of time before more and more Al Qaeda forces became involved. As a result, there has been a continuation of the anti-Christian behaviour and that includes telling whole villages “convert or die”. One cannot go along with such thug behaviour.

However, that is not my number reason to oppose any action. My number one reason happens to be that I think that someone has been inflating the numbers about the number of deaths that were the result of what was a minor attack with the use of chemical weapons. I have heard two versions about what happens, but what stands out to me is not those versions but the numbers identified as killed.

Doctors without Borders, a group that I support because of their work in war zones and elsewhere, have stated that the number of deat victims was around 322 to 355. This is a far cry from the 1400 + as reported by the White House and John Kerry (the idiot).  Now it could be that, as usual, the usual suspects are inflating the numbers of deaths for their own ends. Or it could be that the numbers reflect casualties that are a result of the conflict but are not associated with the use of the sarin.

The small number of deaths per doctors without borders suggests to me that it could have been a rebel attack designed to get world attention to their cause. People who are willing to chop off heads just because their victims come from a Christian village would easily stoop to such levels in order to gain attention as well as the weapons that they require.

This is not our fight. At least with the change of government here in Australia it means we are stepping back from the rhetoric that came out prior to the election result. I agree with the new Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Let’s look to a diplomatic solution. Russia has the power over Assad, and Russia can at least do some good. All the posturing by Barry Soetoro makes the USA look totally inept.


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