first reaction on hearing the news

This morning I woke to the news that someone had run amok this time at the Naval Yard in Washington D.C. When I heard the comment that the motive was unknown, I jumped to the conclusion – oh yeah it is probably jihad. I am hoping that I am wrong because nothing is adding up about why this man went on a rampage.

As usual, the press is full of misinformation about what took place. The report is 13 dead… but is that likely to be revised downwards?  I think I will need to wait for a few days at least until victim names are released. In the meantime my thoughts go to the families of the victims.

Now, in regard to the perpetrator, after reading the small amount of information available about him and possible motive….. yes there is a motive based upon anger issues…. it really is not possible to know what could have set him off. Maybe. He had a grudge against the Navy because he was dismissed due to disciplinary issues. I am not buying the PTSD excuse at this point in time.

Anything I write from here is pure speculation. So here goes: what are the chances that this man has been using drugs. People who use certain kinds of drugs, especially amphetamines tend to go on benders. However, this whole thing appears to be pre-meditated and that would not suggest a drug user going on a bender.

There is also the weapons aspect to consider. The press, and I am talking Australian media are simply sickening. Once again they have seized upon the AR-15, yet in doing so they are misstating the facts of what took place. The perpetrator had a shotgun. I have no idea how he managed to get as far as that building with the shotgun, but he did. After shooting dead the guard at the entrance, he took that guard’s gun. He then used that automatic weapon plus the shotgun. At some point he shot a police officer who was equipped with an AR-15 and it appears that he took that weapon from the police officer and that he was using it to shoot more victims.

One thing stood out to me concerning the perpetrator when he was living in Seattle, and he was involved in an incident where he shot up a neighbour’s tyres. It was claimed that he considered the workmen at a nearby site to have disrespected him.

Now this is where my alarm bells begin to ring loud and clear because it tells me that something was wrong with this man. His friend claimed that he was a budhist, but was he? Religion in this case could be meaningless because what trumps everything else happens to be melatonin.  By this, I am saying think about what he means by being disrespected… and then put two and two together. We are not talking NOI. We might be talking BGI. We are not talking jihad, but we could be talking Black Panthers. Do you see what I mean about the mixed messages? Too many of those mixed messages to safely draw any conclusions on what appears to be a run of the mill nut case.


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