The Navy Yard Shooting: Background

Mike’s comments on this matter will prove interesting.
I do note however, that in this case, the perpetrator managed to get a shotgun through the gate. The other weapons he took from his victims. Do I think it was premeditated? YES

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I’ll not be posting in any detail about the Navy Yard shooting of 09-16-13 for awhile.  The usual anti-freedom suspects like Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) have already renewed their never-ending calls for gun control.  We know next to nothing about the events there.  No wonder she and others are already at it; it’s essential to shape the narrative in advance of the facts before they get in the way.

I write only to provide a quick bit of background on military facilities.  Some have asked: “how can this possibly happen on a military base?  Isn’t the military armed?”  The answer is “yes,” but not in a way that can possibly stop this kind of attack until many innocents, civilian and military, have been wounded and killed.

In the military, in the CONUS (Continental United States), the only people allowed arms are, with few exceptions, the military police, and only…

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