The Navy Yard Attack: Part II

Comments made by Mike hold true in Australia.
The worst Australian massacre in Australia occurred at Port Arthur in Tasmania. This is the former prison for colonial convicts and today it is a tourist spot. It is not the kind of place one would expect to find people carrying guns.
There are other gun massacres such as the one known as the Hoddle Street massacre. Perhaps if the victims had carried a gun the outcome might have been different.
I think there are times when a case can be made for carrying weapons, and that is the reason that I remain pro-legal carrying of guns.
We continue to have gun deaths here in Australia. The majority happen to be in a sub-group of bikies and drug dealers, mostly of Middle Eastern origin. The guns themselves were mostly illegal.

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Daily NewsSufficient information has come to light to offer at least a bit more informed commentary on the Navy Yard shooting of 09-16-13. The media and various politicians have predictably renewed their calls for additional gun control.  Several readers commenting onmy initial article on this incident have likewise been predictable.

Regular reader and commenter SlingTrebuchet wrote in part:

What if all the military personnel on the base had been armed?

What if many of the civilians on the base had been armed?

The narrative here is that armed individuals on the ground would have lessened the casualty count.
Is this actually true?

The situation appears to have been chaotic.
At one stage there were reports of two other shooters.

One was said to be in ‘military-type’ clothing and carrying a handgun. This person was later apparently identified as ‘legitimate’.
What is interesting about this ‘legitimate’ person is that witnesses were reporting him as…

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